The first two

This happened in late August, was rather warm. I strolled through the many parks of the capital, when I was approached by two men with a rather unusual proposal: urgent need to figure out for three, but the trouble is that the third they did not. "Drink alone alcoholics in a pair - the guy with the girl, as a normal man should meet three or more" - so one of them said. And I told them, and seemed normal, strolling among a heap of passers-by, probably because individuals among them were few. Their names and Anton Kohl, both tanned, apparently spent the summer somewhere on the beaches, tall, perhaps, attractive guys. Even though I was almost the same height them, but my physique, somewhat less pumped up, but slender, sharply differed from them. My question is, why did they not find the company of girls for the gatherings, the benefit of the data they were allowed, they replied that they just want to talk for life, rather than trying to someone to stick together. Basically, I realized that something was wrong, but my good mood did not allow me to refuse such a welcoming people, so I introduced myself and followed them in Koli apartment in which, according to him, was much than comfortable in the cafe, because of the lack of air conditioning and all the drunk rednecks. The store did not have to go: all, according to the guys, it was purchased in advance.
Apartment Kohli was really quite comfortable: it was not typical for holostyatskoy abode of chaos, and it was furnished well. Especially not wasting time, we went to the kitchen, the owner took out three bottles of beer from the fridge and put it on the table in front of Venerable Assembly. Oddly enough, but the conversation flowed smoothly enough, there was no tension, no sense of artificiality, but all topics were limited mainly to the fact that all women - bitches. Apparently, both the data already arrival topics, so it was vital to the opinion from the side to the desired discussion is not interrupted. My thoughts are true: Kohl recently dropped the girl, who lives with him for some time, apparently, this is the reason the purity of the apartment by going to some kind of parasite. A little bit like me, as it was then added Kohl. Alternatively, of course, I wanted to support him, but he was an ardent chauvinist, so special help did not bring: egocentric assurance that the whole world is stupid and humanity ideal of the victim in this case is not always helped. So they came up to invite discussion of someone else, and this share has fallen to my neck.
Somewhere a couple of bottles we decided to take a little break, so to sit on the chairs is a little tired, and moved into the room, sitting on the couch. Anton suggested that a supply of videos to unwind. Kohl said that he just got a couple of commercials for relaxation. When he walked away from the monitor, the speakers have already heard the sweet moans of the girls, and spun on the screen preview to some porn films, and on each of which a charming girl carefully sucked or disclose your ass big dick. The three of us neighing, appreciating the joke, Anton went into the kitchen, saying that he urgently needed to talk to someone on the phone alone, and we with Kolya, sitting on the sofa, buried in the monitor, occasionally putting the bottle. It should be noted that the person I'm not a drinker, so drunk I give not weak in the head.
For a while, Nick just commented on what is happening on the screen, noting how sweet this or that girl sucks like is placed on a member, or helpless puts her ass at the mercy of a huge monster wiry, while screaming with pleasure. "Here they buzz from this, already obzavidueshsya", - he told me. I just nodded. He looked at me oddly, and then said: "I'm sorry, I perevozbudilsya already, if not distort, I just burst," - said Kohl, running hand in the shorts, taking already standing member of the stake. On my part, it was impolite, perhaps staring at him - and see there was something, seventeen centimeters sticking out of shorts and it is unknown how much hidden beneath them. "Well, Che, we are not men or what?" - He asked, noticing my gaze. I shrugged, and he began to play, occasionally glancing at me. Again I kissed the bottle.
"The hand is tired, help", - he said suddenly. I looked at him.
-Well, just a cramped, I was in training. Come on, damn it, you were treated as a beer, and you even do not want to help.
I never in my head did not come that I ever could pick up someone else's dick. Moreover, even seen standing and waiting for someone else's affection tool. A beer in the head scolding fog girl diligently served each proposed member of them. I thought, but what of it? And he took him in hand.
It was very unusual to make habitual movements, while not feeling adequate in his groin. But it was even more interesting. The hand slid over Kolya member, I felt, how big and hard. From this, perhaps girls just go crazy. I touched his head, and Kohl winced slightly, asked me to moisten hands with saliva that was not unpleasant. I did so, he spat on his fingers and smeared saliva on his head, quivering slightly from my touch. Second hand, he asked me to caress his balls. I squeezed the bottle between her legs and put his hand in the shorts. Feeling testicles and began to knead them gently. And the girl in the meantime on the screen to do the same: hands gently caress member, occasionally kissing the head. But staring at the screen I had no time, I intently watched the warm and solid member of Colin, who walk in my hand. He apparently forgotten, because put a hand on my shoulder and began to gently stroke, but I did not attach any importance to this. I reached for the bottle, but found it empty. Nick smiled and said that would allow me to cling to his when I first suction cup to his cock. Involuntarily I glanced at the monitor: woman there with an appetite sucked a huge tool. "It's really so good?" - I thought. Not that I wanted so much to drink is not something that I was just being polite, and has satisfied the request of the owner, I wanted to. I wanted to lick the wet and really appetizing-looking head, taste it, feel like someone's penis enters into me. But I tried to control myself. Send members to his mouth, carefully approached him and licked. He was a little salty taste, smeared in my saliva and spilled grease. "Come on," - Nick pushed me. Then I closed my eyes and grabbed a member of the lips, slowly going down lower and lower, until he ran into my throat. I took it out of his mouth twitched a couple of times. "Okay", - said Kolya, giving me to drink from the bottle. A Woman meanwhile digging into her mouth: she obediently opened his thighs and cupped hands Man. And I kept nadrachivat Cole.
-Why do not you already pososesh me, - he said. I hesitated.
-Come on, you still have tried. Did not like?
-Liked - I replied.
-Well. Why turn away, I have you already taken. Come on, suck, if you want.
I replied that it would be desirable. Seeing my confusion, Nick stood up, wrapped his arms around my head and sent a dick in my mouth. I obediently opened his. A member of a couple of times passed back and forth. Then Kohl sat back and sent a member of the hand on me. I realized that I could not refuse, because the desire to try to become a binding spiritual order. Then I settled back, grabbed his penis and began to take the first blow of my life.
Many times I've seen him do other video and in life, when the girl was sucked off me. I have some idea how to deliver more fun and began to fondle a member of Kolya's with great diligence. I sucked the head, licked it, kissed and swallowed a member, simply nadrachivaya his mouth. Kolya put his hand on my head and set the pace.
"Oh, ready?" - Asked suddenly entered Anton. I was a jerk, but Kohl stronger grabbed my head and started already with the force skewer me on his penis. And Anton, meanwhile, pulled off his clothes and walked over to us, massaging his penis.
-Let's try both at once.
I could not resist and grabbed a member of Anton hand, which was only slightly less than Kolya, but with the bulk head. I began to fondle them in the queue, then trying to swallow both. I've seen girls doing it in commercials and thought that I do everything right and good.
-Why do not you first, and then I could not break, - said Anton. Nick moved away, and Anton has gotten my attention, now I just sucked it.
-Get on all fours, - said to me, Nick. I knew that was going to happen, something inside of me resisted, but I suppressed this desire, because really like to me was the same as that of a woman on the screen: one guy fucked her in the mouth, and other richly planted in the ass. I've felt like this girl, as though it may sound disgusting, and knew that I just need a good fuck, I need to get a member entered into me, and I'll take it and sit down on it. I was just grateful to the boys.
Nick pulled off my jeans first, then pants. I surprised my shaved ass. I would like to say, just watch for hygiene, but could not break away from Anton member who repeatedly inject me with grease. And my imagination is already drew, these two adorable boys end up on my face and in my mouth. I have this crazy wish.
Kohl me something smeared anus and slowly inserted a finger. It was very unusual to feel it in yourself. But I finally felt that she feels even during anal sex. I continued to suck diligently Anton and Nick, meanwhile, introduced in me more and more fingers, stretching the point. I was hurt, terribly, but alcohol, sweet feeling that I have now finally fucked, a member of the boy in the mouth and a member of another expectantly swinging behind me made me silent and accept things as they are, dissolved in bliss.
Anton pulled out a member of my mouth, so I do not accidentally bit him. I froze, turning his face to the screen, where another victim already prepared to break the member. Apparently, Nick just podgadat moment, so I could easily get used to the role of whores. At first I felt rubs the head of the points, then she climbed inside, pushing, tearing my priests walls. I had whined and twitched, but then I remembered that from now on I'm playing the role of women in their party, so set his teeth and went to meet him. Feelings were stunning: in my penis finally at my cock, fuck me! Up to this point, I would curse those thoughts, but now I just groaned grace, Kohl assured that I am very well and began to lick the head of Anton. Member Kolya climbed back. He took it out, and then re-inserted, extending passage. Yaves shaking with excitement, the pain was terrible and incredibly pleasant. Nick, meanwhile, accelerated, and after a while he was hitting my buttocks his hips and his cock went full swing at me. Anton is not afraid of injuries and, taking me by the head and began to fuck in the mouth. I had on two sides, and I remembered how to act in such situations, women, arched his back, exposing ass dick. Kolya slapped me on it, and I answer only whispered something like: "Yes", "Cool", "fuck me", "Yes, boys, yes."
Finally came across Anton test me. He wanted me to jump on chlne himself he sat down, pulled a condom, and its member defiantly stared upward. I was ready to accept it and, apart buttocks, slowly sat down on it. He was, he slightly heavier than Colin, but I swallowed it as well. Like a man possessed, I began to jump on a limb, and Kohl's, removing the condom, again put in my mouth.
We changed positions several times, I felt that the guys behind me rastrahali whole. Now they were free and easy. When finally it was going to happen a miracle, I got up on my knees and supple mouth open in front of them. They stood next to me, tall, tanned and pumped up they nadrachivat its members to fill me with his sperm. And I realized that this is a woman's happiness. Up to this point, I could only imagine how it tastes. And just thrilled when Colin end finally began to flow a whitish liquid. He sprayed me in the face, and then put in your mouth and filled him fucking me again. His semen was warm, even hot, and very unusual taste. I would not call it fun, but the fact that it was precisely the sperm, it was this boy that I fucked so hard to make it a stunningly delicious. Anton merged behind Kolya, just splashing my face, and then poured into the mouth. I swallowed. Despite the threat of any sores, and I swallowed with gusto I felt warm liquid ran down my gullet. Then he gathered his fingers what was left on his face and licked the remnants.
For a long time I have not stayed. I realized that they decided to fuck me just because I was like the guy who went to the girl Koli. In all the winners are: the guys took the soul, and I got the most memorable in their sex life. I washed, dressed and left.
I did not, I still like girls gay. Thoughts about sex with a guy one on one I hid. But when I imagine myself in the company of two or more guys lose my head, I again come to mind are torn members of the girl, and I know that I urgently need to try something again. Unfortunately, or fortunately, such a pair of killer is rare. Not to mention all the most cherished dream - a pair of bisexual guys and a girl. Dream, dream, where is your sweetness?
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