Whats this?

Once I have virtual sex with the youngster, without thinking about the consequences, and then to me added some boy and says that everything is fixed and that I flew on the criminal article of the Criminal Code, and that as soon as all of the materials together with a copy of the correspondence will be sent to the prosecutor's office to open a criminal investigation into the abuse of minors. I, of course, all turned white, and when I realized that in this article do in the area, then immediately began to beg the guy to do this with me. The kid, of course, wrote that he could hush up the case for a certain fee, and materials will not reach the prosecutor's office, disappeared along with correspondence. So this guy put me on 50 pieces, and gave two hours to to bring the full amount. Met us on the left, as far as I understand, the apartment is absolutely not clear who owned.
When I arrived at this location with the money, the apartment was this kid named Stas, who was looked about 18 mb, although it's kind of like where something works in the organs, and his saucy wench years 16 named Anastasia, who was dressed in a short skirt, T-shirt, through which the divine shines through her big nipples and body stockings in the curvaceous legs, through which could be seen great feet, especially heels, from which it was difficult to resist the erection. I remember that I went into the apartment and almost immediately gave the kid an envelope with money for jam this situation, but he still told me to go to one of the rooms to "grind" the situation. I remember that he gave an envelope with 50 thousand of his little girl, so she counted, and he sat down on the sofa, continuing to talk to me:
"... In short you on any if conductive flies on a garbage on the area it is in the best case will opuschentsem ...," he said rather abruptly, bold and very confident, "you will be dicks and swallow every day ass .. not to give you will lose your teeth to give ... and that's true! it lives all Russia ... schA everywhere in the country chaos ... are such a waste of time is needed? "
"No," I answered, like the lamb, standing in front of him, like a guilty schoolboy.
I noticed that his little girl sitting side by side and counts the money, a little smile, listening to her as a kid, "resolves" the situation to me.
"... Well, that, in short ... ... So now you're grateful for rescue from prison pososёsh my dick! She looks!"
As he said, his girl already ceased to count money, raising his head from the pack with the money and seeing the wild interest me and how I would react.
"Listen, forget it, eh?" Said a little voice shaking, I realized that this kid said seriously.
"Then we fucking do not agree ... you better not stop half-way ..."
"I do not need this, huh? I paid!"
"Well, fuck paid shit? Che think, all that you? I love you from the saving area, and you me this garbage you throw?", He said again very confident, sharply and boldly, without leaving me a chance to their own opinion, "fuck yes you ohuel finally! "
"Listen, I'm ...," he tried again to justify myself.
"Fuck yeah fucking you me you plant finally do good for people - behold gratitude," he said with a wild indignation in his voice, "Let's shorter ... or you schA you take, or I shorter doing under the law to arrest and delivery to the department. ! "
"Listen ... well, why ...?"
"In short, you are arrested for seducing a person under 14 years of age! Stay on the spot before the arrival of the dress ..." he said, getting up from the couch and began to look for something in his pockets, "another will be transferred in handcuffs!"
"Hey ... well, really, do not!" I said in a wild terror of the situation and trying to somehow pacify the situation dramatically.
"Citizen! Put your hands on the wall just above his head!" He said already strict official voice.
"Listen! Well, do not! Please!" I said to the wildly trembling voice, from which you could hear that I was ready for anything, but would not get to the area.
"I give you short the last chance to escape from jail!" He said, sitting back next to her maid on the sofa and lowered his shorts and underpants at the same time, "..potomu that if conductive materials will be sent to the prosecutor, the right will have a criminal case and in any until the morning you will be transferred to the detention center ... and there on this article in any immediately stretched! "
This bitch was sitting next to the sofa, legs tucked and her bitchy smile recklessly-evident that it is waiting for when I orally humiliated in front of her.
"Come on, swallowed like a sweet fuck!" He said, slightly parted legs and pointing to his dignity.
While I could not dare to open his mouth and make the most humiliating for themselves in a lifetime thing, to go free, his girl gently start to knead his testicles hand kid, looking at me with some special gleam of excitement in his eyes.
"In short, I believe up to five ... if now it will not be in your mouth ..." he said, pointing to his already fully risen member lying on his stomach, "I call on you car ... give all the facts and an hour Materials They will already be focused on initiation of proceedings ... "
His girl is already frozen in anticipation of my reaction, and while continuing to hold his balls in his palm, looking at what I'm going to do.
"One! Two! Three!" Said he sharply, without giving me a chance to the other choices. As Whatever it was humiliating for me, I stood up to her knees and took his penis in her mouth, so as not to give him time to count to five. The only relief was just something about it and no one will know what I can after all this, to forget these events forever.
"That's better," said the boy and kissed her passionately girl sitting beside him.
While I sucked his penis, then I heard how this little girl laughing at me, to remark that she received from her boyfriend:
"Che you rzhёsh a bishop? See how people are spinning in my life!" He said, showing his little girl on the way, I actively suck his penis, "the little boy fulfills his freedom! Yes, he flew, and he is now hanging by a thread from prison, but he does not give up and is doing everything in order not to sit! So fucking funny I do not see! "
As I sucked for the first time in his life, it is natural to do so was not able to and absorbed a member of a very small amplitude, but, to my regret, the boy wanted a deep blow job, which is why he asked his girlfriend to help me with this. Nastya put my foot on his head, and every time my head fell down, swallowing the penis of her boy, she pressed the foot on my head so that the head of his cock went into my throat. I do not want to tell a moral and humiliating terror I felt at that moment, when she pressed her foot on my head, thus forcing me to swallow the trunk of his penis on the eggs. When the process has been launched deep blowjob, the boy decided to leave the situation on autopilot:
"Everything ... Nastya," he said, putting his hands behind his head and with pleasure, depending on how I'm doing him a deep blowjob, "ends! Give yourself little boy to work!"
Nastya listened to her boyfriend and sat back down next to him, hugging his hero's neck and just tucked legs, continuing to look at my already independent, humiliating deep blowjob.
"Fuck you Che blunt chtoli?" Drove me Nastya, seeing that I stopped to do deep blowjob and a member of the trunk of her favorite part of my mouth before the half, "they said, deep! Hooley is bullshit? You are on the area you want something, I do not understand, or cho? "
"Yes lan ..." said the boy, humiliating tapping his palm on my cheek, while adding, "normal little boy sucks! For the first time come down!"
Before I could relax as again driven on me:
"Just give it to actively work you want, not me!" He said with a slight collisions and a large proportion of the controversial note in his voice, full of indignation, "the language actively!"
When I did Nastin boyfredu well, the latter decided "razrulit" for me the entire situation further:
"... Well that ... the first! You must be silent and listen to ... so if vynesh mouth before I finish ... I think you are already in jail pull under the bunk!" He said, slightly amused by her little girl, who was still sitting next to him pursing legs and arms around her man's neck, "So what do you suck and silently give heed information! Got it?"
I did not take out his penis out of his mouth without being driven to the provocation.
"Well done, realized!" He said, continuing to explain to me the complexity of the situation in which I found myself. Then I felt as he began breathing heavily, from which it was evident that the boy suddenly began to come to orgasm. He kissed her passionately, and the girl at the same time highly finished in my mouth, forcing me to swallow a huge amount of semen. From such humiliation I very much wanted to cry, but I do anything about it but could not.
"In short, tomorrow you bring another fifty mowers ..." he said, taking out a member of my mouth and knocked me prick my lips, "and then free .. we assume worked freedom ..."
After he knocked me to the head of his penis on her lips and she also spent as lipstick, I heard Nastia "giggles", to feel now that I finally became a lowered cock.
"If tomorrow to 14:00 hours does not have time to find a grandmother, I believe again in the suction hit ... so that the steep once, punching a theme, look ..." he said, continuing to drive me on the lips head member, fun his girlfriend, "you understand?"
"All!" he said, giving me a prick on the forehead as a sign of the end, "free! Today worked ..."
In the evening I saw two hours in the bathroom trying to wash away all of the dirt that has been committed today at me, but before I go to the computer as me Nastya added in Mail-Agent:
Anastasia Eletskaya you here?
Yes [email protected]
Anastasia Eletskaya 50 pieces you will throw in my account. I got it?
Yes [email protected]
Anastasia Eletskaya R152 **********
[email protected] okay
Anastasia Eletskaya when the grandmother will be?
[email protected] tomorrow morning
Anastasia Eletskaya ca.
Anastasia Eletskaya and do not make people harness that you were looking for
[email protected] morning I throw !!!!!
Anastasia Eletskaya s)
Anastasia Eletskaya you do not want to again huёm you spent on the lips?)))
[email protected] not necessary !! I said the money will be !!!! Until 11:00 kina already !!!!
Anastasia Eletskaya))))) do not worry! If you're clever, you are no longer moved by the ...
Anastasia Eletskaya just do what you people say and nothing will happen to you
Anastasia Eletskaya you understand me well?
[email protected] Yeah, I got it!
Anastasia Eletskaya vsё..svoboden