I settled down I once in a private company Fin. manager. Good location, great economic service - many women. The most interesting was Ira - beg. finance department, my immediate superior. Division by the way consists of two people - the chief and me. Why Ira, not by name? Such is the boss got - friendly, welcoming. With it, I immediately developed humorously-service relationships, and the age difference between us was 14 years old. On any romance, however, and the speech could not be - in this sense, it is the distance complied with (I did not try to catch on, just felt), besides she was of age and older, and adults, in the sense that there was in it some special dignity, pride, and I was 21 years loafers - the last student in the girls mind, the internet, computer games. To me it seems almost treated like a child, like a man not vosprinimaya.A I liked it. The interest however was very sexy, the difference in age, I spit (and fucked postrashe) .Snachala I just sometimes amused himself, like dreaming kiss her, hug her waist, bury my face in her brown hair. Then she began to occupy my thoughts. I remember every time he looked at her, he could not fight off the desire to kiss her on the mouth - such juicy, puhlenkie.Ona way was amazingly good. It looked good - soft, smooth skin on the face, soft shoulder-length hair, a small nose and beautiful blue eyes. Flexible waist, shapely legs, high breasts. Graceful hands, the fingers are thin and long. Plus domestic virtues, which are very clearly visible - femininity, intelligence, pride - complete the picture of bodily perfection. And we get a woman with a capital letter, interesting, strong and beautiful, which is not only begin to enjoy, but also to feel respect. Of course she had fans. More precisely all the guys in the office were established. She was able to be on equal terms with everyone, with all friendly and welcoming, but one is not particularly stand out. Her adored and admired. In the chief engineer had been with her a little more intimate relationship, but there are all the cultural, vzaimnouvazhitelnye relations between the two smart lyudey.Takoy was Ira and for that I love mature women even more than school girls - fucking beautiful body is nothing compared to the feeling of owning a strong and proud woman. But why "It was" - Surely she recovered from that incident, though of course the memories will not denutsya.Itak I literally became her raving. We sat in one room, and I could enjoy it as much as necessary. Everything about her I liked - and posture, and voice, and funny grimace when she wrinkles her nose with displeasure, and the motion which she pushes her hair back - I was going crazy. Twice a day went to the bathroom to masturbate, that's how I wanted it. After all, this thing I've been thrown in the broads there was no shortage. If I prefer the female body, sweet dreams and masturbation - it's a lot govorit.Chto only did so little to satisfy his passion - often unnecessarily approached her table - look into her cleavage. Or, for example, she laptop something that looks, and I went up the back, soft hair gently touch or bend over to it if it were to consider that there is on the screen, and actually inhale the scent of her skin and hair - grow stupid! For his birthday, when handed a gift, instead of "service-friendly" kiss to kiss on the lips - failed substituting schechku.S looking forward to a corporate party - only to dance with her, thought can informally manage to develop the relationship further playful officialdom. When dancing, it was a thrill! Hugging her, she looked at near her face, tried to have touched our feet or touch her breast-feeding. But she endeared hand that to him not prizhmesh, observed the pioneering distance. And coming home, happy hour and a half onaniroval.No eventually realized - the horse need to have to travel, as you can dream of masturbation. Immediately translated into practice meditation - how to do it? I found the easiest option - to stay with her after work, or better yet, go to the exit. We have in general been taken to work out of hours only if a lot of work. Hence the conclusion - will have to wait or park the most to create it, but it's a trick. Do not went to work on Friday (supposedly drains clogged plumbing waiting), a meeting on Monday, therefore the data is not ready, and our entire department including two men went to work on Saturday, this way more debts. So I was left alone, and the whole day vperedi.Ya wondered what she would wear to her. Perhaps some jumper and jeans with sneakers, as a non-working day, dress code freestyle. She usually dressed in a business, but at the same time very sexy - a skirt above the knee with a slit, often blouse with a neckline, shoes kablukah.No she looked that day as usual, that is breathtakingly. Translucent blouse - seen lace underwear, elegant sandals and trousers of those on the top in tight, and below raskleshennye.V that day the first time I was doing her a compliment - said how beautiful she was - it was evident that it is a little surprising. I reveled in his power, sweet delayed principal moment, realizing that today she will not denetsya.I's time. She bent over the table, and pants as I have already said, were tight, and I could see the outline of her wonderful ass as if she was completely naked. And quite clearly showed a small bump sexual sponges between her slender bedryshek. And I'm for the bump it poschupal.Irina sharply straightened and turned to mne.- you! you! Delache that you, freak? - Zadyhalayas she blurted. In anger she was prekrasna.- Irisha, well, I thought you a reason so bent, I'm sorry - I played mumble enjoying himself predstavleniyu.- what I'm Irisha, you moron! Stand back, freak She pushed me and flew out of the accounts, where we were, and went to our kabinet.Ya quickly, but not fussing, stripped naked - do not mess with clothes, then I went for ney.Irina angrily paced the office, breaking fingers and biting her lip. But when she saw me and my stake protruding member, her face changed. Oh, I think I know what she felt - feels the same teenager, which was surrounded by Gopnik - a nasty chill in the abdomen, legs and arms are cotton and foreboding: "right now will steal". His expression was at least the same as the victim gop-stop - pale, eyes wide, jaws with zadrozhzhali.--Serge, that you do not need to - the voice of her fear dropped to a whisper. She backed into a corner. With a lascivious grin, but without saying a word, I went up to her with both hands tore the thin blouse all the way down. From her throat escaped despair vopl.Shvativ Irina hands, I dragged her out of the corner and threw it on the floor, then he leaned on. She screamed, kicked and struggled trying to free his hands. I slapped her a strong slap in the face, for a moment she was stunned, and I ripped her pants. Strap it did not have, which facilitated my task. Then, quickly got up and pulled off her pants. All this time she did not stop screaming and kicking. True its resistance falls as she bared. I ran to her again, turned face down, and began to paw her with relish rubbing member of her thighs. What she Gorny and soft - ... let-and-and, well pozhalusta! - Cried ona.S hardly stop himself zastaviviv sweet lesson, I tore off the remnants of her blouse, then her panties and bra. She almost did not resist, just plakala.Ryvkom perervernuv partershu my back, I spread her legs apart. The view was amazing, she had a perfect body, but from a neat kitty eyes it was impossible to take. He stroked her tummy and felt her tender lips sex. Then again I started to rock the boat Irisha - tried otpinnut me and push hands. I twisted her hand and while lying arched in pain, spread her legs and began to shove a member of it. She was paralyzed with pain and only moaned and sobbed. I looked at her face, trying to zapechetlet forever in the memory of those feelings that are reflected in her eyes filled with tears - impotent despair, flour and awareness of the reality of the situation in which it okazalas.Nakonets I went into it completely and began eagerly to rape her, with pleasure listening to her broken sobs. The first sexual intercourse was short, I longed that obkonchalsya almost a minute as he tried to delay orgasm. Do not worry, we have plenty of time. When he finished, I did not get out of it, resting directly on it. Finally, I kissed her on the lips, then began to shower kisses on her face, neck and shoulders. I fulfilled my dreams - a wonderful deity belongs to me. I can not believe I can safely kiss her, to look at, dotragivatsya.Ya rose slightly to look over the girl. Slender legs apart to the extreme, pussy battered, on the right chest imprint of the medallion on his shoulders the bruises. Raped! She cried quietly, closing his hand litso.Ya stared at her lips and felt like my penis in her vagina swells again. I again began to fuck her, not greedy for the first time, and with pleasure, listening to their feelings, tasted like a good wine. It was the highest high. Sometimes stopping to kiss her warm lips and breasts. She lay with her eyes closed and moaning and sobbing bitterly. The pleasure lasted long enough, and the orgasm was bright and prodolzhitelnyy.Sovershenno satisfied, I stood up to her to admire the result. She was lying with her legs spread neestvenno, hair spread out on the floor. Sexual lips were dark red from forcible intrusion pubic ring left my black hair. On the hips, chest bruises - traces of my hands on his neck hickey on his shoulder bite mark. These traces will long remind her like a man against her will, took her, leaving her metki.Irina woke up, rolled over on his side, putting his hand between her legs and bitter zaplakala.Vse. For nothing can be done. Once upon themselves beautiful, independent and proud woman, and did not assume that someone does not look at all its advantages, does not appreciate as a person, and uses her beauty only to meet their pohoti.Ya meanwhile, I sat in a chair and resting, fanning themselves with scraps her blouse and admiring the beautiful body lying on the floor. Then he told her that she came to me, but she did not listen. Then I pulled her leg raised to her and put it on his knees before soboy.- defer minetik, Irisha.Ona hesitated, she zadrozhzhali sponge. I had to bend her head, so that she almost nose to the groin is not bumped. After that, she took a member of her hands and covered her mouth golovku.- like this, well done. Go on. Tongue-play and masturbate horosho.Ocharovatelnaya blond head impaled on my cock, looked simply delicious. I should not be looking for her fingers, which she wanker and I went over the eggs. Delicate pink lips were moving up and down the trunk. It was delightful, I was like a drunken man in the head fog. I held her face in her hands, fiddling with her hair, she squeezed his shoulders. Finally, I finished with a groan, throwing semen in her mouth. She did not try to dodge all swallowed. Apparently it was finally broken. I took the dick out of her mouth and wiped the last drop of her lips. He leaned back in a chair, but she continued to stand in front of me with the sloping golovoy.Kakaya she's beautiful! I could not sit down with a chair for her and clung to her lips. I began to kiss and to touch her everywhere. It was great to enjoy its soft body, stupefying scent of her velvet skin. She lay on the floor, and I caressed her body with his lips and hands, yet again felt pohot.Postavil it on all fours, admire the view from behind - from all sides good girl! Fingered fingers pussy lips, then put his penis into the vagina. What a great - pull the woman from behind: face buried in her hair, hands you walk through the body, mnesh chest and thighs, fingering pussy. She began to cry again. At this time, the pleasure was long, had to be interrupted just once, resting directly on it. Then again. How had finished, I sat right behind her, she remained standing, shaking his booty. I stroked her thighs, ass, fingering her pussy lips. Shaggy sponge was like an oval with a gap in the middle, pink petals drooped sadly over the entrance to the vagina reproach - not nasmotretsya.Ya was almost squeezed out, but could not be satisfied. Just look at her he could not, like kissing and touching. For a long time I lay with her, giving free rein to his hands and lips. It seems naobnimalsya, kiss enough and inhaled the scent of a female in the week ahead. Our intimate communion already lasted four hours. However, I could not tear myself away from it, not even when he had finished raz.Poslednee intercourse was very long. I then raped her, then forced to suck and hold the member in his hands. Repeatedly stopped, I rested. Even in the ass I fuck it, though I do not like this. It lasted a half hour, but finally I finished the last time her irrigating the vlagalische.Vse. Sweaty and utterly exhausted, I sat in a chair, and she, too, all in a dirty sweat, and lay rydala.- get up, substitution idi.- said ya.So groan she got up and holding on to the wall went to the side of the toilet. Somewhere halfway I bent it with a cry and fell to his knees, holding his crotch. Then he got up and bending and groaning in pain hobbled dalshe.Bylo already half past nine in the evening when we finally got out of the office. I drove home Irene on her car. All the way she sat up straight and looked ahead. And I drove and was given pritno memories about the day. at traffic lights I looked at her and stroked her knees. It is now, after a hard rape, was very attractive. From the car park took her to the apartment, the door stood a little on the court. Unbuttoned his coat, I finally fingering her charms. I'm thinking about another trachea, but it was very painful erection. Kiss goodbye to her lips, I'm with her rasproschalsya.Kogda went home, thought she was doing now. Probably first go to the bathroom, trying to clear of sperm and dirt. Then she goes into the bedroom and collapse on the bed and realize that it does not help. The main trail will remain in the memory. I was sure that it will not declare, does not want to once again relive that day. She will live and memories will be with her, and the knowledge that somewhere in the lives of her rapist, enjoy it, make a muck of it and the remaining beznakazannym.V Monday she tried not to meet my eyes. She filed a letter of resignation, but she had to work for another week. Our Ira was different. Sharpen features, no smiles, eyes extinguished, and was so cheerful. All the staff ... the buzz was that happened to her and why she was dismissed. Born gossip that chief engineer molested her with dirt harassment. She did not explain anything, from the office trying not to go out and hardly razgovarivala.Ostavshuyusya week I naturally used to your benefit. I constantly fingered her, kissed, she did not let. In the afternoon, when all the officers left, we stayed and I fucked her. Sometimes I pyalil it and working time - could not help it, though it was risky. Once in a moment we stood two employees and about something talking outside our door. They could easily enter, and I could not stop - all the reason in the middle of the body is gone, and do not care what they see, if only dotrahat. But I saw how she was scared - before her face was expressionless. I realized that she was deathly afraid that we know about somebody else. You can be calm, then the police poydet.Ona not resigned and that it was then, I do not know - was not interested. Bab in the world a lot.