Birthday 3

My life among the savages was a radical change of my value system. One day a young blonde civilized into a concubine Aboriginal sex toy, always ready to have sex ... For the past two weeks as I live among blacks are at the lowest level of social development. After going through the first sexual adventures, I became a part of them, a different skin color.
I used to tell that the tribe differed unusual story - a woman, thin, but with a very developed breasts and a small waist, emphasizing the lush, rounded buttocks. Watching their way of life, I realized that the reason for that daily sex and a lot of sperm, consumed by them. Men - well-built with very large members, even at rest. I noticed that most members were the leaders and elders.
I belonged to the young leader, was asleep in his hut, always at hand, ready and trouble-free. I had to wake up, feeling the his body, automatically opening your legs, taking it to its sheath, not dry out from the sperm and mucus. Sometimes he came to the women with whom I spent the day, and took me right in front of them, putting on his knees and leaned on his elbows. Ebony lovingly supported me until the animal literally fucking me, driving a huge cock deeper and deeper.
Gradually, I experience life of the tribe. Their totems were three animals - a bull, snake and monkey. These signs guard tribe were differences during clashes tribes and perform many other functions.
I noticed the changes taking place in your body: nalilas chest, stomach pulled, clearly traced the muscles become supple vagina and anus .. the hair on the body is almost absent. I have often noticed in the glances of blacks and wiggling their members as she passed them.
One morning my chief took me to the women, and something told them, pointing at me with his hand. I was freed from the remnants of torn clothes and taken to the familiar forest lake, where fish barbers removed more increased vegetation on the pubic and perineal sponges. Women wiped me dry palm leaves and was taken to a hut, where they began to rub my skin posmuglevshuyu some drugs. The body is beginning to feel the warmth and tingling, getting a surprising sensitivity, massage done his job and began to moan, inserting their hands under the breasts, nipples, thighs. One of the women brought it two cylinders of ivory, and brought them to me thicker (about 5 cm in diameter) - and in the vagina narrower - in the anus. Expiring openings easily missed them excited flesh. Women also put on the nipples and crotch paste from some plants, which was prepared by chewing plants. I was wrapped in the skin of a bull, tied straps so that I could barely breathe without moving.
When breathing cylinders inside me moved, causing a feeling close to orgasm, and I fell into a sweet slumber.
In the evening I woke up, feeling the extraordinary lightness in the body and sensitivity. The body has got a particular flavor delicate, nipples and crotch dark with pasta and smelled something disturbingly acute.
Came the chief and led me naked in the woods, passing about a kilometer through the jungle, we went to the playground, and he put me on a low floor, tied my belt, so I lay outstretched legs and arms move without any possibility. He freed me from the cylinder, close my hole, and I felt the wind penetrating inside me through extended opening.
The chief retired, and I lay there helpless and affordable, to feel myself a thousand views, listening to every rustle. Suddenly I heard a faint rustling and touching the leg of something cold, squinting, I saw how my leg crawling large snake! The cry of horror burst from me! But the snake, in its movement was something fascinating .. and excited body perceives it as a movement of a thin weasel! Thin tongue touched my skin - thighs, stomach, navel, fold under the breasts, and finally, the nipple, causing a deep breath. Snake searched nipple tongue, and he disappeared into her mouth! I felt an unprecedented feeling snake sucked nipple, exciting and frightening at the same time! At this time a second snake repeated first path and its jaws closed on the strained grape nipple, causing another groan. Nipples felt gentle tingling and prickling, delivering an unprecedented pleasure, my vagina was filled with juices, which began to flow down on the lips, anal ring on the ground.
Next snake tightly wrapped around my body at the waist, with his head between her breasts, waiting for their turn. Touching the skin cold, moving bodies caused excitement awakens the desire, the desire to fill the vagina .. another brought the snake's head to my lips, and easily slipped over them, reached the clitoris, which is plunged into her mouth. Acute wave of orgasm covered me, forcing the body to bend, and out of my gap gushing mucus. I have not had time to catch his breath as the next head of the snake slid into the vagina, I froze, afraid to disturb the snake movement and feeling inside!
The creature crept slowly, centimeter by centimeter disappeared into my cunt ravaged! For almost half a meter fits me .. filling and caressing me! Such feelings I did not expect! Muscular body, twisting and moving, granted unseen delight! Underbelly swollen, and the skin were visible smooth rolling snake rings. Orgasm again shook my body, and I felt the penetration of other reptiles in the ass! This feeling was even thinner, more exquisite! Well stretched and lubricated anus easily miss the animal, feeling every movement, sliding along the intestine and dive deep into me! I was not afraid, everything is mixed up in my head, I am sick of weasels, by desire, by slowly approaching orgasms! Snakes were rubbing against each other through a narrow barrier between the vagina and intestine, slithering, writhing. This torture continued orgasms .. succeeded each other in the head dizzy and I lost consciousness, exhausted by these sexual torture.
I woke up at dawn, just did not understand where I am. Gradually, the memory came back to me when I saw his head down rubbed nipples, body covered with shiny stripes dried up mucus. I was raped by a snake! After a few minutes I heard footsteps and the clearing out of three Negro. And behind them is my leader. They released me from the restraining straps and put on a stretcher, with the approval of inspecting my body, legs apart and buttocks. Their totem animal sacrifice accepted and approved it!
When I was brought into the tribe, one of the negroes, apparently shaman, he tattooed me on one of the snake jaws, which jaws closed up on the clitoris.
After this time I woke up, feeling the nipples and clitoris sweet trap snake jaws, secretly wanting a repeat.
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