Beast - a good name for a slave

In life he was a beast. And it is incredibly exciting to me, as his body writhed on the rack, and escaped from his chest did not even groans and hoarse growl. When the own brand of crocodile leather strap ohazhival his helpless shudders ass.

I loved to go to work for him. There, in his company, it was a real king. I liked to watch how he crucifies negligent workers furtively throwing from time to time at me frightened and apologetic look. I liked to watch as his secretary - young leggy blonde with a perfect figure - trying every way to attract the attention of his pretty boy-chief. She was shaking in his face a magnificent chest, adjusting the paper on his desk, luxurious wagged backwards, heels tsokaya the office and just did not go with the legs wide open on the table. Her every movement spoke: "Here I am! Where are you looking? After all, I am younger, prettier, and so I want you!". Silly, she would know what she is facing - I have a couple of times there is an idea to order him to bring her to visit us on the action. Maybe someday and order - it was amusing to see how this magnificent stained with bloody ass band and pussy - probably the same blond as her empty head - will be torn vibrator or even a club of my slave.
But I liked the most when it came to partners. Then he had to lie to you, representing me, then his partner, the pal of the adjacent business - and he knew that he would be punished for it. His voice is just incredible willpower remained calm and businesslike, sight became insane, and chic trousers was starting to swell the hill.
So at that time, taking guests from Germany, he spun between them and me as a louse in a skillet. Guests like a tavern and a sauna, and my beast almost growled with impatience and desire their alloys, knowing that this time he will get on the first number, and that every minute of communication with the guests, each false word escaped his lips, affect the his back and ass purple scars, makes him wince a few days later, sitting in his commander's chair.
Sending Finally, the partners in the sauna with his deputy and secretary almost forcibly pushed out the door, he dropped to his knees in front of me: "Lady wants to immediately home or to first call for dinner?". Of course, we went to dinner. I had mood to arrange massacre of St. Bartholomew, and the restaurant made it possible to almost perfectly proletariat trained my servant make another couple of sins. That evening, fate was on my side - some podvipivshy "gentleman" compulsively asked me to dance, because of what was launched and the Beast from the stairs. Oh, the penalty for such a blatant violation of the peace of mind in a decent institution had to be horrific! And when the veil of anger began to subside with the eyes of the Beast, and adrenaline gave way to understanding what happened - an understanding of the prospects of tonight sparked the fire of fear in his beautiful eyes. Thrusting waiter bribe for concern, he clearly twitching legs back to the table. There he is no longer able to just nervously sipped mineral water from a tall glass. As he was beautiful in candlelight - fear mixed with excitement and splashed in his eyes, forcing pupils to become huge and deep, fingers nervously twisting a leg of the glass, shaking ... I felt that he could not wait to leave, but slowly and calmly eats gorgeous dessert - let fidgety, anticipation - an important part of the punishment.
Already in the car, on the way to the house, gripping the steering wheel with your fingers as if it depended on him to save him, the beast tried to ease their plight, what pleased me inexpressibly. Still - a pretext for tightening the impending torture. If you think that he tried to beg for mercy and to ask for forgiveness, then you are wrong. No, my beast not like that and that is what is so valuable.
"Madam, - he said neslushayte lips. - After all this drunken idiot himself to blame. I did the right thing, having lowered his fat ass down the stairs!".
Oh, how convincing it was said, with some beautifully played tranquility! How I love the spark of rebellion, unbroken, flashing a beast just when it seems that he really broke! And it knows, the villain that would be punished for it even more! And it is constantly spurs me trying to figure out - where's his face whether it is possible to break it?
Houses, stripped me and made me a bath, dressed himself and beast appeared before me in all its glory: elegant leather collar, hidden up to this point by a hollow collar shirt, rings in the nipples and foreskin, tightened by a thin gold chain. His erection was so strong that it seemed that the chain will not keep this rushing to freedom of flesh and scatter small gold splashes on the snow-white carpet. To remove them, or what ...
Buckling it to the rack, every time I stare at the apparent contrast of thin and flimsy straps on their hands and feet and strong male body, which plays a strained muscle, trying to fortress stubborn skin belts. But a pair of electric winch speed - and power is no longer a game. Now, these muscles were trying to deal with tension steel chains, pain, tearing joints. So, we leave at this level - when it hurts, but you can tolerate. My hand gently ran through the tails of the whip - Beast wary watched her, trying to guess where to have the first blow. Neporyadochek - the eyes have to be closed. Adjusts eyecups - muscles tense up even more swell bumps, it seems that no chain can not cope with this power of despair. The whistle of the whip and - beat by. This is also a favorite moment - at the Beast's face is replaced by a whole range of feelings. But over the next stroke is taken as the matter seriously - the whip and walking sticks into every cell of the naked body trembling. Yet gently, leaving only light turning pink stripes, but we know that this is only a warm-up. The next item - a short stack with a wide triangle Paddles. In vain, by the way, underestimate this seemingly innocuous divays - in the right hands it will be terrible lashes. And on her hands I'm not complaining ...
Beast writhes under the stinging blows, like a snake's body glistening with sweat - how is sweet smell of fresh male sweat, saturated with pain and fear ... but tightly clenched lips tell me that it is necessary to change the tool - otherwise I will not answer such a sweet sound to me, tearing of the tortured body insides with flour. The rod - is as old as the world, and just as effective. Against this unpretentious, flexible twig can not stand even a very strong animal ... Angry whistle cuts through the air and now the first mark on the swells frantically curled buttock. Near immediately goes to the second, third ... tenth ... I put them neatly by drawing beautiful reshetochki on his back and ass, trickling streams of scarlet at the intersection. Sharper, more closely - and now the bloody openwork mesh covers the hitherto smooth skin. Of Beast my mouth hoarse moaning, his breathing became frequent and intermittent. Aspiration up purple-red head of his cock oozing transparent teardrop. We should remove the trembling body with his hind legs and put on a specially prepared table, generously sprinkled with salt. creaking teeth, clearly resounded in the room and trembling that shook the beast's body, became my reward for this fanatic idea.
Strengthened the hands and feet, a belt tightly intercept chest and hip - the game is now to begin serious, so much jerky servant will not be allowed. He also realized that for the belt tension and intermittent poluvzdohe-moan, full of horror and despair burst from his lips. I took off the bandage from his eyes ...- it was too sweet to see splashing fear, mixed with growing excitement. Let him see that I made today. I drove a small table close to the Beast could consider in detail the meal prepared for him. Electric priborchik attached to contacts with crocodiles, spinning zubastenkim ringlet, iron urethral catheters (sight, stumbled on this gun, twitch moisture - my slave knows what the shock in the urethra). Thin rope for genital bondage, needles, scary medical instruments, their gleaming steel sides, knives, candles ... so you never know what can fit on this table. Again close eye patch - received impressions it is enough. I light up - when he heard a click of the lighter and the smell of smoke, the beast shudders all over, the skin on the chest tightened, showing svezhezazhivshie burns he received in the last time. Then he growled notably - but we do not we rush, is not it?

To be continued...