Birthday bratishki!

Recently my brother (he was born in the summer) was dnyuha. Sure, I was the main gift. Let's start with the fact that he spent his birthday in a recreation center. It is clear that there is on the bases! That's right .. you get the idea. No Rodak, no one was not too much at a party. Only I with a friend a couple of sisters and brothers of friends guys! I'm already well vypivshaya together with his girlfriend went to the toilet. Then out of the bushes came the boys - Lech, Max, Alex, Jack - the closest "four" my brother, who knew me.
- Oh, girls? What where you are going? - Sarcastically I asked Max.
- The toilet! - I cried, thinking that they just go and ask.
- Well, we're with you! - Max winked and strongly grabbed me by the arms and dragged him along with Lehoy into the bushes.
- Max, what are you doing? Fuck off! - I cried.
- I wish you a long time!
From unexpected speech, I relaxed.
-Really? And I too! - I understood and said it out loud.
Here he was confused. I quickly responded, punched him in the causal place, and a stick, which I picked up from the ground, kicked in the head Alexei. Then I ran and snatched from the hands of Eugene and Sasha girlfriend ran into the house to her brother. They chased us all the way, I ran into the house, all trembling, sat down beside his brother. These fools have come later, perhaps slightly ochuhavshis on my punches (I do the boxing!) Sat on his seat and angrily looked at me with a friend. While they drank more, I am with my girlfriend went upstairs and locked herself in the room from prying.
- Listen, because they will not rest until he fucked us! - Blurted girlfriend.
- Well, yes, and what do you suggest? - I did not understand.
- Maybe there .. - she winked.
- Oh, you're a pervert! - I laughed.
- I take Sasha with Zhenya.
- You know, after breaking up with Slava, I have 3 months with no one to sleep, and I want to.
- The more you sympathize with Max!
- Come on! I'll call!
I slowly walked down the stairs, and Max spun around, I immediately beckoned him upstairs. Behind him stood up Jack, Alex and Sasha. I nodded again. They quickly climbed.
- Max, now I'm ready, Alexei come here! - I winked.
My friend immediately set about blowjobs Sasha and Eugene. I danced slowly took off her clothes, slowly Max section and Lesha. I noticed that Max had almost got up and began to Alexei. Slowly licking eggs, I went to the head and began to caress the tongue. He was seriously excited. Max began to lick my pussy, fingering my clit gently. We are all very excited and I, standing cancer, prepared to take Max. He forcefully drove me in his 17 cm cock. Alex at this time polizyvat my pussy, and then changed to Max. At that time I was sucking Max. My girlfriend is already in all jumped on Alexander. She moaned loudly, screaming mothers. On the ground floor a loud screaming music and no one heard anything. Then Max fucked me in the ass and finished in my mouth. Alex, I once again made a blowjob, and he finished too satisfied in my mouth. Then I fucked with friends and partners all exhausted we lay down on the bed.
Here is a party Carbon happened to me and my girlfriend. By the way I meet with Maxim, a friend of Sasha!
Graduation (from the diary of a young girl) So I passed the exams !!! Everything is fine: excellent exam, all the exams 5, all I entered the Insta !!! But one thing it is a pity - I'm leaving the school for good and maybe I will not see him, + and I will tell you - his name was Andrew, he is my classmate (the former). He - a tall, handsome, athlete, but not an A student, and this, by the way, prevent me even to talk to him. I have (had) status "excellent pupil" and therefore all think I'm boring, just sitting at the books, but it's not true !!! I love to have fun and dance, not once went to school parties, but why make fun of me ?! I'm pretty even very personal - leggy blonde (natural), slim, breasts not so huge, but not small - size 2. By the way I am 17. Well, let's wait for prom, that's where I'll show you who on that much!
It took 4 days, getting ready to the full! I have sewed to order a dress: light silk black dress, amounting almost to the hips. But that's not all, on top of his chest is tight-fitting corset. He fashioned lace and there are so many cords and hooks .. the whole system. Today I'm going to a beauty salon, put in order the hair, manicure and pedicure'll do .. so much more !!!
Well, well, I come "judgment" day! The way to class, we will celebrate it on specially ordered for all 11 classes of boat or ship, God knows! It is so romantic!
(2 days), God, what was that night !!! So many emotions!! It all started with my debut: at graduation I came to this dress and many immediately noticed (the guys, of course) on my figure. Hair and make-up, of course, emphasized the dignity of my person. But I do not know that this had an effect on Andrew, but he kept smiling at me. Then began something difficult: all the young people from drinking alcohol, of course, and I began to dance and have fun 5 times more alive, many have crashed on a couple .. Andrew also came to me, all as mysterious smile, put his arm around her waist, and he led, where some of the main hall. We went out on the deck as it was beautiful !! beacon lights shining in the distance, the stars twinkled in the sky in different colors, not far away was the shore .. then I just realized that he comes up to me and was going to kiss! I am somewhat confused. He figured it out and suddenly picked up on hands and started down the stairs, I asked:
- And where? - Slyly winking, knowing that now something will.
- On the boat !! We steal it! - He whispered.
- No! What are you doing? - I was surprised.
- Come on!
He quickly went down, still holding me in his arms, and found the first available boat.
- Climb!
- No!
- I beg.
- Okay.
In general, I will not describe, he pulled the boat into the water, in short, we swam to the shore. All the way, I panicked. Then we landed on the beach and went deep into the forest. Away poorly lit some lights.
- What is it?
- This is a hunting lodge, it is always open to guests, - he explained.
We entered the house, and there really was empty, but the fire was burning, and it was warm. In the corner stood a small bed. Again, he picked me up and laid me on the bed.
- You are beautiful .. I've been looking at you not just as a classmate.
- I like you, too, for a long time - I admitted.
Suddenly, he came to me and kissed her on the lips. Then he slowly began to take off my clothes, but he took off his long due to the very laces)). Still, removing the I section of it. He gently caressed my breasts, sucking nipples, stroking the abdomen, thigh, slowly moving down. Then he approached his lips to my pussy. Here I cringed, I felt so ... Excited !! But then the fun interrupted thought, I said it aloud:
- I `m A virgin.
- What? - His face in disbelief - I'll be gentle! - He smiled.
Then he slowly approached his cock my treasured cave and dramatically drove inside. I gasped and cried out - a sharp pain shot through me.
- Everything is fine? - He asked - Be patient!
After a while I felt something more pleasant, and after a while full-um .. "fucked" with him. We had sex for a long time. Then he felt that is about to finish (I'm already 5 times orgasm) pulled out a member and asked for a blow job, I agreed. By the way he liked it, I did it the first time I held tenderly tongue a few times up and down the vertical fold around the head of his penis. Then he moved to the base member, and then again to the fold, only this time - licking across the surface of his cock up and down. But he could not resist a long time and said pleadingly "Enough! I die! Such a thrill!" and he finished right on my chest. Then we have tried on the table .. we spent an unforgettable night. But in the morning came the hunter and drove us out of the house. I was puzzled by something - I was all in blood and semen. Returning to the boat, I was not thinking, I climbed into the warm and slightly vodichku iskupnulas. Home I came back not soon, because we have long sailed to the pier.
You know what he said to me after the night? "And blow it, you're doing what a pro!" I laughed for a long time.
It took 2 days. He offered to meet with him. I agreed.