Dear dad

I quickly opened the apartment door and burst into the hall, as if chasing after me: the bag with textbooks - in a corner, to the shoes and jacket. We should not forget to clean, but then again, so the father will kick your ass big hands, which then do not sit down. I went to my room, took off her school dress, pulling the T-shirt that did not cover my crack. I went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, began to choose something for dinner. I did not know. What I wanted and thought, began to stroke the soft crease naked pussy, which began to freeze from the cold, from the fridge veyavshego.
Do not think of anything better than an apple, I wiped it on a T-shirt on his chest, glared at him with their teeth, and then I heard some voices from the living room: I was scared, because at this time, one at home can not be - his father at work, a maid comes in Monday: I, forgetting what was dressed, crept down the long corridor, still chewing an apple, to the living room door:
The door was not properly closed and I saw Dad sitting with his back to me on the couch watching TV. My father was in the bathrobe and watched film and what a: "Oh it's true pornography!" I thought krasnevshaya from one only of lovers kissing in the melodrama and frantically rubs then slit in bed at night.
I opened the door and went "Hello father! Are you already at home?". I felt a strong aroma of brandy, poured into the room. Dad turned to me "Hello, my baby! Come to daddy!" Dad smiled. Apparently, after a sufficient amount of brandy in his head quite normal coexisted porn film and young daughter in the same room.
"Dad, what's wrong?" "Yes, anything, the mood that something is not right. Fired at work someone: Well, go and sit next to me".
My father was a strong, stern man, not the one I was afraid of him - at work, apparently, he was even more severe than with me. I obediently walked over to him and stretched out side by side on the couch, munching an apple. I could not take my eyes off the images flashed on the screen a huge TV: tanned body, chest, priests, slits, embarking members, and then disappearing into someone's mouths, silks and asses:
Dad patted me on the head and was looking forward, but did not see the flicker of bodies on the screen, it seems, is more concerned with problems at work ... Suddenly my father's hand slowly slid down on my breast hemisphere, and as if by inertia continued to caress her tak the same as the recently caressed my hair and neck under the shirt ... nipples stiffened my father's fingers began to hurt him to dwell on it, crush it ...
"My girl, what are you doing here? Well, Go to your room ..." Somehow sluggish gave an indication of the pope. I did not move, just turned her face into his side, in the folds of his robe. father's hand without ceasing to caress my chest, I wanted to turn back, lift up her shirt to substitute the whole daddy for caresses.
My father was never with me too gentle, so even with such affection rather sexual overtones, caused me no incomparable udvolstvie. I was happy - I'm next to the pope, he stroked me gently, pressing closer to him! Here he turned me on my back and pushed my head into his lap with his head down ... he started gently and slowly kiss my face, eyes, forehead, cheeks, lips barely touched, and now once again, is a little longer ... and bristles father's mustache tickled me ... his hand leaving my breasts came down and covered the bare crack warm and heavy shield ...
Dad put me up as a very small child, hugged one hand, and whispering sweet words different to his daughter, began gently insert your finger into my wet from such unexpected caresses, softened, young pussy ... He caressed me, watching unfolding in TV group stage final fucked, whispered tenderness ... I felt strong stick member rests against my ass through my father's robe ... shifted booty, I freed my father's penis and it is elastically pressed to my buttocks ... Daddy started rubbing his dick on my buttocks, a member slipped between my legs ... "Stroke it, let me show you how I love". I learned how to masturbate a member of the Pope ... the first time finished by father's caresses ... He took me to his bedroom and we slept together.
In the morning I woke up with the feeling that now began another, interesting, adult life. Dad no longer covered his dick and made me dress up when we were home alone. He reveled in my school, young body, the flesh of his flesh, his beloved girl ... he taught me, he caressed me ... love me ... it is a sweet feeling - to be a woman for her beloved daddy!
He liked it, not taking off my school clothes, rip it from my sisechek and bandage my shoulders ropes and silk ribbons directly over the breasts, making them swell and apoplectic as plums and becomes very sensitive. Then he began to tickle my sisechki his mustache stiff and licking swollen nipples until they became much razdrochennymi and scratched. My beloved daddy liked to pour me nipples and pussy brandy, from which they started pinching, burning and throbbing, and then licking my pussy lips and nipples to suck bruises. I have always had a very well bred hip to my lips silk Spreading and spilling out. Daddy said that I am looked adorable and he loves his girl, obedient, beautiful, fresh, with razdrochennoy almost razebannoy member daddy, pizdochkoy, plump breasts, innocent eyes and untouched popochkoy. After these words I always wanted more like the Pope, to serve him, to suck as much as possible, wider breed feet for his dick to be the best daughter to him!

I like to lie on the Pope's lap, when he sits on the couch and watching TV, and keep his dick in his mouth, gently suck and lick eggs dad. He was pleased, he gently stroked my hair, removing hair from the face, so that they do not interfere with me to suck and he could clearly see how I elozhu language for penis and testicles. Dad smiles, he is satisfied with her daughter, she was so small, but skillful, but his girl. He pulls my sisechki out of her bra and starts to twist and pull the nipple, and then comes the turn of the second Sissy - I lift, so it was convenient to get her out of captivity lace. Then I moved apart legs - already wet panties for a long time, and Dad begins to pull at my crack, delay sponge insert your finger into the hole. He did not caress me, and it pulls, sorts out my wrinkles, thriftily collecting my pussy in his hand, compresses it to a pain, stretches the hole: he likes long labia - and he gently but firmly pulls every time my lips, so, Now that my pussy can not close completely and a sponge all the time stick out.
"Come on, girl, let me suck you!" - I obediently get up on the sofa legs and climb up pussy dad on the tab, it keeps my feet, so I did not fall, and tingling buttocks. Oh, yes: it's so pleasant to me - my father's mustache Shchekotov clitoris, he sucks in my lips, fuck my tongue: I Tereblya nipples with his last strength and finish, finish finish: immediately flooded guilt, but I can see the excited eyes of the Pope, sticking his dick: it is neither the incomparable feeling that you wish that you now vyebut, where you do not get away from it and you will be fine: a little hole throbbed, she wants to feel a member. "Well, my princess, you're ready, I see? And now a bit of patience, because it's not too painful!" - Dad grabs my ass and swung my skewer just finished a hole in your dick sticking behind me.
It is not very painful, but very sensitive, Dad likes to ... his dick into me hard and fast, it trains my pussy to take a member at any time, even if it is not prepared, wetted only by the fact that the member entered her . If dad was a teacher at the school, it probably was the most rigorous and demanding teacher, but my favorite teacher, because if I do everything as he said that I was very nice and tasty in the pussy.
Then, Daddy shakes me a little bit on his penis, open my lips with your fingers, looking, whether his dick in me completely entered. I feel like my vagina expands, taking dick, my ass daddy flatten thick eggs.
"Well, get up! I want poebat you today in the mouth until the end". I obediently climb down from the members and lay down on his back on the sofa. Pope sits on my breast and insert dick into my willing mouth open. I begin to suck the head and look into the eyes of the Pope He likes to see my face, to see that I am happy and I am pleased. Dad takes the dick out of my mouth and began to drive them on my cheeks, dab on the lips, smack in the face. Then he lifted and my lips are Dad's eggs. I begin to gently suck into the mouth of one testicle - the two do not fit, and caress tongue in the mouth, leading on the hairy skin of the scrotum. Daddy moans and begins to pull a member, pulling the skin. He likes to rub eggs me on the face. "That's a good girl, well done: my favorite slut, my daughter is such a good papilla, I'm so proud of you, let me lick all obsosy me better: Wait:" Dad almost did not finish: he likes to delay orgasm, dad likes to fuck long and teaches me this. Dad turned over my face so that his balls and muscular, hairy buttocks were over my eyes and slightly pulled my head down to the sofa. He put my dick in her mouth and began to fuck, strongly swayed by inserting and taking out dick completely. Dad moaned with pleasure, murmuring sweet words, smacked his lips with pleasure: Of course! Does anyone would refuse to be in every sense a nice my daughter? Here you would have refused? That's Dad's eggs have shrunk, a member stood in my mouth: Dad quickly pulled the dick and I clasped his hand, quickly began podrachivat and to milk sperm: thick white jet sprayed on my tits, I slipped dick back into my mouth and sucked to the end, gently swallowing every drop. Dad roared with delight, clutching my best in my breast. "Oh, everything: oh, my sweet: Come on, lick me all this well!" Dad likes it when after he had finished I was doing him a relaxing massage genitals language. I licked the remnants of sperm and their juices. Pope collapsed on the couch, and I dutifully massaged language dick and balls. He gently stroked my head, I buries him in the armpit and with pleasure inhale the smell of sweaty men. I so like the smell! I feel secure, small, tender and obedient bitch, who will do everything to your favorite stud, his dad!
"Well, we go to dinner? Let's go now to the Japanese restaurant I have, there are some zalchik - just for dads with daughters". Dad smiled slyly and slapped me on the ass:

Now day, Dad began to love coming up to me from behind, I bend and paste into my penis. He bit me poebyvaet, stretches pussy apart from the inside member, squeezed breasts, then kissing in the back of the head, out of my cunt and gently slapped on the ass, happy, let me go. As he prepares my hole for the evening game and fucking.

The Pope himself began to buy my underwear and clothing - had a good taste, he chooses me the most fashionable things, it excites me very much! I try on things in the booth and dad momogaet me to wear and remove them - so he likes to look at his daughter! I manage to quickly suck his dick sometimes in gratitude for all the gifts. Dad bought me a very gentle, beautiful lingerie, buy bras but I always one size smaller than my breasts - he likes to stick and when they jump out of the cups. When the breasts are tight and strong as he frees them from captivity beautiful severely narrow linen they gratefully flop into his hands and allow him to do - massage, sip, twist the nipples, compress white, printed with red seams grooves myagenkie melons young sisechek. I roll my eyes from pleasure and arches her back, exposing his chest in a fatherly, loving care. Even the Pope like to dress my breasts wide elastic bandages so that they swell and nadevat nipple large clothespins and hang weights to them. I have to walk around the house so that my nipples became a long and pliable for the father's caresses. Daddy really like the look of my extended suspensions boobs, he shakes them from side to side, causing me a sweet pain. So I suffered a little longer, he puts me his tongue and licking my pussy, but I have all the time to rock and delay Sisi as he licks me. It relieves pain in the tits and they are becoming every day more and more softer and a little drawn, like a pilot, a young whore, which tormented tits mozhestvo men from the boys in the neighborhood, to old age.
I also like when my dad namazyvat pussy lips and nipples menthol ointment from this they begin to grow cold pleasant, and then pinch, raspyalyaya my desire to fuck. Sometimes he lights a candle and drip wax on my nipples. It did not really hurt! The pain quickly turns into exhilaration and I myself raise my breasts for dad, so it was convenient to get directly to the nipple. I love it when he plays with my sisyami, tormenting, caressing, delays, plops them fuck their member, hold it in the hollow between the boobs. I want to I have grown very large tits to daddy was still nicer to play with nimi.Slasche this only when calls me from different vulgar words, dirty calls, describing my body and what he wants to do with it. Yes, the dirtier, the more I get turned on !!!
I love Dad's eggs, I believe that this is the man that is in the world! I like to look at them, touch, climb the Pope in his pants to hold in their hands a heavy warm pouch. I like that they are large, thick, hairy, hanging from under the dick down and so dissolute and dangle invitingly when dad goes naked. And when he fuck me from behind, getting at me like a dog, like a dog, they are struggling, hurt, and of more pleasant, slap my pussy slit, causing it to flow even more. I also like to rub sisechki about Papa's egg - it's so dissolute! I take sisechki in hand and drive a hard nipple in the balls, or simply go to breast Pope between spaced legs and struggled rub my tits on eggs, flatten the breast of his membership, tits rubbed his egg smell. Oh, how sweet! Dad smiles, he likes to see it all, it encourages all my notions and caressing. I would like to someday stuff in their insatiable pussy daddy eggs that Daddy was all in me - his dick and his shaggy, favorite egg me:
Once, when I really wanted to Dad Well, at least a little fuck me, I went to Daddy's office: he was working at his desk, reading some report. I crawled under the table, spread the skirt of his robe and started kissing his thighs, rising to wrinkled, soft dick. Dad did not pay any attention to me, he said that he has to work, and let me sleep. But I asked him, saying, I will do everything, everything that he wants to! He looked up from the computer, moved to the tip of the nose glasses and looked seriously at me, sitting between his legs under the table: "Well, I masturbate your goddamned pussy, but with one condition!" "Well, Daddy, yes, my darling, what do you want? I'll do everything!!!" "I? I now want to help. On my sweet daughter naked, on her tits and pussy. Come on, get out from under the table and march into the bathroom - to strip!" I undressed in a flash ... and lay down on the tiled bathroom floor Spread your legs wide as he loved Daddy. Dad went to the bathroom and laughed - "Arise, my diligent fool!" Yes, there will not diligent! Dad brought me very well - try to do as he pleases - then Polly will burn all of the slaps.
I got up. Dad sat on the rug-covered soft toilet seat and put me on my knees. From the outside it would look like an idyllic family scene - Dad with his daughter on his hands! If my daughter was not bare, and my father not hosted his big hand in her pussy and not sucked her young titechki! "Get up, my girl, give me your Kisochka in your mouth!" I got the Pope to his knees, then threw her legs on his shoulders, so that the pussy was just on his tongue. Dad leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and began to lick gently, like an animal, my crack. He rubbed her mustache, biting clitoris and lips: I was just about ready to finish: he suddenly stopped and took off my shoulders. Then I remembered our condition! "Get in the bath, my lustful hole! And who are you so poblyadushka, eh?" I sat in the bath legs wide apart. I was a bit worried - I never saw pee when really, but still on me, but the excitement was too strong, and I already knew. What I like because I like everything to do with me, my daddy. Pope podeshel a bath robe untied, his cock was half embarked, eggs hanging on the hips. He took the dick in his hand and pointed at my chest. After a while, Dad relaxed, sighed, and a member of the jet sprayed on me transparent, smelling sperm and something more spicy warm and pleasant urine: he was watering my tits, shoulders and moved on pussy. It was such a nice shower! That interrupted by - "Get on, I want to piss you right in the pussy, I want you to cum on my urine as you end the jet shower!" I stood in the tub, arched bridge to the pope. He parted lips and pussy brutally and aggressively began to insert into her unsteady dick. That dick entered so as not to fall out and dad again began to write, now me! I felt that the elastic jet hit me in the vagina, and it was filled with urine began to flow out of the pussy on the thighs, at Dad's eggs. Dad with one hand pooderzhivaet my ass and the other rubbing my clit. "OH YEAH!!! Yes, Daddy! Do this always!" "What exactly to do, my girl?" Dad asked sternly. "I want you to always Ssali me !!!"I screamed, ending in his hands. "Well, no, I do not want you to become a toilet whore, my dear! You're still so young and fresh. I'll do it occasionally. Come on, get off, and let's brush your tongue, my dick and suck the remnants of urine". I reluctantly got off the warm huychika Pope knelt, his dick sucked, licked her thighs and my favorite eggs. Then I washed my dad feet and dick in the shower, wiping their soapy tits and we went to bed.

Sometimes, punishing me, Dad moved apart my legs so that spanking and fell on the lips pussy - so I stanoviloas more obedient and teachable. Or stuck me in my little hole dildo and so forced to engage in cleaning the apartment, making sure I'm not rubbing on a sofa and raped vacuum cleaner, allowing him to suck my pussy lips and in his insatiable sisechki pipe. When finished cleaning, I could on my knees to ask Dad to let me finish. And he chose the thing that I could use for this purpose. He said that it strengthens the discipline, as well as developing my sensitivity and imagination. He sat down with a glass of cognac in his chair, and I eblas before him with all that can be found in the house for this: it was every possible fruit phallic-shaped bottles, brush on a long handle, putting a brush with stiff bristles on the floor, I had to sit on her silk and rub until the finish. All possible clothespins, trouser hangers with clips, brushes, bottles from the bathroom, sausage, I have tried a lot of things, trying to quell his insatiable pussy.
I loved vybirast with dad in the shop big and thick eggplant, so that later, at home, sit down on his pussy. I always want to buy it thicker, but the Pope warns that so fat can not get into my little hole, and if I start stubborn, he buys is the one that I wanted, and then came home makes me sit down on it, even if it really too big for my hole. And it happens almost always. He does not allow me to get out of it. While I do not fully will drive it into her pussy. Sometimes painful to tears, but my father does not pay attention to my requests to stop and furiously fingering. Looking like I sit legs spread on the long, thick, black, shiny fruit from my juices. But most of all I liked the vacuum cleaner! If it is set to a small suction power can be so sweet to play with him - to expose his nipples, they are so nice and lengthens stretched out, legs apart, connect a tube to the clitoris, which immediately filled with blood and stood up, like a small penis. And finally I'm coming, shameless cry of pleasure and writhing on the floor in front of her daddy. Oh, how I like it!

Dad had not yet fucked my ass - he says he wants to leave at least something virgin for my future husband. But I like it when he plays with my back hole - he loves to fuck her, thrusting in her tongue or finger mnogda puts it at night narrow plug, so I do not fidgeted in his sleep and did not prevent him from sleeping.

Did you like it? To be continued...
... a visit to a Japanese restaurant and I met a fine Japanese and painful caresses ...
... Here and Monday came - came a housekeeper. As it has served my daddy and me ...
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Yes ... these are my fantasy ... almost everything I tried on myself ... it's so nice ...