Love woke up again, and boil krov.Vtyanul me ekstazBlesk passion glaz.Moya your soul is once again flying over the sea pairs schastya.Ona always belongs only to you: In all storms, storms and nenastya.Upoitelen every day, I'm flying over the earth love But as soon as there is your shadow, How you hot, passionately want!
I want to hear your sweet voice excited to limit sosok.Hochu lick lick your vagina burning, sweet and velvety, like a caress malina.Hochu your divine feet smell tongue all the charm of your eyes are poured spiny.Tvoi passion, like a wild cat, She's a victim eats , not feeling for a viny.Hochu introduce his penis in your mouth tender, I want to catch the innocent look of your ochey.Hochu make you scream, "Yes! Yet! More, my cat! Come on! Break me! Burn to ashes! ! Kill "I want to kiss your ass velvet sucked all the fingers of your nog.Hochu climb on you and" galloped "Your hearing lustful voice:" I wish I of sperm! Right on the chest! Thick and hot, my goal Putko our paradise with you ... "Oh, how we obscenely loud moan!
Every night you come to me, We're in a stormy sea ognya.Vse our adversity sink in dreams, sweet dreams for you and menya.Na serious papers you give me - they nikto.Vrut! You - my life and they have always lied, saying that love - I mean semya.Naplevat on them, let them continue vrut.Bog - sudya.Glavnoe great - what you - next to you - here, and at night today you - my only!
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