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At that time I was studying in third year at college. The group was nothing. Especially the female half. But I was at the time, and now attract more adult women.
After class, I spent all the time on the internet looking for pictures already mothers of women with sexual experience, with great pleasure seeing them nude photos. In some breast was nothing, some already sagging a little, but it's more excitement undiminished. Their kind of my cock immediately got up. One of them attracted me, with 4 breast size, which was in great shape, smart ass and trimmed pussy panties exactly a triangle, with the labia protruding outwards and as the evening, I got pretty drunk phone listed under the photo. Replied a pleasant female voice. Somehow we managed to explain to her and the conversation I asked him to send her on an Internet a couple of his photos. To fully confirm desired. Photography was one nice. Large firm breasts with large nipples, curvy ass, accurate and projecting slightly forward from the waist cherished goal. I set up a meeting.
She came in an elegant skin-tight top, through which taporschilis nipples and the same trousers. Coming to my house and we sat down for some time, I felt uncomfortable. Naedene first time with a mature woman ... Suddenly, she asked how I picture it. Well, what you could say - just super. I had to admit that I neudalos hold back in front of them and:"Were you already a woman older than you?" - She asked. I replied that it was my first time. Her languid voice and undressing me look crazy. Through its top she began to compress the chest, then put his hand between her thighs. Another she beckoned me to him and took off his pants first, and then it came down to his underpants and through which the member has penetrated. A couple of movements and my already excited member dangle in front of her. In turn, she took off her jacket and left in a transparent bra began to fondle her breasts, and I meanwhile began to excite his penis, which is already enough. She clutched his chest, then took first one, then the other - they were even more beautiful than in the photo. Nipples flowed on his chest, one hand, she climbed under his pants that have become wet, pushed them and struck cherished goal - I still wanted to go there.
Labia were turned out to the outside and gradually her finger immersed in the sweet space. First it was one, then two, and became a little and then she put her third. Her lips were turned inside out. The nipples excited and began to rise above the circles. A member of my shaking went to her face. the whole head was in the secretions. From a strong field it is suffused and strengthened. She caressed her clitoris, which is swollen much excitement and clutched his chest, grasping the tip of their tongue. Undressed completely and never taking his eyes from the penis, she asked me to give her to lick the head. Her lips, painted lipstick and neatly circled loop so maddening that from their first gentle touch, which they wrapped around a semicircle of my head I could hardly restrain himself, so as not to fill her face with sperm. She gently drove his tongue over its entire surface, her lips encircled member at the base, this kick-ass blow job I ever unexposed. She began to compress the chest with both hands and I slid member in her mouth in time with the movements of her head.
Suspend for a moment, she held the tip of his head on his nipples, strongly pressed member to the breasts, then put it between them, and I began to move slowly giving her his tongue licking the head, which is rubbed and has become more usual. When she is swallowing the entire head, it was hard to resist, not to fill her sperm. Feeling that I finish now, I have decided to prolong the pleasure. She gently took my penis in his hand and slowly began to masturbate him, caressing him with his tongue that licked at once the entire head and the other hand nezabyvaya himself. Her clit became purple from touch. I sank to her knees, legs spread wide and plunged into the sweet world of her vagina. Biting little clit, I sucked his dick sucked as women. I rolled over and my dick was in her face. Without thinking she swallowed it and every time I'm even more fondled her vagina, she accelerated the pace of the blow job.
After some time, pulled out a member of his mouth, she sat on the bed and asked me to stand up to her face, hung dick stretched boom in front of her mouth. Pulling out of her purse cream, she smeared them and became a member gently drive the index finger on the edge of the lowered foreskin. She explained to me that it's not only stretch the fun, but it gets a little more than sperm in the mouth than the usual method of a member of the weasel. Such excitement I've been unexposed. Its very presence of women in the juice, naked, with a gorgeous breasts, caressing my dick gave an indescribable pleasure. Her body was gorgeous, soft leather and sponge crazy.
Sensing the moment of the eruption, I ran into a member of her mouth and poured himself to her inside, sperm flowed to the chest and face. Such a strong orgasm I never unexposed. She nehotela let my trunk mouth and continued to suck. Lick all the sperm with her breasts, she looked at me with a look hungry woman ready to have sex 24 hours. I offered to bring her to orgasm her boyfriend. She licked the entire term licked all the sperm, putting her on the bed and parted wider legs, hand caressed her labia and clitoris, I approached her to reveal sexual sponges.
The heat exuded by them brought me crazy. I played the head member of the clitoris, brought him to the limit of excitation from hearing plea to introduce it into the vagina and feeling her impatience to finish brought him to the one nice place. He sank completely. Inside, everything is squished and he went in as the oil, letting her enjoy the youngest member. Her chest began to twitch from side to side, bouncing at the same time. Devouring the eyes of these resilient and so sweet tits I could not themselves contain and despite the fact that I just finished, I felt the sperm tide and shot her, she writhed in ecstasy, and finished more than once spitted it more and more in themselves and clasping my hands behind and entering deeper into yourself. Sperm began to flock to the bed. She pushed me and with a look predator abruptly turned me, being me and swallowed a member as a whole, sucking from it every drop.
All evening we were lying and I studied her body, I just enjoyed staying with 40 year old woman. We stroked each other, all the time I caressed her breasts, she caressed my cock and passionately kissed me. My dreams have come true. For the evening we have repeated it more than once, and planting it in the taxi, I goodbye squeezed her breasts has no bra under a T-shirt, kissed and sadly looked at the receding lights. All I had then, so it's not just view the video that we filmed it in detail.

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