Good vacation. Part 2

Sasha for some reason did not even afraid and clutching my waist asked - And what are you up so early?
- Yes, I moved to Dolphin tomorrow, that there with the equipment they have, and what do you do here - said one of the children, according to the voice of the boy.
- Fuck, I can not see what? Meet - is Oleg and is Dima and Masha.
Twins came closer and shook my hand in turn.
- I also want! Masha I quickly sucked in the toilet, but again the hunt! Sasha pulled out my dick and whispered in his ear - do not worry, we all fucked. He got up and went into the bath and I lay naked and did not know what to do. Dima quickly dropped off all my clothes and jumped on the bed
- Masha, come to us! Mary took off her T-shirt and shorts, and then began to take off her panties. Dim Sum at the time went head to my feet and in my face rocked his cock. Despite the fact that he was my age, a member of his he was like a brother, but without hair, I already ofigel with this size at this age. Dima without long preliminaries took in my mouth and began to suck on it all the shyness I was gone and I began to suck him. Pussy, we got up at the same time, Dima sucked a little, then got up and went behind me. I moved without talking to him, took his hand standing member of the stake, and sent himself into the hole. He slipped in there without interference, after his brother's penis and sperm lubricated. Dima immediately began vigorously fuck me. Masha was sitting a meter away from us, his legs folded in Turkish, her breasts still nebylo quite a pussy is not visible due to the legs, but a good figure, wiry and tanned, but without a copy of Dima member.
- Well, you cho sit like a statue?
- And Cho do what? - Masha funny spread her hands.
- You can lick you? - I decided to take the initiative. - Yes, you do not ask her! Masha - have you heard that you people talking about? Masha got up on all fours and crawled over to me and turned around.
- Wait, so uncomfortable, become cancer. Dima put me cancer, and Masha fell in front of me and spread her legs. I saw a hairless "pie", exactly the same as my cousin. Dima continued to fuck me, and I began to study the Machine pussy. Lisa, I professionally for many years of training to the sister, I told her several times a day, licked it first made me, and then I began to like, and I'll ask her. Maschke beginning to like, she lifted his legs up brought them together and clasping his hands pressed to his chest, revealing to me full access to her pussy. I fucked her language, adjusting to Dima's tremors. Then the language slipped below and got into another hole. It was evident that there Masha had not once, not twice. I continued to fuck tongue Masha, only now in the ass, he started moaning and rubbing pussy hands. We left off in my time. Although I kind of like not finished, but it seems natrahalsya. I got up to go to the bath, from my ass straight creek flooded, the sperm of two people, do not fit in my little ass. Almost plugging ass hand, I jumped into the bath. In the corridor I met Sasha.
- Well, like it?
- Yes! Cool! Ass hurts only.
- It will be! - Sasha laughed and walked into the room.
I bathed in the shower when the twins went Masha immediately began to wash and Dima thought
- Masha! Nuka sit down, I want to piss! I watched with interest what will happen next. Masha came to Dima, sat down next to him, opened her mouth and holding his leg Dima closed her eyes. Dima began to write directly Maschke in your mouth! I about such did not even hear! Masha is not swallowed, the urine simply flowed from his open mouth on the tiled floor. Dima pee and put Masha dick in her mouth
- Come on, lick! I have again started to rise dick.
- And she does everything you say?
- And not just me, it is obedient. Yes, Masha? Dima fucked sister slowly in the mouth. Mary mumbled something, perhaps - yes.
- Do you want to show a trick? Dima dick pulled out Mashkina mouth and went to the door.
- Jack! Jack! To me! A minute into the tub broke a dog.
- Well, Masha, Oleg show you how to play with the dog! Masha Jack poured onto the floor and began to stroke his sides. Jack lay on his back and spread his legs all. Masha stroked the dog stomach, closer to his dick, just like I am, two hours ago. Then she began to massage the bag and handed out red pepper Jack appeared. When he got out completely, once again I was surprised how big. Masha got on her knees and swallowed half the dog member in the mouth. Jack dumped the language and did not resist, it seems to him not done the first time. Masha sucked slowly, and I noticed that Mashkina free from the mouth, there are fewer and fewer dick Jack. A minute later, Masha has rested against his nose in dog hair, she took it into her mouth completely! Sausage long 20 centimeters and a thickness of 4, all fit in the 10-year-old girl in the mouth!
- How does she do it!!!? I could not believe my eyes.
- Be able to it! Dima was clearly proud of his sister - she sucks to 4 years, has learned to dick in the throat to pass. Sasha her before know how fucked? Gested on the bed that would head hung and fucked right in the throat, as in pussy. She was small, ass not yet developed, it was possible only in the mouth. Masha, meanwhile, increased the tempo and worn directly on the mouth dick Jack. He's near the base began to swell some sort of bump. Masha pulled the dick out of his mouth, and in time, Jack began to finish huge, stringy jets entering the outdoor Mashkin mouth, face, hair and the wall. Jack had finished, sat down and began to lick his dick, and Masha was just all in the semen, from head to toe! My dick was standing like a stone, but I do not know where to shove it, and was just podrachivat. Masha stood under the shower, rinse your mouth and washed the dog off the sperm. I had the audacity, came from behind and pressed against Mashkina pope. She turned, smiled and took my dick, put it in his ass. Then he leaned over and put her hands on the wall. I started to fuck her like crazy after a while Masha down with one hand and began to rub himself pussy and moan. A minute later I had finished, so much so as before did not finish, I thought I exploded! I could not even stand and sat down on the floor beside Masha. She is not nothing had happened continued to wash and wash your ass. Then we showered and went to the room to Sasha.
- Well, I see you have a closer look? Sasha was lying on the bed and smiling. - Yes, a normal kid - Dima slapped me on the shoulder
- And Maschke liked, but Masha? Dima grabbed her sister's ass. Masha said nothing and smiled. I began to dress - Okay, I'm home, and the mother will soon come to dinner and have to catch.
- Well, come at any time, who may be let it be at home - Sasha smiled and winked.
The hotel after dinner, I went straight to bed and slept like a log until morning. The next morning, the mother dragged me to the beach. - Mom, go alone, I'm here with the guys met local, I go play with them. - Go right, do not be late for dinner.
I went to the familiar gate, wanted to call, but the call was not just opening the gate I went into the yard, Jack ran out of the house rushed to me, but to learn wagged his tail and licked her hand in the language. - Jack, good - I patted the dog's nape and went to the house. The door was closed, I knocked. No one perhaps, I thought, knocked again. Damn shame, where are they all? Suddenly the door opened and I saw a man on the threshold, in the family shorts.
- You have to whom?
- I, I to Dima. I'm confused, because I thought that they were living with their mother only.
- Well, come on, no Dima, Masha home. He turned and walked into the house. I went inside and went to the second floor where the machine room, I had no idea, looked at Sashka's - one in the other - no, the third door is closed. He went into the bath, Masha is barefoot in a topic and no panties.
- Hi!
- Hey, you cho does not close?
- And whom shall I be embarrassed? Masha turned and started to take off topic. He was covered in damp patches.
- You with Jack that if the game again - I decided to make a joke.
- No, Uncle Vova. I ofigel.
- It is that I opened the door? - Yes. I thought maybe that's not to understand - so you do that, well, in the sense of ... fucked with him or what?
- Well, what's wrong with that?
- And who is he to you?
- Yes, no, my mother's lover.
- And Cho mother also knows? - Of course, you did not tell Sasha what? Masha stooped to raise some rags on the floor, I saw her ass from flowing sperm. I do ofanarel, he came and went in Sashka's room. Well nifiga a little family, I could even imagine our pranks, but that would be fucked with adult children, I did not even know. I heard Masha having washed, slammed the door in the bath and tapped her heels on the stairs. Where is she? Ten minutes later, she tapped back with frightened eyes ran into the room.
- There's Uncle Vova bad! Come quickly! Interestingly, she was dressed only in a topic, such as short, just a different color, and without panties. - What's with him? You cho without panties you run?
- I'm at home - she smiled sweetly
- Come on! We went down to the first floor, passed through the hall, Masha opened the door to the bedroom. On the bed, lying on her back the man who opened the door for me.
- What about him?
- He has a rare disease, he falls asleep suddenly, it then FIG wake, at least two hours to sleep, it even hit on the head does not wake up.
- Well, let him sleep if we will do cho? I felt some hostility towards the guy who fucked "my" Masha.
- No, you have to look after him, then he would suffocate language, it happens, my mother told me, you have to get him then spoon language. I imagined how poking around an adult guys in the mouth with a spoon.
- Oh nafig! I can not! Then I'll go home.
- You throw me alone here? Oh, thanks! Masha decided to seem offended. - Well, let's sit down. I walked over, turned on the telly, there was some sort of a program about achieving farmers. Pereschelknul the second - "Just you wait!" - Let's look at cartoons while. I added the volume.
- And if he does not play louder wake up?
- Yes FIG him to wake up, look. Masha went to the bed and pulled off guys pants to his knees.
- See how Jack even more! Member was indeed large, even in the hanging condition. Masha climbed onto the bed and sat down next to guys. - He does not feel anything and does not remember afterwards! She took the dick in his hand and began to drive myself on the lips, then raised her head to her mouth and began to blow into the hole in the pipe. - Cool huh? I noticed that the guys in dick started to harden.
- He gets up look!
- Yes, I do not care! He sleeps! Come here. I walked over to the bed. - Climb on the other side. Masha did not cease to pull dick.
To be continued ... [email protected]