Incest in my head 2: End of the Mind

I went home as usual. In my head there was no specific plans, including possible only those plain, such as the phone to friends and some (you never know =)) to drink, or to agree with his girlfriend to meet. It's all happened according to plan ...

1.- Hello zdarova is Egor *, what have you heard?
- And where do you call?
- Oh, Sorry .. And Oleg possible?
- Who will call .....- Yes
- Zdarova guy. What was heard
- Nothing special. And you can offer that?
- That I do not know, that thought can have today what topic?
- What theme? (Wait, I'm talking to) Come on, I'll call you later.
- Come on, not too late in the evening I can go anywhere.
- Good.

2. - Hello, good afternoon. I izvenyayus and Olu possible?
- It's me, hi.
- Hey. How are you?
- She did not give birth to the child..
- ..till
- Well, so far =))
- What we touchy
- Well, you yourself said- "till"
- Okay, can you give me a chance to improve?
- I have to think ...
- Think of the evening, and then tell me the answer I'll come to you.
- A. Yes, I for this time, and not only you will decide to answer.
- I'm sorry, but there is a grandmother to me something like. Till evening, I probably will be busy. Postorayus be nine. Agreed?
- Know will come =)
- Wait. Until the evening
- Till.

I went to the kitchen and .. Call. Is not reached, he returned.

- Hello.
- Hello, Egor listen now Lena arrives.
Lena-my cousin on the paternal side. The relationship we have with it ladilis, but also some differences between us, I do not recall. We have always acted with indifference to each other. And this is the only mutual feeling between us remained to this day.
Two years age difference in its favor (not only I noticed it because it was my grandmother asked me to stay with her rather than her =)) do not play any difference. We're just different people with different interests and I must pologat with different views on the relationship.
- Well? Today I still have to meet in the evening.
- With whom?
- (cough)
- But not so often she comes. You'll have time you still poshlyatsya.
- I have time. But today I have to.
- Do not you understand that it is a boring
- Well, of course I understand, but I will still wait.
- In what time.
- Late.
- Well, that's up to sit in the evening. I'll call when I get to the station.

Get to know: my grandmother. It was useless to argue.

Sometimes, on the day of his sparring with a partner, I masturbated. I'm not a boxer. Apparently, this time the reason for my reluctance to do so naturally occupation served as a natural message. With my sister I have been associated half-hour of silence, far-fetched short conversation, and possible burn-time in different rooms of a mutual, uncomplicated pretexts.
I began to remember what she looks like. Previously, her appearance is a kind of a gray mouse, but a year ago (at the same visit) I was surprised by the change in her hairstyle, as well as in the manner of dress (although in the character I had not noted the changes). Her clothes became tight, what stands out above all the chest and back. I can not say that they were ugly, naprotiv- chest, a little more medium-sized (at least for the medium-friends of her age), and of course the white pants and all that is hidden behind them .. I started to get up member. I thought for a few seconds and distracted, but the image of gray mouse at the moment seemed attractive to masturbation. I went into the bathroom and lowered his pants. Then, after some thought, I took off all my clothes completely and sat on the edge of the bath on the inside face of the wall. How many survived this bath ... From childhood she hid various porn pictures, maps and rags which I had finished .. I think I would be quite able to fill the bath to the brim with all these years. Sweet. I took the shampoo and smeared his cock. Mentally focus on your sister, I began to do the first hand movement. I started to represent his sister naked, and I had only to present her pubis, shaved on the sides and showing the black triangle, as I had finished. Usually, I no longer wanted to masturbate after finished. Let it even happened after half a minute from the moment I took the arm member. Everything that I presented during that both jerked, became indifferent to me a few seconds after ejaculation. But the image of my sister still looked attractive, and a few minutes later I went to see my closest with her appointment.


"I walked up behind her and sharply lowered his hand on her back forced to bend. Pushing both hands her buttocks, I touched her anus with your right thumb. I spat on her back, and his hand wiping the saliva smeared her ass. Leaning member to the door, I quickly went and started to move under her moans. I just fucked her in the ass! Fucked as much as he can a brother to fuck his virgin sister in this narrow, untouched before by other hole ..." Feeling that will soon be over for the second time, the flow of my dreams began to change.
"I took a dick, and took her by the shoulder seated on the asshole. She instantly vzal his hands and began to lick, sometimes glancing at me. She sucked quickly, occasionally taking to spend on your face and catch her breath. In one of those moments my sperm splashed on her nose, and she instantly swallowed my cock. It sucks for so long .." I reached for the shower.


- Hello.
- We are now zaydёm.


- Doom. Come on Helen. See how our Yegor already vymahal soon overtake the pope.
- (smile)
- Hello!
- Hi
- Okay, I have to go, and you have fun here, can see a movie, and you can Lenka Egor're driving in the city .....
- I do not want to be tired
- Okay, will understand yourself. Until the evening.

- Come on ... How are you
- Fine. And you have?
- So much so that a boring has recently become. Do nothing. You go through. Do you want some tea?
- No thanks.
- Or maybe you know where it went to my grandmother?
- Well, she said she had to go to a friend
- Well ears she likes to go =)) Well, what are you all doing out there at
- I study.
- Well, maybe sometimes to the disco with her friends go, not even so time to learn =)
- (Awkward smile)
- Guys there are probably a lot =)
- (Slight embarrassment) We are with her friends usually go to the movies
- Some?
- ...
- I would be boring without friends. A general lyubviobilnym kinozal- area. Kissing love.
- (Looks in the corner)
- I have a girlfriend by missed. Strange you have in the city rebyatnya =)

She looked at me and I reacted quickly sat down close to her and kissed her on the cheek. Then embracing her arm around her waist and create one another gentle kiss on the cheek, he kissed her half-open mouth in surprise. My hand slowly sliding into her buttocks, and felt the edge thong, I suddenly realized that my cock stood up. I quickly began to stroke the inside of her thighs, getting closer and closer to the guiding hand of her vagina. And suddenly, looking at her face, I saw ... she starts to cry. Quickly she got up from the couch, not yet having had time to cry jerked the door. She could not open it, and I came in bewilderment, and only cost me to open the lock as this mouse instantly ran to the stairwell and ran down the stairs.
I did not have time opomnitsya- phone rang.

- Hello
- Hello, what's wrong with your voice?
- Who is it?
- And you guess. Listen Now we are short ..
- Oleg, I'm sorry, I can not now.
- What? What?
- Today, busy, I can not meet .. Shit! Hey, what time?
- Wait .. Nine. At five
- I'll call you back, we must hurry.


By Ola I still come, but opazdaniem course. It seemed to me that she was somehow disrespectful to me because it looked. We never went anywhere with it. And the desire I have debts. By the way, and we have sex with her is no longer engaged.
Lena, I sometimes see, but she tries not to look at me. Alone with me it is certainly no longer the case. Yes, and I did not notice for a desire to apologize or "to confess his love to her" and pretend to be unhappy. But you know what ..
The day before yesterday in my bathroom, I fucked her ass so long that Concha was all over the bathroom, and my dick is now in need of a weekly holiday.