Man wakes up in the morning with a hangover and sees near his aunt with whom he met last night.
And she, gazing thoughtfully into the corner, says:
"Wardrobe we put here ..."
&nbsp That I met, and brought home (I apologize for naturalism) was raped or fuck.
I wake up, I drink kofy and try to smoke a cigarette. Not a bit of it.
She grabbed for a cigarette and little hands in the trash. Enough of the whole pack - and in the same direction.
- You quit smoking - he said.
Swallowed. I thought this is the only condition for coexistence. Naive Chuukese boy.
- vows to you, - he says a little later she looked at me thoughtfully.
- And then what?
A moment's confusion:
- Then brush your hair and make a tail.
He brushed and dutifully made the tail. Painfully, she gently asked to do.
We're going to go out.
- Do not you have another jacket? - She asks.
- What?
- Put on another.
And I imagine wearing another.
- All right, now, I must immediately drop to work! - I say. - I'll call you...
- Oh her job. Do not go.
- Do not understand. And the authorities, I am sure, will not understand.
- Who you more: me or the authorities? There is it in the f # $ y! We go better sit down somewhere in the cafe.
- Honey - I can not stand - and what I will shisha at the club yesterday watered. And we go boom in the cafe on what shishi?
Two-minute confusion. Complete lack of understanding in his eyes.
- I'm sorry, of course, but I run to work.
- This means you work more?
- I begin to suspect that, yes ...
- Then do this: are you calling me two hours later, then meet, go somewhere for lunch, in the evening, "Tabula Rasa" let's go to. Okay?
- Okay...
- And do not come without flowers. I love pink gladiolus ...
More I did not see the lady, because a piece of paper with her phone lost ... at the entrance to the subway ... in the trash tank ... without a shadow of doubt ...