About impermanence

(Based on the eponymous short story by Anton Chekhov)
The court counselor Semen Petrovich Podtykin examined himself from head to toe in the mirror, he cast for greater effect on his bald head a quarter bottle of perfume, smelled a silk dressing gown, which was brought from China in-law, and, burning with impatience, I went to the door of the bedroom where his wife was waiting for the young.
Out of habit, firmly shut the door behind him (Simon Petrovich feared envy), he looked around. Before him as a commander, visiting the battlefield, stretched the whole picture. In the middle of the room on a bed of cedar of Lebanon (a few years ago Podtykin bought it for next to nothing from some bankrupt landowner) under a lush canopy wife was lying. Bending knee, she slowly pulls off her delicate chulochek. Around her lay in artistic disorder: shirts, blouses, corsets, muslin skirt, belt with elastic bands and stuff. Podtykin looked at all this with a winning smile and stroked his sunken chest. His eyes podёrnulis oil, crooked face sensuality.
- Well, can you so long? - He frowned, turning to his wife. - Rather, Katya!
But finally she took off her lacy panties and naked, stretched out on the bed. Semyon Petrovich looked at the whiteness of the cast body of his wife. His eyes slid over her face, neck, lingered on the huge, with large pink nipples and breasts, running on the rounded belly, stuck into plump hand, modestly covers her bosom coveted.
Podtykin smiled pleasantly, hiccupped delight and dropping the robe and ran on bent to the coveted box. Then, fueling appetite and enjoy the anticipation, he slowly pushed his wife's hand away and, like a child breathless with joy, held trembling fingers through his thick hair on the folds of the feet of his better half, in her snow-white belly and breasts poured. Then, numb and breathless, clumsily climbed on top wife, twitched his thick lips swollen member of the female bosom, touched the clitoris and finally absolutely was launched in its juicy pulp razverznuvsheysya abyss before him:
But here it was enough apoplexy.
June 1983
Second Edition: October 1990