On the river

Everything written below, down to the smallest detail, though. Maybe a little wrong set out, but the truth.
We Julia poznokomitsya at summer camp, and as it turned out, lived in the same city.
About two weeks after the camp was out of town, and then it came ...
I invited her to the river, on the sports base, prudently bought a pack of condoms. We agreed to meet on Wednesday morning already on base.
Julia came in short denim shorts, strictly emphasizing her fucking ass and a T-shirt, which was visible through the chest, in my opinion ekspertsky, size 1.5.
I invited her into the house, giving us the director and said, well, changed his clothes, walked out of the little room and after 19 seconds, ran back, shouting on the go "ahhh, I wasp sting". She also cried but not because of the wasps, and on that I was completely naked, holding a swimsuit. Her fucking body presented itself before my eyes.
"We stood two meters away from each other, and stared into his eyes."
Ha, you believe it? No? Correctly! She sobbed and looked at me, not even trying to hide behind, and I was staring at her pussy, shaved carefully, among other things.
I waited until she calmed down, asked "you're still a girl?" "Yes" I walked over to her, tenderly embraced, pressed against her chest and whispered, "Do not worry, everything went" and I began to lick and kiss the lips, neck, ears, chest, tummy, knelt down and began to lick her labia that have become wet. She backed away and fell on the bed. It is already hard moaned and could not hold back his feelings, trying to clasp my shoulders hips.
After graduating with petting, I proceeded to the main course: undressed and showed her his average size of 17.3 cm penis, pulled out of the bag a condom, put it on and fell down on Julia, do not hurry to rejoice her virgin den unexpected visitor..
We had a long lay there, kissing and licking each other. The taste of her body was just amazing!
Finally, I decided that she was ready.
I lifted her legs and said that she pressed them to her breast.
Then I slowly began to go in ...
At first she was silent, a little moaning. I'm buried in something solid, but ellastichnogo: hymen.
She gasped. I said: "relax, girl, all right"... And abruptly walked on eggs. Then, as usual, began to move back and forth, she, too, will soon get the hand and after a minute or two she had finished, I did it for fifteen seconds later. So I fucking deflowered girl. Write reviews
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