Parents are not home

Coming home from school, I found a note from their parents, in which they reported that they were going to the theater after the operation and will be late. I was happy because I could literally gave his hobby. I went to my mother's closet and pulled out a set of black lingerie and stockings. Wearing it, I poured water two condoms, and placing them in a bra got two very decent chest. Then my mother's wig and makeup. The final touch was the black skirt and white blouse. Looking in the mirror I just froze in delight, and my cock was ready to explode. I was looking in the mirror a very nice young lady. It excited me crazy, and I had to fuck her. Taking the candle, laid up specifically for such cases, I made love to him. But today I was a little candle. I wanted more. I wanted to taste a real member. But knowing that it will never make up my mind not, I decided to find something more candles: And then the doorbell rang. I froze. My heart was beating like crazy. The call sounded again. If the parents are in the theater, then who is it? I looked through the peephole. It was Vova, my friend. He was a nice guy, but I never looked at him as a man. And then I decided, and opened the door.
- Welcome home and Lesch - Vovk said, looking at me with interest.
- Yes - I replied, trying to sound feminine. I missed him and closed the door.
- Come into the room - I said - he's come.
Vova went into the room and sat down on the couch. I took a deep breath and went after him.
- And what makes Leszek? - he asked. I did not answer and just stared at him. He was going to repeat the question, when looking closer to me and gasped.
- Lech! YOU!?
- Yes. How do you like me?
- Awesome - he could not believe his eyes - just beauty. You often preodevaeshsya?
- It happens sometimes - I coyly dropped his eyes.
- And you have fucked?
- No! What are you, I just masturbate.
He came up to me and touched his chest.
- How true - he admired.
And then he kissed me on the lips. I did not even try to resist. I embraced him, hugged or rather because he felt horny girl who wants this guy to fuck her.
- I you really like me so - I asked.
- Yes, Lech, very.
- Then I of Lech and Alain. And I really want you.
Request double its not necessary. He unbuttoned my blouse, pulled her skirt and threw me on the couch. I do not idle. I took off his shirt, pulled off her pants and put her hand in the pants. God, this beautiful member just did not go to any comparison with a candle. He groaned. I leaned down and swallowed his cock and began to suck the whole as seen in the movie.
- Yes, Alenochka, suck my dick, suck. - He was on top of bliss.
But he did not finish I gave. I lay down on the bed, took off her panties and said that it has developed a tongue my little pussy. What he promptly did. Sensing his nimble tongue, I almost finished in his anus. It was divine, and after a few minutes I was begging him to fuck me at last. Painfully I was not really. Designed ass poglatila his big dick no residue. He fucked me! with all the forces driving their eldu full depth. And I could only that moan with pleasure.
- Yes, Volodya, fuck your little girlfriend-shlyuzhku. Tear my ass. Cum in me.
I felt that he was going to come. And when the flow of his semen spilled in my gut, it was the last straw and my cock exploded, too. Here Vovk without hesitation bent down and began to guzzle my wine. He drank every drop of it without taking from me my chdena went above and kissed me. The taste of my semen aroused me again. And I gave it back. And then again and again.
Since then, Vova and Leszek became real good friends, and Vova and Alain - lovers.