Confession bisexual

We met as a second-year university students in Moscow. Despite the fact that we studied at different faculties we lived in the same dormitory, but on different floors. My name is Roman, while I was in '23. The story I want to tell you, the real and happened to me the first time.
According to their sexual orientation, I "bisexual"But I figured this is not right. I read somewhere that there are several points of view, how the children formed sexual orientation. According to the first theory, the embryo in the womb during the formation of the brain (6-8 weeks) does not receive male hormone (testosterone). Typically, this occurs when a woman during this period there was a strong stress. As a result, the future of fetal brain is formed with a predominance of female hormones, which are "lay the foundation" future sexuality.
The second point of view. Orientation begins to form during puberty. In this case, the floor is of great importance, which will come into first sex teenager. According to this view, sexual preferences are formed and fixed in the mind, depending on how strong was the first sexual experience of a teenager. If the relationship were of the same sex, it is likely that the child will be gay or bisexual. All this, of course, still needs to prove itself but, perhaps, I would refer to the second category. Ever since childhood I liked both girls and boys, but same-sex attraction I had it in the transition to adulthood, and stuck much later in adolescence.
For the first time I saw him in the dining room when Nikita, along with my friends, have dinner, they came to the door. We met using formal, meaningless phrases. He told me once liked his soft manner of speaking and the ability to hold on to. Intelligent, educated, lean guys have always been the object of my attention. In addition to these qualities Nikita fascinated me smile, and, besides, he was a very nice young men. I feel free in the company of different people, flexible in communication. However, people uninitiated I try not to apply reason and doubt of my orientation, and as a precaution, will never lead a conversation on this topic. With girls always correct, polite, courteous to the guys:
Our rooms were located on different floors, as we learned in the various humanities departments. Rarely seen, only rarely met in the elevator, on the street or on the way home. After the first meeting, I set about trying to get to know Nikita. While it was in '19, it's time for love:
Nikita was pure water "naturals", I met with the girl had with her close relations. But as fate once they have all ended. For good reason they say that is not easy to love a person, and it is impossible to buy love ... After the break in relations Nikita kept to himself, began to spend more time in the company of their classmates. They drank beer, walked, danced, greeted with celebrations, handed over the session. Just like in all, nothing special.
I am a long time could not manage to appease fate to give me an opportunity to get to know this young man. One day such a case I fell and everything changed for the better. We are often attracted to new, interesting people. And how many students just need to be happy? Sometimes, good company and a drink, sometimes ordinary luck in session, sometimes for money and good friends. Where do without them. After all, with no friends and no inner peace, harmony with oneself:
In terms of communication I enjoyed being the center of attention of peers, so my hobby became a guitar playing and song writer. The guitar is known to be a good friend in moments of joy and sorrow. Once I was invited to a birthday party, which came and Nikita ironically. On a student modest but fun and noisy, with a guitar and singing festival gaining momentum. The mood was all wonderful. Guys toasts, everybody wanted to congratulate the birthday. When it came to Nikita, he stood up, looked all eyes, as if asking for his support, and said a beautiful speech that many sunk into the soul. After him came my turn. I congratulated the guest, not with words, but a great song, which made an impression on the guests, and to the end of the evening I "lit by the full program", Performing a variety of music and vocal compositions. The evening ended in a major key ... After a few days I was invited to sing the company song, which also turned out to Nikita. Now we already talked amicably. He sang well and I gradually got company of like-minded boys - lovers of art song.
All of this I am very happy and inspired.
Time passed, and I often went into the room Nikita. During our conversation we're a little closer, being able to find in each other a lot in common. Our relations are strengthened and developed, and the threads of conversations gradually expanded. Feeling like it is not easy to survive a break with his girlfriend, in every way it comforted us with assorted complicated psychological situation, discussing, as you might have to go with dignity. I tried around to be his friend.
Once I felt that I was more and more difficult it becomes to spend free time without Nikita. Over time, I realized that I just fell in love ... At the mention of his name appeared in the chest fever, incensed, stronger and stronger, it burned through my insides. From him nowhere and nothing was no escape:
This was my first strong and wonderful feeling to the guy, deprives me of reason ...
The school year is coming to an end. I still come to visit Nikita. We sat up late, drinking tea, beer, and shared with each other sore. It seemed to me that here, and now I can open my loved one. But every time the language turned to stone, I blushed, not knowing how or where to start. I would never have believed that it is so difficult to explain in a bisexual love "Naturale".
The summer passed, autumn came added in our relationship placer gold tones, giving them even more romance. We grew up on the year, switched to 3 course. Now we both insisted that we lived in the same room. Administration, went to meet us and put us together. My dream is becoming a reality, especially since the third roommate less and less spent the night with us, spending time in the company with a new girl.
Flowed sweet autumn days, the gentle sun, as if realizing my feelings, set me up on a wave of romance, I wrote a few poems to my Nikita. I enjoyed the company of your loved one. After hanging up, we talked for a long time what previously did not think, is getting closer and closer together, approaching the invisible face, through which we had to go.
One after another pivopitiya I realized that today should be the hour X. While Nikita safely snoring, I went up to him, sat on the bed and, realizing what I was doing badly in obedience to sexual desire, pulled off his shorts. Further it seemed to me a dream. Seeing little sleep another member, I took it into his mouth and began to suck vigorously, caressed him, kissed, swallowing deeper and deeper. Waking up from a dream, and not knowing what's going on, Nikita began vigorously podmahivat me his ass. Instituted by fallen upon me and him ... emotions, he came almost immediately, pour salty, slightly tart, but a desired liquid in my mouth. Since it was my first sexual experience with a man, I choked, and part of the semen poured out of my mouth on the sheet. Kiss him already pisyun fall off, I put his shorts and went to the bathroom to defuse a long-standing member already. Having done this, I fell asleep. The next day, coming home after school, I saw that Nikita carefully examining my pictures, as if willing to find an explanation for what happened last night.
After dinner, I finally opened it, said that for a long time "burning" of love for him, I want to be his friend. In those seconds when I said it, I was just shaking and feverish, teeth chattering, nervous fingers crawl on the bedspread. My words seemed nonsense person with a bullet through the soul. An inner voice told me that I'm moving in the right direction. To my surprise Nikita reacted very well to my words, understand my feelings, not pushed or hurt rude word. After I spoke to the very end, I suddenly felt a great relief and peace must have been really happy at that moment. My long tirade made an impression on Nikita. He told me that he, too, had long wanted to, so we became friends. Then I carefully asked him what he thought about the previous night. He calmly told me that he enjoyed it, and that I can, but rarely do him a blowjob.
At that we decided to do. Toward the end of the week we took a beer, sitting up for a long time together, whiling away the time in conversation. What I want to draw particular attention, because it's a beautiful aura of complete mutual understanding between us. Surprisingly, in the world of our small room, we had no one else is not necessary. Left alone, we could feel the full peace of mind and harmony. This feeling can be compared to a sold-out theater performances, when the final stage of psychological between the actors and the audience full contact is established, and the entire room, with bated breath watching the slightest movement of the actors gesture: My life has scored happy "the key" as well as a great cum of my best friend Nikita. When the light was extinguished in the room, I came and sat on the bed for your pet. Kneels down and slowly began to undress him, studying previously unknown to me young man's body and kissing him gave a pleasure. Then I began to fondle his penis, still soft, in batches. From my gentle touch, he quickly hardened and did not want to stay in shy of his mother. Face I cling to him, and the kid answered me cheerful nod, as if competing with me in power and perseverance with my nose and lips. He always waited and greeted me, each time greeted, stretching all the 15 centimeters. I gently took it in his mouth, since the smooth movements of the tongue around the trunk from the beginning to the tip, smacked his lips, bites, sucking, licking, swallow this beautiful creation, which, thank God, it was possible to see only me. His penis was circumcised, straight, slim, 3.5 cm in diameter, with large nuts in the bag, aroused, they moved up to the penis and becomes very elastic.
My joy knew no end. I drove him to frenzy, making Nikita two or three blowjob per night. As a rule, the first session and the prelude to an end very quickly just three minutes later, the second lasted a little longer, and a third longer. At first Nikita as an innocent child lying on the bed, and then, being excited, sit down, and then, unable to stand, stood up to his full height, and, holding my head, until the end of stuck in my own body, and, nervously rocking from side to side, fucked me in the mouth. During the session, I stroked his little ass, testicles, slender legs, touched his hole. From the whole process I have terrible winds, and Nikita, sometimes forgetting himself, he touched my penis. But it seems that it is not enough for him to give pleasure. Therefore, after he rapidly finished in my mouth, I was helping himself, quickly "discharging" the toilet. All Exercise with his penis led me to the extreme excitement and delight. I independently control the whole process of creation of sexual intercourse my friend, bringing it up to sheer ecstasy. My hidden obsession completely burst forth with violent force. I knew that I could not completely hold Nikita, our intimate relationships were limited to blowjob and caresses on my part, but it was enough to me. I know how to appreciate small, to appreciate what I have, my dear, dear and loved one.
We lived in one room for two years. And almost always our prelude began the same way, after lights out. But sometimes there are exceptions. I especially appreciated those moments when Nikita kindly asked me to caress him in the afternoon or evening. We locked the door with a key, I slowly undressed him, caressing and kisses with your pet. Not in the least embarrassed by his nudity, he provided me complete freedom over his beautiful body youthful, full of energy and life-giving water. I sat down in front of him on his knees, stroking his genitals, penis, scrotum, while his baby is not completely hardened. Bringing it several times to orgasm, he moaned, his pyatnadtsatisantimetrovy member nervously pulsing resiliently entered into me, wetting my throat salty juice of love. I always swallow everything up to the last drop. After sex, we were together and rested, he looked at me with gratitude and affection, said that still no girl gave him so much pleasure, stroked my head. Our friendship was invaluable, he is also very much appreciated my love, for which I am extremely grateful to him was. Not enough words to describe the complex range of feelings that I had for my friend. These were the feelings of the beautiful, the sublime and absolutely natural ...
Then there was a lot of very interesting things. We went together to different cities on vacation, traveling, and as soon as we have a sexual desire, especially after drinking, we have resorted to the old and well-established means of love - cocksucking. This is an excellent discharge for all occasions. Our relationship with time have gone so far that I could not even imagine how I would live without him, without my Nikita. The days spent together, can be called happy days.
Time flew inexorably forward, making us over, we moved from course to course. Three years relations have left their mark ... It is clear that an infinitely long my luck could not be. Already in the fourth year at a party a friend of mine told me that he met a nice girl, which immediately "I took it into circulation". Cute, slim, emotional, she managed to charm my young man, giving him the choice. Their relationship quickly developed rapidly. Nikita began to vanish, and sometimes did not come overnight, became a little nervous, start to snap when I was trying to figure out how well his love affairs. I felt that I was losing a friend. However, I am trying to "reverse" the situation in the party, did everything my best to persuade him, he asked to go back. However, my attempts were in vain. How many wolves do not feed all the forest looks. Nikita and in fact was a bit like a wolf, but only manual and affectionate. But here he seemed to have changed:
I suffered terribly, trying to drown out the feelings and lean on his studies. Every day, the wonderful relationship that bound us, ceased to be important to him, they quickly melted away, like the first snow fall. In their place come other more proper relationship. One time we even went together to concerts, I was jealous of him, but one day realized that it was time to put an end. I suggested not to meet again, and we stopped talking ... Love story between ... "naturals" bisexual and over. I immediately became easier to live. In matters of the soul, in my opinion, the diplomat formula "bad peace is better than a good war"Simply does not work. Soon he married, as if afraid of losing it, and most fell out of my sight. Six months later, he married me.
Several years passed, I still do not know what happened to him. But, experienced the hardships of family life, I want to say that the family - this is a completely different world and a different relationship. When two people connect the moral, financial and personal commitment, family problems - the relationship can hardly be happy ... Happiness - it's sweet, fleeting moments of life, when you understand at a glance, with a floor view, with half a sigh. This aura of love, affection and gratitude for the fact that you just live side by side, sleeping, breathing. When you do not need to repeat twice and ask about anything. Problems are solved easily, as if by themselves.
There are days when you want to drop everything, forget the present and go back to the past in the light, to his beloved boy, which was very light, easy and joyful.
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