Birthday Lenka

Damn, Nate, your boyfriend - a moron!
You have to be an idiot to treat a girl and not be punished for it.
We celebrated the day of jam Lenka very noisy company. I would even say too noisy. Under this deal has been specifically removed a small hut in a camp, which housed two rooms, corridor, toilet and cold porch.
November this year has turned out to glory - covered with snow for a long time, the larch, which was dark multitudes about giving, and now circled around us black and white landscape, occasionally violate the dark green patches of Christmas trees and pine trees.
The headmistress of the camp opened our cottage and we all rollicking, have already taken on the chest crowd hollow inside, joyful hubbub and taking the free bed. In one room could theoretically accommodate up to 9 people, so, given that we had 14, a long way behind the disassembly, in what room will be drunk, and who at the same time will have to suffer the noise and who is quietly snuffle a little drunk under a warm blanket in the next room. I, like most right, took the nearest to the door in the bed "quiet" room, throwing on her bag, which rattled plaintively two hefty bottle of cherry wine.
What I remember my carefree pioneer childhood, I have always sent out at this very camp, and I had months to look at the walls, wallpapered veslenkoy blevotny rastsvetochki. The funny thing was, after almost 13 years to return to the same place and re-evaluate what constitutes the most problem. I looked around. Nothing changed. Wallpapers All the same ugly, small scribbled underneath phrases like "Romka Fool" and "There was Peter". Ugly pioneering cots on which more than one generation of children has been written with fear, listening to the night of horror stories about the green hands black scarves and other trash. Chandeliers sample 70s, or even 60s, in which a child was very convenient to hang pants boys over which wanted to make a joke. Everything as usual. I smiled, stretched, and went into another room, where already hard at work on the transposition boiled beds and setting the tables, pulling out from the veranda.
I must say that although I'm Helen and friend, but it never dealt particularly intensively, so more than half of the people I was not familiar. Well, that did not know - will. Lenka I pushed to the side and got to introduce me to everyone individually.
Masha, Masha, Andrew, Kostya, Nat, Dima :. so stop. It is unlikely that I will remember all of them at once. Although Nat: hmm: beautiful girl, though. Nata:
The fragile, slender, with a neat chest, protruding markedly under the blouse. Brown-eyed, brown hair to her shoulders, and so sweet, so juicy, and at the same time touching the mole above the upper sponge. Nata I like definitely.
I smiled, made a solemn, pompous and held out his hand for a handshake, how very important the chairman at a party meeting. Nat laughed and gave me a hand in response to the same kind of pathetic.
- Minka, nice to meet you!
- And me too, Nat - she introduced herself, and smiled again.
I wanted to continue the conversation, but he caught a jealous glance Kostik. Hmm: everything is clear without words. It's her boyfriend. Honestly, I never expected. Close to a beautiful girl, so clumsy and burs with bags under his eyes and brightly illuminated by the light of a bald head lamps. Hmm:
I turned to the next girl, which I represent, tried to escape from the dirty thoughts in my head.
Half an hour later all the preparations are over. Tables were made with vodka, beer, wine and so many appetizers like we just robbed a grocery store. Well, away we go!
The first toast, two, three. People talked, chewed, clinked glasses, forks missed by salads, toasted said, trying to tell his toast, better, quitting smoking, whinnying at silly jokes, shouting drunken voices "Happy bzdey the u-uuuuuu !!!". In general, the party was a success. Someone drank only beer, vodka girls jammed guys to do. The right people were drinking wine, the wrong too, drank wine, but drank his beer and vodka zanyuhivali. Someone was trying to make a screwdriver of soda "bell" and "Gzhelka"Someone bred beer "Pepsi-cherry", Claiming that the so-tasty. Someone argued that in the present "Bloody Mary" Garlic should be someone compared with a homemade white wine fortified why half an hour did not try to move down under the table. A party!
I drank wine all night, furtively glancing at the odd couple - bones and Nat. Kostya poured into his immense carcass of one glass after another, causing his tongue untied, and he is more and more began to be rude to others, trying to imagine his rudeness original sense of humor. Nat drinking beer, although there should be a lot of girls, and even at such a small body mass?
When it was my turn to say a toast, Lenka demanded that I read her some verse. Like, I always do well, and she insists. I tried to laugh it off, but people began to require poem. I had to get out. For the first quatrain people demanded more, then another. Then Nat asked:
- And about sex can read something? - I looked at her, podnapryag his memory and gave:

Boiling passion splashed on the floor.
Embrace. Breath. Slip. Beats.
Blankly. Nail injections.
Bliss and happiness hug couple.

At the same time I closed my eyes and spoke each word with an expression that, when finished, caught the eye Kostik. Drunken jealous already turned purple with rage as I dared his girlfriend to read these verses? But the incident was hushed up, people drank and went on the right toast.
When the bulk of the party is over, the people picked up thoroughly, and someone suggested we go to a disco. The idea was supported, and we are trying not to fall on the road, holding each other's dragged to a nearby dance hall, arranged here in the dining room cabinet. Here at the disco all started.
I do not know what kind of conversations took place in a drunken Kostik drunken Natko a screeching dynts-dynts, but it was quite obvious that something is they did not work out. They rushed from the table on the dance pad and back with vyrazhenime person that would even hedgehog realized that people swear, and very serious. Finally, Kostik something rude and Nate went out to smoke, leaving her at a table with tears in his eyes frozen. The first slow dance, and Nate grabbed our Shurik, and swam with him on the court. Returning Kostik: hmm: Well, it's not even describe his facial expression. Although cry "bitch!" I heard, even though that was sitting next to the speaker. Dismantling arranged immediately. Fortunately, before battering is not reached. The boys dragged Kostya by Shurik, who did not understand, for what befell him such happiness, because it all night glued Masha and suffered because of Natco. Kostya came up to the table, grabbed a glass of beer, and tipped it into itself. Then he looked at me with cloudy eyes and gave:
- And you hueplt, more careful with rhymes, shit! And that fucking possible and neck shlopotat:
Inside I still broke out, fists clenched. ... I noisy nostrils sniffed the air, but he did not take anything. To beat a drunk, so the more of such bull - not a pleasant one, and certainly not an easy one.
The evening was spoiled thoroughly. When we got back to the cottage, I decided to go to bed. My example was followed by four more person, leading a healthy lifestyle. Each took his bed, and turned over on her. Nat came into the room and sat down on the bed opposite me across the aisle. The lights went out, and the people began to prepare for bed. Yes, of course. With our sleep, perhaps. When I closed my eyes, the light is turned on. The room burst into Olga. Focusing his drunken eyes on Natco, she limped to her and began a long story that pancake, Kostya - he really is a good one. Well, you type make peace and tyry-download option. After about five minutes she was gone, turning off the lights. I just decided it was something I do fall asleep, as the light is turned on again, to the general dismay of all who were in the room. I flunked a couple more, and considered it my duty to persuade Natko reconcile. Pancake!!! In short, this evening everyone considered it my duty to come to Natco, and to express their sympathy with the same "Well, make peace". At the end of the room piled all disappointed in the opportunity to sleep, and began to testify shurogatitsya. Light once again went out, leaving us with Natco together in one room. I sat up in bed and looked out into the darkness, where Nate was lying, and said aloud:
- You know, Natka, relationships should be fun. Throw this asshole!
Nat paused a moment, then asked, why I think so. I replied that of unrequited love - even in batches eat. The conversation, one of those intimate conversations when both try to tell you what they think about the laws of the universe, and each in their damn thing does not make sense. After some time, Nate got out of bed and walked over to me.
- Come on, have a smoke, - she said.
- Nate, I can not. I do not smoke, and besides, I've been under a blanket lying in such an indecent way:
- This is what this video? - She asked.
I quietly pulled back the covers, showing that I have nothing but G-strings. Nate reached out, held me in the chest, then quickly bent down, pulled hard at me, and reached out to me with his lips. I kissed her. Lips are soft, warm and tender. Her mouth slightly parted, and I felt his lips on her rough tongue. I opened my mouth and our tongues met. Quick, pricking movements of the tongue, lip sucking. Deep penetration into the mouth partner, gentle touch tongue to his lips. We kissed as zavednnye, both showing high kissing technique, and trying to give pleasure to the partner. Touching half-open mouths lips on the lips, the touch of relaxed tongues, my tongue slips on her upper lip, I'm grabbing my lips her lip, a little suck, still led by the tongue touching the tongue to Zubkov, meeting her tongue, lure it into your mouth, grab lips gently suck, sit down on his lips, let go, give her your tongue, lips touch again on the lips, only slightly elongated, she spends tongue between my lips, parting them again touch their mouths half open:
Hell, I began to be excited so much that he was ready to grab it right here, and rape! Heck! But here in the hallway heard footsteps, and we backed away from each other, both on a spring. Nate straightened my hair, and went out into the corridor, leaving me lying on the bed excited, and think that it means. For a long time I did not think. The task was clear - sex! It remains to find a way to implement it in the jam-packed country.
I sat on the bed and began to dress. Hell, from my thoughts in my blood I went to a surge of adrenaline that my body was shivering shiver. Hands do not fall into the sleeves, legs twitching, throat throbbing heart. I sat down and tried to calm himself. He dressed, went out into the corridor.
They sat on the cold porch and smoked. Kostya was calm and drunk, Nat nervously holding a cigarette, constantly flicking ashes. Shura was sitting right there, and something to push Masha about deep space. Lenka actively rattled about something. I did not go to the porch, but instead I went to our "noisy room" and called the people to sleep. Like, the night of the yard, it's time. Some people, especially those who have already tried unsuccessfully to sleep, has listened to my words, and send in "quiet room" sleep. Some time later, Mary and decided that she needed to sleep and went to the same. Shura had come with her. Nat and Kostya finished smoking, and dispersed in different rooms, did not come to a consensus. I sat on her bed and counted the people in the room. Thus, a total of seven with me. Heck! We need two more, that all the beds were occupied and Nathan Kostik were in different rooms. At this time, I spoke up Masha:
- Sash, there seems to be one bed not occupied, give me a blanket with her!
Sasha willingly jumped to the floor, pulled the blanket off the other bed, plopped down next to Masha, covering himself and her. From under the blankets came the indignant voice of Oli:
- Hey! I just requested a blanket! - The ball has started to joke:
- And I as a free app! Universal heater.
People liked it, and people started to joke about how Sasha is properly heat Masha. Thus, the one place in the negative - still no blankets. I reached out a hand and pulled the devastated bed pillow that surely no one would lay down here.
So, I again looked at lying, which was not so visible, but you could see silhouettes as desired.
- So! Vadim! And you what it is without a wife? A? Where Svetku affairs? Formidable - I said, - Come on let's forward march of Svetka! Now!
Vadim reluctantly got up and trudged to find a wife. After a while, free beds in a room is left, what I immediately alerted the other room asking them not to interfere with our sleep. Kostya sat nabychivshis, looking blankly in front of him and holding a glass of vodka. Grab a glass of wine with me was a matter of two seconds.
- For the birthday girl! - I proclaimed a toast and drank immediately. All followed my example. Kostik poured a glass of vodka, cucumber zanyuhal it and immediately poured more. Realizing that was going on in the ointment, I went to Natco.
Standing beside her on my knees, I kissed her on the cheek, and was immediately rewarded with a kiss response. She was lying in front of me so feminine, so desirable, and I could not take possession of it in the same second. my lips caressed her lips, hand crawled under the covers, under the sweater: sweater why you, silly! Fingers found a soft breast, and earned over it, squeezing gently, stroking and caressing. I ran a hand over velvety tummy, happy feeling as he shivers under my arm. His fingers slipped under jeans under her panties and touched the hairs. I almost screamed with excitement! The deep, passionate kiss, it is called "on the tonsils" while stroking tummy: Wow! So do not kiss each award, and only after a few years of friendship and this will never be. Her hands slid over my stomach. Heck! I did not expect. With a quick movement I helped her to unbutton his pants. Small delicate feminine fingers slipped under the elastic band of my shorts and groped my cock. Nat took his hand, and gently held the handle up and down. Member tensed, feeling affection, jumped out of her panties to the meeting.
As two teenagers ... we froze on top of each other. My hand - on her breasts, her hand - on my penis. Lips lips, feeling the hot breath of a partner.
- I'm - I croaked, forcing himself to break away from such a pleasure. Frantically he stuffed in the pants member, buttoned and out of the room.
Kostya was lying across the bed and was snoring loudly. The rest of the company drunkenly discussing something. I offered to put Kostya normal, and at the same time personally covered him with a blanket.
- Sleep, my dear, for the words of your answer should be, - I thought, and went back to the Natco.
More two minutes - and we find ourselves on the veranda. Close the door. On the veranda of a cold, but we do it in parallel.
I run my right hand in her hair, throws her head back a little, kiss on the lips. I embrace. Hands begin to slip on the ass, yet hidden jeans. Hands raised above, slide on the hot girl's body at the waist upwards. Second delay - and unbuttoned the bra clasp. One hand touches the chest, so soft and divinely supple, the second starts stroking ass and squeeze buttocks. Without stopping to kiss me, Nat unzips my pants and pulls out excited, quivering with impatience member. Gently covers the head and starts to drive the handle on the trunk. I want it - not any more! Break away from the breast, lower arms down quickly unbutton jeans and pull them down. Hands are soft on the ass. I take off the sweater, throw it on the table, tipping it Nat. Lips stick into his tummy, and lead them up to his chest. The papillae are not designed like no one before me did not suck. Softly squeeze the breast and suck them, trying to force the tongue papillae to speak up, to catch their lips. Finally, I do succeed, I grab the nipple with his lips, and start treating him as his rough tongue, forcing Nate to moan with pleasure. All I can no longer tolerate!
One move, and size XXL condom is on the penis. Another movement, and Nate flipped up her ass, and leans on the table. I seen a little mole is not perfect white ass. I lean over and gently smack in Nat buttocks. Pants a little down, fingers clings to her pussy. Hell! Pussy is not just wet, it really flows. I feel your fingers wet hairs sexual sponges. Swollen lips easily themselves apart in hand. I puts his penis back:
- Oh! - I see us both. I take Nat hips and start sweeping thrusts stick to his penis. I see her fingers are compressed in a fist at my every movement. My testicles are easily impinge on her sex lips. Faster even faster !! Member bursts into her pussy, sliding in her lubrication, striking somewhere in the depth of my dearest. Nat amenable toward me ass and starts to moan:
- Come on! Rodnenky! Sweetheart! Beloved! Yes!
The groans of her becoming louder, louder. Suddenly Nat freezes, and I feel as a member of enveloped by something hot. I understand that she had finished. I make a few quick thrusts and going as soon as possible deep inside her start to finish. The tremors of my sperm begin to fill her womb. Nat moans, I moaned to her in unison.
Kaif! Both are standing, arms around each other. The condom is the main piece of evidence is destroyed. We kiss each other and say thank you. I literally dotaskivayu her to the bed, I corrects her blanket, and he lay down to him. We go to sleep, both with a blissful smile on his face.
On the following day we had a long goodbye. Kostik, ailing with a hangover, could only shake my hand. And when I sat down, Nate secretly sent me a kiss. I told her the same.
What will it be? We will see. So far, only in November, there is still a whole life.