As I was having sex with sister

Hello to all readers.
I want to tell you a story that happened to me in early childhood.
It was when I was 5 years old. We lived with a cousin 8 year old sister in the town a 5 storey building. The 2 room apartment was a good repair and new furniture. On that day, our parents had gone somewhere to visit, do not remember exactly, but it seems to her friends.
My sister went to another room, where she began to watch TV, put the cassette in the player with movies (at that time it was chic).
When I walked into the room, I sat down to fuss her, and she's no reason this is not the beginning of the climb to her panties (if I did not know what it is to masturbate) and they get wet. Then she offered me to touch her cunt, which has not yet sfomirovalas.
Naturally I did not give up, because the boys always like adventures and new knowledge. I started to touch her pussy, she began to squirm like a snake. I asked her:
- Can I touch it there, in the middle?
- Yes you can, but do not press down strongly.
At that time I did not know that all netrahanye women have a hymen, which is called Tselkov.
She began to shoot my shorts with shorts and saw me standing pisyunchik which does not exceed a length of 4 centimeters. She asked me:
- Why did you get so hard?
And I answered:
- Do not know, just feel good with you.
- Can I touch it?
A second reflection I replied:
- Of course, come on, touch my bananchiki.
She began to pull together and put on a little skin on the children's penis, but the skin is not resisted her movements, and she asked:
- Do not you hurt?
- No. Just nice.
So we did that every time when the parents left for a long time.
Then it became not fun to do the same thing all the time (about 4 years), and then thought potormozit this. In 13 years, this desire to visit again. My penis has grown to 10 cm in length, and it was already possible to cleverly poke holes ... plastic bottles.
When I once again spent seyans masturbation, sister came, and when they saw asked if I her (she was already 16 years old) want.
In response she heard:
- Yes, I can`t do UTB himself.
Her almost sformirovavschiyasya chest was so amazing that I wanted to cut it, and carry everywhere and always.
She began to undress from the top to the bottom. At first it seemed a beautiful chest, and then, and well shaved pubis with its fragrant recordkeeping.
She suggested that she had the start of me stroking my dick, and I agreed, and who refused to b? Bring me to ecstasy, I asked her where is the clitoris (in school everyone said what would need to bring a woman pleasure to caress the clitoris) and she showed him. It was similar to the one my pisyunchik a child and I did not get it at first a little bit that she gave me. I began to suck him, and she moan. With her pussy began to flow liquid stream, it was very good.
After we got the buzz (orgasm). I asked if I could fuck her in the ass, to which she agreed. I went into the kitchen, took sunflower oil, smeared them my standing member of the buzz and her anus. After attempting to develop her sphincter, I started to insert into the hole Svoge standing friend, buyout and wanted to break her beautiful, elastic ass.
After 5-7 minutes, the I / O of my metal post I got the buzz back. We went in position 69 and started to touch our genitals.
We got a lot of pleasure from such a way to have fun and start practicing that every time was the right time.
I could at any time I could offer her take masturbytsiey that she liked so much, especially position 69.
For now, if you have a little bit older sister, you can try to persuade her to takiezhe actions.