A dream

I was just sleeping and suddenly in his sleep, I felt the like somebody's hand touched my ass, his hand became hard to knead her ass touching my baby she climbed on the back light touch and again came down to compress the ass, and I woke up. Massaging my ass, he gradually moved to my pussy. A few minutes later she was already hot and humid. Massaging my pussy with one hand and the second my swollen nipples, my pussy is already flowing, then he lifted me pulled off my pants, ripped pants and put the cancer, moistened with saliva, he put his cock in me and I felt his hot head.
Due to the fact that the hole I is not large, it has become a member of the squeeze on me, slowly developing it to fit your needs. First, he began to slowly fuck me, my pussy soon became very flow of pleasure, the room has heard not only by our groans and squishing and sucking sounds and he began to pick up the pace. Now he just pecked me, and a few minutes later I felt his hot jet of sperm hit in the uterus. He fell on me and started kissing me, starting from the neck and moving my ass soon he found himself tongue in my pussy, I just rolled in bliss and trembling with delight, and my pussy is like deep penetration and I rolled over onto his stomach.
He came at me and started to fuck, posture was perfect, I felt like his head is part of me, and when I raised her ass he swung flew me pulling up the uterus, I shuddered from the buzz lowered her ass and then his cock entered slowly and not until the end, and then it was repeated, feeling the approach of the inevitable, I dropped my pen to the clitoris and began to massage it in less than five minutes I had finished. He came out of my limp and broken-down pussy.
I took his penis in her hand and touched his lips. Lick all smasku, I began to swallow it periodically falling to its charming testicles licked them and swallowing a little sucking his cock was hard as a rock, my hand holding his penis at the base helped my lips, by this he is fun could not last long and I felt in my mouth a little bit brackish hot stream of sperm. I swallowed it, but the sperm was so much that even a little spilled on my hand. After such sex, I felt much better.