What is wrong with my husband

Part one
As I came to such a life.
It just so happened that my youth was not very violent. But when I start to remember it is a fun time, wake up time of sensuality first thoughts about boys, women's awareness of their first cigarette and essentially the first meaningful masturbation, I think that probably the youth can not be considered violent by today, and then ....... Then it was more than allowed modest girl from a good family complete.
We in the tenth grade, were mostly virgin (the word is some), but I like it just the end of the tenth grade was no longer.
Meaningful masturbation, or if you want to self-gratification - in my ointment is feeling that day, the first time I did it not just to be tempted concealed from their parents, and it seemed shameful moment of pleasure, accompanied by the same fantasy unconnected with reality.
This day, however, came long before the first as a serious sexual contact with the opposite sex.
On this day, somehow themselves united my early ripened Physiology, Sun requires a hand under the blanket, touch it between his legs, and psychology, mind, if I may say about the thoughts and feelings semiklassnitsy.
Then, suddenly, this process has become for me something real, having the right to exist, independent -Just important and pleasurable as sex. Well, it's about sex from the height of past years. And then it emerged as a conscious part of my life, the same as everything else.
I did not do it now anyhow, for example, locked in the bathroom and lying on the floor on a towel (bath we have, unfortunately, been sedentary). Or at night afraid to publish an extra sound.
No. I chose a time when you do not hurt nobody, prepared, looking forward. She took a shower before this, saw itself in the mirror. And, finally, I dealt with this for a long time and with pleasure.
During the warm open window after a hot day, the Moscow night. Houses empty. Mom in the country. Father on a business trip.
Behind a beautiful day, these days are only in this age. I have just come, the day was a beach in Serebryany Bor, volleyball, ice cream, hot trolley, girlfriend, Yuri 7-b.
Down with the dress. Bare feet on the cool floor. Mirror. I'm in white panties underneath translucent pubic hair. Blonde - I'm a real blonde. Small breasts (well, why it is so small). All. I have gotova- still I waited for this moment all day. Already her nipples stick out and want to do them faster.
But it's nice to put off this moment-the excitement and pleasure as well as satisfaction. Now I belong only to myself. You can not rush.
As well- can be charged up to scratch (there). You know how it is nice after a long hot day with the power to scratch himself, famously, when you can shove their hand in there, touch lips.
All. This again is almost the limit.
Enough. Down with the panties, I just throw them on the floor next to the dress. As if waiting for me in the bedroom I can not wait to someone quickly to him and do not care what's on the doorstep will roll my dirty panties. Night and write off all the love.
But first, a shower. Under the hot water, you can bend, getting yourself to your fingers, stretch it all. Then, standing, and looking at the lower abdomen with both hands stretched to the sides of the sponge. Faster on the bed. Towel hips flying into the corner.
For now, just on the back (it then before orgasm, I will lay on his side, with the force of squeezing thigh while holding interna hand), but for now ......... You can lie down, stroking himself, changing the rhythm, then relaxing it, squeezing thigh muscles, then openly caressing the clitoris, then just touching it and to dream, to dream ...... You can touch the breasts, squeeze and pull the nipple.
At these moments, it seems that every touch of the nipple is given below, and remember all the fog and clouds. Nobody will forbid loud breathing, moaning ....... I can (oh, horror!) Lifting and legs spread, wetting a finger to hold them in the hollow between the buttocks, the anus to stop, and when it becomes too slippery, quietly enter his inside. All. Again limit. Force is no more.
Next to the finish line. It's just, I do not need much. .......
The last thought before sleep - and wake up tomorrow feeling sleepy, but excited in the morning, I can stay in bed, to dream and to do it all over again.
Like this. Why would I?
Just all this, as simple deliberately, then led me to have sex. I went into it completely finished, joyful and happy. Now everything is different. And then!
We did not know, we have not heard or seen anything. Appliances sex, this very mysterious process, seemed something awful and terribly indecent Peers, for the most part, the first time was just frightened children. Devochki- too.
Oral sex - " dick sucking only fallen women, whores, and minetchitsa huesoska".
And I was completely gotova-.
The first time I experienced an orgasm from the actions of men, at the end of ninth grade, a classmate at a party. Perhaps this was the day "psychological" loss of virginity.
We danced in the dark room, clinging to it, I was excited more and more .. Even more - from the fact that through his pants I could feel his risen member. For the first time to the bottom of my stomach I touched excited male member. ( Thank you "carefully" I'm at least in general terms, hidden from me daddy porn kartam- knew what was happening).
How it was magical. I wanted music that would either never ends and all are all gone out of the apartment immediately! (I do not know what I would have done then!)
Interestingly, he was embarrassed or not? His I know and did not ask. Probably embarrassed. At some point, he wanted to pull away, but I just clung to him more.
Then excitement and wine poplohelo me. We sat on the couch my legs were covered with a rug or blanket, do not remember, and he's secretly stroked their hands. The room was half dark, on the floor in front of sofa sitting napivshiysya classmate and mumbled something.
He stroked his legs, and I, having decided, quietly clenched and unclenched thigh. I do not know, maybe he's even noticed.
I imagined how his hand is raised higher and higher, and finally gets there and slowly and expertly caressed me. And as it is not much I finished. Orgasm (physiologically) was so-so, at C grade.
But the rest of the 100 points. God - when people, aroused by male touch and with his hand lying on my lap.
And then, as was the custom then, he walked me to the apartment. Kissing in a cubbyhole near the elevator. My back pressed against the wall, and all that remained iso - all forces pressed into it.
I do not know how it happened - but I really would have to be that his hand was between my legs. Between my legs a little spaced, there unbearably hot and burning me wet. How ... I needed it. At some point I realized that if this does not happen, it seemed that not only sleep but also to live on will be impossible. You can not.
Then it was spit on his arms, his lips and so on. I just needed his hand there. (I wonder why the hand. Still, I probably did not yet ripe).
I took myself and did everything. This day was the second defining day of my intimate life. Then I always did everything in sex itself. It was easier. And my men. At the same time my men must have thought that everything is decided and when they do.
Well, here I took his hands from his neck, took his hand, pushed the other hand wet panties and pressed his fingers to his crotch.
Touching the first time before the wet and hot, he wanted to draw back the hand (virgins! Well, what to take with them), but the chances he had. He tried something myself to do, but in general, I just strongly pressed his fingers where I was and should be rubbed ....... Well spectacle must have been.!
Glaring in his mouth, I moved tangible pelvis, abdomen, bottom ....... And I already thought that all there inside of me moves and vibrates. There were only his fingers, they took everything in me, inside my body. In my head at that time was also only they - like hot they moved there in the back (this is the moment when I finally lost control of himself, herself again, introduced two of his fingers into the vagina itself).
In general, when the orgasm came, I was just sobbing and shuddering few minutes, she clung to him on wobbly legs. I had no strength for anything.
I will give you rest.
I also helped him. How could. In general, I still do not understand how he had not pulled the pants during all this my raunch. Probably nervous.
Even through his pants and underwear hand, I felt a pulse is given to its members. (Trousers, I did it all-and then unzipped). Several of my hand movements through the pants, hot kisses - it suddenly petrified buttocks member pushes from spills sperm, wet panties and incoherent whisper.
With this process, I was not yet familiar. So I guess. In general, the evening was worth it. I did not sleep until the morning, I still fancied the feeling of my hands on embarking member, remember these shocks, and how he was embarrassed when I dove a hand into his wet pants and caressed the hand of his wet and slippery, but has not fallen member. She remembered, so much so that it felt a hand, even a few times it got out from under the blanket and looked at her in bewilderment, as I picked up from the bottom of his testicles. I enjoyed the fact that the right hand, without any stupid cowards, keep his cock. Tear me it was impossible. I was dying to pull over to me until this invisible, but so nice to feel the cheek body, mouth, lick, and I probably would have licked him and all from head to toe. Such a joy it was to stand next to him, to feel his wet crotch, while putting his hand on his male organ.
Well, it was locked. Otherwise, the whole school would probably knew that I "huesoska". Boys at this age are not able to take care of such gifts from the women do not realize that all this is only our with him and no one else involved. Such stories are not our school know little.
But then I would have done anything
My affection, eventually, led to what has become quite wet in his pants.
The memory of this porn in the stairwell were the theme for my masturbation is still quite a long time.
And sex for the first time was in the same has become, as I said before, and now my style.
I was smarter, girls generally mature earlier. He was from another school and most of the other area. I was terribly in love, to nausea, to hysteria.
But physiology prevailed. One day I realized, that's enough - enough kisses, walking through the streets, dancing, talking on smart topics. Especially my love did not allow me to what has been described above.
Today is going to happen and I he is here in my apartment. Stripped. I want him to see me naked, in bed with her legs spread, I want that to his lips on my nipple in reality, it may not only on him. Maybe he wants more (if?).
I admit, at this point I was already fantasizing month he kisses me there. I finally wish that his cock twitching in my hand, and it would now be precisely his sperm hit in my hand (and maybe I'll kiss a member of (that I am? How could I even think such a thing), and it will flow to me on the cheek or chest, lips and I'll feel tremors of his penis).
In fact, I do not want this, I confess myself, I want to surrender to him banal. And to appease Finally, these feelings, this heaviness in the abdomen, suffocating heat, which fills me from its proximity and touch. I do not want any more sleepless nights and masturbation, which no longer gives the joy of my hand fumbling in the perineum to the accompaniment of thoughts about a particular person and it is about the things I have completely understood and implicitly friends, and most importantly it is feasible.
Parents in the country. All on my side. Maidenhead (physiologically) I accidentally lost while playing with a candle (Dad's porn cards). I wanted new experiences. I light a candle pre-heating is rounded at one end (my ingenuity).
In general, for a start, my commitment has led to the rapid masturbation. But it only made me even more. My fantasies were so clear that it seemed to me, everything is already happened. I have not experienced a drop of hesitation or embarrassment, not to mention the fear.
The bed in the master bedroom laid out clean linen. I washed, perhaps half an hour, I even somehow shortened and trimmed pubic hair, lips, well, there, in the mezhdunozhe, closer to the anus. While doing this I have no one ever taught - and then-intimate etiquette, it is not required. My chest and the very spot that I now definitely decided to show, of course, covered only "dress" set of clothes. In general, I was ready
I just said:
- I'll turn off the lights and kiss you.
- Do you want to undress me?
- Can I take it in hand? But his positive, please here. No .... Yes, that's right. So very nice.
Lying on his back.
- Come to me. No, I lie down on me.
I somehow very cleverly put it a hard pipisku. He had me a couple of times and jerk, recoiling shed cum somewhere on the sheet.
Looking at him frustrated and become somehow childish face, making it difficult to love and pity with lust (maybe I still had a very adult).
- If you want, I'll take you in my mouth?
- Sasha, the next time, when you understand that, you finish, do not pull up. Okay? Do not worry, it's nothing special. Just lie there like ... lying. Do not be shy. I took it into his mouth, while he was still wet, you could see that I was pleased.
- Put me here a hand, stronger even more. I do not want to do it myself, I am pleased that you are doing this. Sasha, I kiss each of your finger, that you were in me, just do not stop.
- I perestelit sheet and we still? (How beautiful the age of youthful hypersexuality. What is a permanent desire, create problems, but how wonderful it is when out of bed, it makes sense not to come out for days)
-I want once again to take his mouth.
- See how easy. Just better?
- Yes, you can see there ...... I am not ashamed.
And to himself: " I'm dying to whatever you looked at me, I saw all looked and touched himself ... Without me. Touched, so that I felt would be good again like twenty minutes ago. And I would just lay with her legs spread, her eyes closed, and you would do with me whatever you want. Well, wait, stop, you have missed the chest. God, he realized. How is it nice. Oh! He kisses the bottom of the belly, well, just a little down again. No, he will not do. But it seemed to me that I could feel his breath on the clitoris, how close were his lips.
The hips, the inner side, why I did not know that it's so nice when there concern.
Where did he go. Probably he is sitting and looking at me".
I opened my eyes, which I still lustful, the first thing I look him in the abdomen. In the light sconce I see standing parallel to the belly member.
- Come to me. (Cute simply move in, more that you-I will not let him jump, or - for that, it's mine, I need it in there, I will not release it Oh, well.!)
I forget, I press it, moving to meet him, yelling, seizes him in the back. It was found out later, when I saw his shoulders, with traces of my nails.
Oh, how long I'll go crazy. I can not take it anymore! I no longer stand it! No! Now just do not stop! Yet! Yet! Yet! It hurts! It's too painful for me! Do it harder! Come on! O Lord!
This time he could not get out, I catch his convulsive, recent movements and feel the hot liquid in his stomach, and then just endlessly lie under the weight of his body is gradually recovering.
From the bed, with a few exceptions, we did not get out until Sunday. Magic days, I only then realized that they do not repeat already had. What a miracle it was to discover something new in itself, it, open and immediately give each other. Experiment for what that moment, saying goodbye forever with silly fantasies, taboos and the remains of modesty. And at the same moment to discover something new, which still has no name. Joy of when things finally started to turn out as they do not dream in the wildest fantasies.
In short the first time I had everything perfectly - dissolute, lewd and pleasant to dizziness.

Part two


I love my husband. Highly. He's the best man, the most intelligent, beautiful and always coveted lover and just endlessly my native people.
I love his smell, his silence, his voice, his hands and everything, everything, everything! I have always been turned on by his touch, and for eight years, we have joint, fortunately, have not lost interest in sex.
But physiology physiology, but there is also a psychology, I have not only more often, but you always want something new. All our love life together, I was his habit, led us to this new way. I implemented and their fantasies and his. How hard it is, but just as nice when everything works.
I can assure you - it is not easy. Even with our existing relationship, assuming that we can pretty much say and do to each other, yet, something else, and we can not. And the meaning is lost.
"Darling, I want you to fuck me much, and when I finish, took out a member of me, I put his penis into her mouth, and then just raped me orally. You see, dear, I'd like to keep your mouth slippery, with the smell of my vagina a member who has just brought me so much pleasure"
It is foolish, in fact, lost the charm, mystery, surprise and joy of the dream.
It seems to me that we need "well-prepared impromptu"And that it has been prepared, the other partner should not even guess.
The first time I was faced with serious difficulties, when I wanted, which would fuck me in the ass.
Yes exactly. For myself, and now for you, sometimes I like to call a spade a spade. I have a dream that would fuck me in my virgin (virgin of course, the finger does not count) neat ass. My eyes clouded in mist when cleaning up, I slipped into a narrow hole soapy finger and imagined how to include a member of my husband. I arched and looked at the hole, around which I have not left any hairs and caressing is a different place, I thought about how it would be.
Like, what's the problem? Men can only dream about it. Dream-then dream of.
But, first, I wanted it to be gently and only when I really need this. I should be very excited to finish at least once, excited again and already being at the limit, almost in a frenzy, when all the usual exhausted after gentle caresses and passionate language of my buttocks and anus, get well greased hole member.
And second, I am confused, not more than modest size of my husband.
In addition, once in the early days of our relationship, he tried several times. But out of season. So I'm sorry, I was not very good there podmyta, at other times not strong stomach. I remember once, I was not at all necessary, and several times my husband was trying to do it roughly and without preparation.
As you can imagine, all of his attempts on my ass proved fruitless. So he formed a taboo, I, say, it is not necessary.
So I thought ..........
To be continued.