Oё-yo-yo. Read, read. Well, it seems to me that 90 percent of fantasies. There are also good. I do not mind fantasy. The more of us who did not dream of the people close to us. I do not resist me. But it was actually. Then I was no longer a child. I was 23 and I served the army. Well after the army come? Kidaeshsya on everything that moves. I had sex with his mother. And it was only twice. First time. Houses over the next booze about my return from the army. Guests poraskhodilis. My father was already snoring in the room. I helped the mother clear the table. We sney perched on the kitchen smoke. She sat down on a chair, and I was too lazy to go to the gym for a chair and I sat down on a small stool. I sat close to his mother, right up to her knees, that would reach to the ashtray. Among today's guests was a friend of my mother's. Well, blood and milk! 5-6 breast size. Wide hips. Plump half ass. And this friend always stressed its charms. She wore a dress with a deep neckline, from which almost always protruded edge bra. And the clothes worn all tight. So. By a drunken stupor, I asked my mother if she could fuck this podsobit her friend. Well, his mother began to speak, saying that the lady and married, but different light behavior and thinks that she will not mind. Well, I started to dream about it. How I will put this cancer girlfriend. How I will fuck her between boobs. Well, actually I started the himself. A mother began rasprashivat why they say to throw it? Well, form large, well pretty attractive face. I seemed that betrayed a resentment in her mother's voice. Well, I, my mother, saying such as calm, you're beautiful. It must be said that the mother of my really nice. Of course she does not have this top model parameters: 90-60-90. Growth somewhere 150-160. I have it complete. Chest too big, size 3-4 .Popka. Well, all to yourself. Only she is not over-emphasize how her friend. So I .Uspokaivaya mother involuntarily put his hand on her leg and without any ulterior motive stroking soothed.
Suddenly I caught my mother all tense. Then it dawned on me that I stroked her thigh and whenever my hand back from the knee to the thigh, her legs no matter how random twitch. And I just still do not understand why I did that. I lowered her hand under her skirt and began to stroke the inner surface of the thighs. Mom nervously lit a second cigarette. We have no ochem not talking. Do not look at each other. And, as if waiting for what will happen next. And my Rua reached the place where her thighs touching, and back. Then back to the place. And back again. At some point my mother's legs trembled and almost broke. I started stroking deeper. This was repeated several times, and my mother's feet, by a few, we parted. And at some point, my hand bumped into her panties.
Even through her panties, I felt like it hot and humid. -No, My mother said, and covered my hand with his hand under his skirt. Not tossed and covered the pressing my hand to her panties. I was expecting that type that we can not. What we vsyotaki mother and son. But I already knew that she wanted. And for me at all if the mother has not existed. Just a woman. And my mother suddenly said that we could wake up his father. I realized that she wanted to give me, how every woman should be a little bit broken. I told her that we quietly and safely fingers began to fondle her crotch through the panties. - Well, not nado.-mother she said, and stood up. I already thought that a bummer. Then only dogodalsya that she got up from the fact that when she sits that my hand will not be able to dive under her panties. She then stood up, but his legs were almost at the same time apart. I also got up and clung to his mother. I did not dare kiss her sexy kiss. I started kissing her neck and earlobes. I put his hand under her skirt. When I push through his hand under the gum, even my mother pulled tummy that would be easier to me. Caressed her wet pussy, I took off her panties. So, what is next? The father snoring room, in the bedroom if the story so she can burn. I quickly began to rastёgivat pants. Throwing them together with fuse, I sat down on the chair on which sat my mother and pulled her over. Of course, all this time, my mother quietly lamented, type:" Well it"." Can not be so"." Well, how is it?" and so on. d. But the nemenie she obeyed my actions. Face me she stood on my feet. I pulled on my mother. Her feet were on either side of my legs and holding my mother's thighs, I started to put it on his erect penis. All she was doing. And ёrzala on dick from side to side and jump on it, I am still waiting for when it will finish. But my mother did not finish. I pochuvstvoal that the finish itself, raised my mother's ass. And my cock slipped out of her began sperm splashes. Mom quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I sat for a bit and also went to the bathroom. The door was open. Mom stood naked in the bathroom and washed. Well you, vyydi.-she asked. Well yes! I have so much time peering into the window of the kitchen in the same mother washed completely equipped. I took off my shirt. He climbed into the bathroom, too, and clung to her mother's back. I started stroking her body, breasts, tummy. When I put her hand on her stomach her feet immediately parted invitingly. My risen again rubbed a member of her ass.
I began to tilt cancer mum. But in the very bathroom that was inconvenient. We got out. Again I went to my mother's back. I bent her cancer and squeezing the fingers of her lush ass began to fuck. This time I fucked davolno long. And the nemenee when pulled out his penis and began to descend on the mother ass she suddenly whispered:" Yet." I quickly stuck her, even sticking out, a member of her pussy. Mom put her hand under the belly and began to pull at Clitheroe. After 10-15 seconds, mom moaned and almost rot member pochuvtvoval a shrinking muscles of her vagina. After that, for almost a year my mother and I even tried not ostovatsya for a single. But half a year later I was going to marry. And it so happened that I came home in the morning. Father again slept in the hall. I went into the bedroom. Mom lay on her side sheltered sheet. -So Vsyotaki decided to get married? 'Asked my mother without turning to me. Like this! So she waited for me? !! I started stroking its protruding ass, feeling that under the sheets on my mother nothing.
Well, and then throwing the sheets caressed it all. And we're fucked. The second and last time. Until the morning ostovatsya three hours. That these three hours I was with my mother not slazil. And then my mother was 48 years old. And that her friend, with which it all began, I too fucked, but after their wedding.