Erotic etude 3 (2)

As always, the first day of menstruation, she felt worse than no-where. Despite this, we had to sit up on the job longer than usual, and return home after dark.
However, from the windows of the subway it was imperceptible.
She waited until the available space on the bench, and sat on it, without paying the slightest attention to the other applicants. She was dizzy and his legs gave way, it was flowing, like the Titanic, and has Sauveur-pletely not to blame for the fact that out of habit looked best.
She opened the book and fell asleep over her before she could turn the page. Ears, switch off this last, yet managed to hear: "PICs-goad, the doors are closed ... The next station is ..." Mechanical female voice-sky shut in mid-sentence. She fell asleep.
Misconduct station custodians, nicknamed by the people "ink-term cap" for an official piece toilet, can not be explained. Because we know, that her duty - depopulate train before sending it to the depot. Why this time she walked past the sleeping beauty, Ost-netsya unknown. And it passed. And even glanced at the girl. And even though he glanced furtively. But the move did not hesitate and signaled, as if nothing had happened, the train is free. So that...
...She woke up on what someone touched her shoulder. She opened her eyes and wanted to open it again, because it was completely dark around. The second time did not want to open his eyes, and had dovolst-Vova that is. there was no one nearby.
Darkness is manifested as a photo. First sparkled railing, then singing, curled window. Empty wagons seemed huge in the dark. Rare lamas buds on the walls of the tunnel were discarded in different directions shaggy gol-present shadows.
Gradually vision accustomed to the gloom enough to get a good look at the situation and terrified her. One night, locked in an empty car, which will be served on the line until tomorrow morning. And the most disgusting - this swollen blood immobility, fear of spilling one motion everything that had accumulated in the hold. Plus, I'm sorry, little need that half an hour will turn into a sheer torture.
It would be laughed out of despair, but was afraid to make sudden movements. So just laughed in a whisper.
- Goodnight. How did you sleep? - Suddenly said mechanical female go-los. The one which is recorded on the tape and announces the name of the camp-tions.
- The worst ever ... - It is somehow not only frightened, but not even surprised. Everything that is happening salvation looked like a dream.
- Too bad - in his voice did not sound any emotion. He was loud, surrendering all the cars.
- I'm sorry, too. - She looked around slyly, like Alice. - And who are you?
- And who are you? - The voice repeated. He took a half step, as when the tape "pulling" film.
- I am nobody.
- I - no, - he repeated the Voice. And for some reason, he added:
- Station "Park of Culture".
- How do you know? - She asked.
- Next station - "October", - Said the Voice. - I know how you-satisfied desire.
- Any?
- Yes.
- Take me Home.
- I can not, - Voice sat down again. - Doors are closing.
- And you say - any.
- Any - The voice repeated again and added:
- Caution. Doors are closing.
She thought: "Then do so that I began to dry and clean. Mo-Jette, I can sleep". But ask for it aloud was awkward. Therefore, she said,
- Then fall off and do not bother me to sleep.
- Your desire to be heard and will be fulfilled, - indifferently said the Voice, and hung up.
Half a minute later, filled with nervous anticipation, she saw the car in the nearby three large orange spots, similar to the smoothing-ing tangerine peel. Spots were approaching, and she suddenly realized that the orange spots - not that other, as road workers jackets. Spa-sen, she thought, and screamed:
- Hey, guys! Let me out of here!
The boys went toward her, but the move is not accelerated. There was something in their gait, which made her feel uneasy. When one of the spots before reaching the locked door, squeezed in a sealed rubber slit She almost wet himself with fear.
The second spot, before reaching the door, flew out of the window and bypassed the vestibule outside, then easily jumped into the nearest open window her car. The third spot just disappeared after a moment to appear in a meter from her.
When the trio came closer, she could see what was hidden under the bright uniform jacket. We can not say that it was the people, but the similarity with people was evident. What jumped out the window, it was like a beautiful boy of eighteen. That pushed the door, wore the mask of strong man in his forties. That approached by itself, it was defiantly beautiful Baba twenties.
All three were pale, silent, good-looking. Removing clownish jacket, they were in evening gowns over his naked body.
She knew who they were and why they came. I realized that not talking to them about what and for what. Then she turned to the voice, putting his nickname, the Penguins all outrages.
- I want to live up to in the morning! - She screamed. - You throw me these things my!
In response, the carriages rolled rustling, which is on the erased portion of a tape. And verse.
She knew that the fight would be a more expensive shades. And make it possible lila undress themselves without piknuv. Their hands were kind and agile, they are not under-Stavan with tenderness and behaved, it can be said briskly.
Stripped her naked and legs spread, they set all to the spring. First, squelching and smacking his lips, to her girlfriend fell down a man. He drank greedily, unceremoniously. His hands were on her hips, and it was strange that can be poured over the body so strong from the icy fingers, dashing-radochny, fever.
A guy that was probably mostly because I drank almost all of it was. Guttaperchivy His tongue penetrated to the very bottom, licking the blood to drop. Finally, he was sated and recoiling, I lay down on a nearby bench, looking as if he expected that he will bring tomorrow "lead" and will include a football match on TV. The blood was black on his cheeks as weekly bristles.
The woman was here for another need. What has made it clear, easily patted her lower abdomen. For moisture accumulated there that invitations from-sheniya was enough. She began shyly to urinate on his unexpected nanny, and she deftly smeared on the body that did not have time to swallow ...
By the way! I totally forgot to say that by this time our re-Roin twisted so excited that she risked crumble tightly clenched teeth. Because it has long been eager to scream, but imagine, she was afraid to scare off three polite deliverers. Therefore, I am trying to catch a buzz softly, like a schoolgirl in the closet.
Yet groaned when, having replaced ... saturate the girl to lower her mouth fell boy. This freed her from something secret from non-named and inconspicuous in the form of mud. In passing, he licked clean everything that was outside, he penetrated into the skin, champagne zapenilsya in the heart, the lungs inflated like children's balloons. She thought she was lifted into the air. Or maybe it was true. It spilled out some years of silt, which previously did not know know. The boy had laundered her body and soul to the starched, crisp whites. I washed from the last moldy little thoughts, memories from rasposledny wormy.
How did he do it? She did not know and did not want to know this. Even when the behind-the-beat her in the final, similar to the agony, convulsions. These cramps are - happy. This happiness was - empty ...

After lying eternity without a single movement, without a single thought, she Pts-nulas and looked around. The three disappeared, taking with him a jacket. Whatever you say, but the desire was fulfilled. Dry and clean, it was ready to go to sleep peacefully.
- Thank you, - she said Voice of dressing.
- Not at all ... - It seemed to her or in her voice really flashed confusion. - Next station "October".
- I do not want to go away for good, - she said.
- Monthly blood - a love - said the Voice. - They'll be back. Just do not call them too often.
- Well, - she said. - I do not dream about it, right?
- Caution. Doors are closing...
- Well, tell me a dream? Dreaming? - She cried.
- next station "October"- The voice slid down and CARICOM-tural boomed, as if the tape is stuck thoroughly.
- Yes, - she said. - Am I dreaming. It's a pity...
With these words, she stretched out on the bench and turned to the li-Tzom back. From the speakers softly as the rain poured down music. Something from the Well-Tempered Clavier, if I am not mistaken.