Wife. History 1 (at work)

I want to tell the story of a soy-wife problyadushke. It is nice with slim legs, excellent juicy ass and small breasts. My name is Natalia. She was 24, I'm 27, married for three years. It works in a very prestigious firm. As she settled back - another story, is not it.
Once I decided to stay at home while his wife went to work and the keys with a not vzyala.V lunch I got the call, I had to travel urgently
Affairs. I was going to leave the keys to the neighbors, but they were not, and did not answer my MOBILE. Do nechego- went to her work.
it was not in the office. He asked: where? They replied that the chief. Well, I went by the secretary (typical slut) directly to the chief. I opened the door, and there my missus sucks his boss. I am not particularly surprised. His wife looked up from the penis and looked at me, I said, that she had forgotten the keys. The chief was stunned, and his wife went to work again. A member of the chief was as mine about 22 cm, so that his wife was not difficult almost all his zaglyatyvat.
I felt that I got. Without thinking, I went up to his wife from behind, lifted her skirt and panties was not under it, and put it. The wife moaned. Chef did not expect this turn of events, but nevertheless he was violently ended a minute later his wife in her rot.Mne too long did not have to fuck, I poured into her pussy just 20 seconds after the boss. She licked our members.
And then go to the office, two men (company employees) and the very secretary. They are then shyly looked at me (like who is), but the chief told them that I am a friend. Then one of the men walked over to his wife, crawled under her skirt and started to touch her ass. Then he inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her by them. The receptionist, her name was Olga, meanwhile, started for the second term. We watched the chief. And my wife is not with your fingers, and fuck a member into the vagina, and the secretary in his mouth. Then he puts Olga on her back and starts wildly fucking her while squeezing her big siski.Tёlki squeal. Here the one that fucked my wife finished right in it. Before he could move, as his wife fell in the one that fucked sekrktarshu and completed his business in pussy wife.
We (men) sitting on the couch and watched as the unmet Olga fucks herself and satisfied Natasha (wife) lies on the table tits, ass to us and we see of her pussy follows sperma.Tut boss does not stand up, it goes to my wife, first inserts his penis into the vagina, and then in the ass wife. Nataha moaned. I go to the secretary, breed her legs wide and giving cock in her hole, I begin to fuck. At the same time watching the chef fuck my wife in the ass. I'm coming straight to Olga and then it suited the two men put the cancer and start to fuck two dyrki- one in his mouth, the other in the ass. Here chef abundantly ends on the ass of my wife. She gets up, falls on the skirt obkonchalsya legs and ass, and so in some places there are stains on it. Fifteen minutes later Olga fucked her ass and fill her mouth with sperm.
During leisure Olga pozvonili- she had to move, which is the case at home or problems. Or like her child had to pick up something from. I do not remember exactly, but it does not matter. She left and we've got five. The wife begins to crawl on all fours on a member to member, sucking everyone. I decided to wait, let them have my first zhenu.Shef lay on his back, his wife sat down on his cock and bent in her ass put in one of those two, and the other shoved in her mouth. And off the case !! My wife fuck in front of me in all the cracks (my friend and of course sometimes poёbyvaem it together, but here!) Three men unfamiliar to me are my wife! And I like it. Heartily podolbiv it, they start to finish, my wife's filling hole. She licked their members, and they pulled away from her. I walk with a smoking by a dick to his wife, put the cancer and one stroke insert it in the ass for the most eggs. I began to fuck her ass roughly. Member completely out and a breakneck pace comes back to its full length. Wife yelling. Five minutes later, I finish it in the ass ...
After a rest, we went to her home (their affairs, I left for later, it was too late or where to go). Her skirt was soaked with sperm, though squeezes. After her car seat on the left spot. As I get home she took off her skirt. -That Is why I'm excited again about what Natasha and said. She said, Do you want to. what I would have burst?"
I shrugged, and she giggled and said: "not as a whore fuck all the little -s" She planted her pussy on my dick ...
it all actually happened. If you like it, please contact us by email, I will write more then a few stories about our adventures with his wife.