Mom, I and the neighbor Armenian

My name is Rashid, I'm 25 years old, my mother 57, and neighbor Arthur 19 years old, he is Armenian.
Since he nebylo computer, it came to me, and through my computer downloaded songs on a USB flash drive in order to listen to the song in the car, I'm a good man, nobody refused.
I probably was maminkim son, as did everything mom Uberall, washed, if needed sezdit, she asked Arthur, so drove by car. I behaved shyly, modestly, probably due to complex, and when the mother nebylo home, he treated me a little rude and insolent, like "pour me tea" or "buy me sigorety". Well, I never neotkazyval.
I'm not gay, I like girls, but nemog communicate, be the soul of the company.
That one day, when my mother nebylo home, he came the next download songs from the Internet, asked me "how to download this music?" I podoshol, nachel mouse stick, he said:
"Sad to me on my knees, stand cho"
Well, I refused, saying
"No, I quickly"
Well, he took over my hips and put on his knees, well, in my mind much, but pretended nezamechayu and stood next to the cabinet, and hung a long, wide leather skirt, he asked me:
"Oh, this skirt your mom?"
I answered:
and after all set up, he said:
"Take this and put on a skirt, let prikalnёmsya?"
Well, I refused, broke, but then agreed, and I went into the other room, took off his tights and pants, put on a skirt, then podoshol to him, he nachel trogot ass, then again planted on his knees, and nachel squeeze, as a girl, then calling my mom on the phone to Arthur and asked to take home, well, he got dressed and left, I quickly changed clothes, put on pants, tights, and am playing on Computers, and then I heard he came to my mother, I look out the window, my mother opens the door machines, kisses on the mouth of Arthur, and out of the car home to the staircase, Arthur, too, all closed, and ran after her, then I open my door and I hear they hohochat, I quietly went to see, and my mother is caressing Arthur, and he lifted her skirt and touched her ass, then he took his mother in his arms and led him to his apartment, the door you forget to close a key.
Well, I first podoshol to the door, overheard, then gently zashol the house, in the corridor lay the skirt, and the bed mom sitting on her knees sucking dick, licking on Arthur's bed.
Well, I then went to his room.
Well the days passed, my mother was lost somewhere sometimes, at night, talking with a friend, but I do know that a neighbor.
Then one day call me Arthur, he says that now come and persuaded to put the very long, wide leather skirt. I put on, waiting for him, he niznayu why I do these things, but there is a good feeling in my heart.
He comes, I close the door, and he got me right paw ass, I sat down in the crib, with said "suck slut"
I immediately got on my knees, skirt spread out on the floor, I rastyagnul zipper, took out a member and nachel sucking passionately, hungrily, and then he threw me on the pastel, belly down, put the cancer, pulled up her skirt and nachel heartily Suva his penis, I was initially hurt, then nice, well more and ashamed ... he raped me, as he pulled out a penis and masturbate nachel that sperm came out, I turned around and put his dick in her mouth Cheb, and from there went to this stream, I just nezadohnulsya.
Then he got dressed and sat down at the computer and I was lying in bed as a down and out whore, tears flowed, and then came up mom and knocked on the door to get in, but I was too lazy to change, and Arthur opened and led her into another room, and nachel stick, mother resisted, because I knew that the son of the house, and Arthur said, "he is asleep, and did not hear," he half-hour of her rape, I am for this time stood, put in order and skirt she hid, and then went to bed, as the if nothing nebylo ...
In the future, it is also the title of me and raped in this skirt.