At the lake

By forest lake guys came in the middle of the day.
The lake was small and almost round - form only broken reeds rough edge encircling the pond almost the entire perimeter. Swim can be in two places, situated almost exactly opposite each other, there is the water were long plank walkways. Yes, sometimes the fishermen were beating themselves paths to them a slave bays.
The company was small - two girls and two young men.
Marina and John were married recently. Vanya - High, basketball height, thin and therefore seeming slightly stooped, stocky near Marina was just a giant. When they certainly turbulent sex life to anyone who knew the couple was especially interesting - whether they are in bed comfortably. Lay them in the classic position "man on top", Nose Marinka be buried in the best case in Vanino shoulder. Yes, and in itself it looked from the figure awkwardly. Wide hips, flat butt, which in jeans looked much better than in a skirt, the almost complete absence of the breast. Marina was not wearing a bra fundamentally.
Jeanne and Igor were not their opposites, but look more in proportion. Growth Nature Igor also not cheated, but he looked more powerful than Vanya. Breast is his girlfriend was a vivid embodiment of thesis "it has grown, it has grown". Hand - does not embrace, hard and almost stagnant with growth Joan Marina's not much more.
To complete the picture it should be said that their appearance and to each other boys treated with exactly the degree of criticality and looseness, which allowed them not only to dress, but also, if necessary, safely sleep in the same room, sometimes making love under a blanket - so as not to disturb another pair.
Young men were experienced by tourists: in less than ten minutes, as a large canvas tent stood among the trees. Nominally - quadruple, but four could lie in it without even touching each other. The guys do a fire, and the girl went to inspect the neighborhood.
The neighborhood seemed beautiful but abandoned. Lake magically squeezed with dense mixed forest. In some places, the trees came to the water, so close that it was quite clear - from the empty space has undertaken in such thickets. As if the meteorite fell. The path is constantly lost in the grass, so that the girl probably guessed her presence than seen. In addition, they now and then had to, when to step and when and naturally climb over fallen trees wind. Fishermen fires are clearly not abused, and the wood would be enough for a tourist rally.
From the path, along which Marina and Joan, could not see the water - guessed her presence except for the splash, but a fresh breeze, refreshing flushed long walk under the backpacks face. Marina turned to face the reeds:
- to swim now ...
Jeanne looked around and by the log, it climbed briskly. Not to say that the review has become much better, but the girl seemed to be in a continuous coastal vegetation she could see a small gap. However, to see it was much easier than the walk. I had to wade ahead through the willows, long hair gathered into bundles less, but in the jaws: hairpins are not abused both, and scarves and baseball caps were in backpacks. Underfoot squelched already disgusted when abruptly parted the bushes and girlfriend were on a tiny, but perfectly flat patch stacked on top of clay canes. Location, of course, was prepared for night fishing. Moreover, in circumvention of the reeds it was well trodden path that the girls in a hurry simply not noticed.
Time is Marina untied sneakers, Jeanne was enough to undress. Swimsuit girls not only did not put on, but did not take with them. Why carry something that is not going to use it. Now Jeanne was standing at the edge of the water back to the lake and mockingly watched Marinka suffers with intricate lace. In the end, she simply pulled her shirt, making hurry. Rushes caved in and the girls shrieking, which was more excitement than fear, lost his balance, lay down in a reddish peat water, raising the bottom of a pile of sludge.
Still laughing, Jeanne waved and swam from the shore, leaving the marina on the beach - naked to the waist only, but dirty - from head to toe. That, however, was not going to be upset, - he pulled off her pants wet with adhering to them panties and flopped down into the lake, too.
A minute later, the girls were in clear water - over the reeds. Both swam well, so the size of the reservoir did not represent any danger for them - even if they had to swim to the other shore. Above the car park has a fragrant smoke curled fire. The wind blew it into the lake, causing a distance it might seem that the water vapor rises. Guys on the shore was not visible, but the tent was heard the sound of an ax - were active preparations for the barbecue.
Marina caught up with Joan, and neither saying a word, put her on her shoulders, so she went into the water with his head. With a scream emerged, he jumped so high in the air flashed her full white breasts with dark brown from the cold water nipples. In response, Joan waved her hand at the water surface, girlfriend showering hail spray ...
A few minutes later the two were on a reed mat, tired after an intense sailing. Like Marina accidentally put his hand on the belly of Jeanne. She looked at her slyly and pushed Marinin arm just below, putting it right between his legs slightly diluted. Girls had never caressed each other, but now, feeling light bliss after bathing, Marina took off. A bit clumsily her finger penetrated the hidden dark fuzz crack Jeanne, feeling the heat and moisture. Joan frantically licked her lips and closed her eyes, breathing became frequent and intermittent. Her arms wrapped around his chest with the force, sharply pulled them up, so without raising his head Jeanne could easily reach tongue to the nipples. Marina did not know what to do - it is one thing to excite himself, and quite another - a woman lying beside him. She quickly and haphazardly moved by hand, it penetrates deeply into the bosom of Joan, then find themselves on the surface. Jeanne did not show any inconvenience. Bending your knees, she raised her ass rhythmically to the beat of the earth movements girlfriend. In the end, unable to stand, she grabbed Marina's wrist and slammed into himself her hand so that three fingers went into the vagina completely. Her strong and athletic body arched last time: a moment Marina felt the most intimate muscles tight hold it. After a moment Jeanne went limp. Marina with surprise looked at his fingers, covered with slime.
-You finished?
Jeanne smiled with his lips.
-And you, too good. While I will not a stuffed - fussing of nowhere ... When you fucked Vanya, he is also a member of the outside leads?
The latter somehow seemed both very funny. Or simply retreated voltage first minutes of visiting the lake. Marina and Jeanne lay bare, down to the heel almost motionless and very warm water, and laughed, unable to stop. The first took a breath Marina.
-Aha! - Jeanne still could not help but laugh. - And let's swim ...
-And clothing herself along the shore behind us come running?
... Followed by another burst of laughter. The girls were in the same condition when it begins to seem ridiculous everything.
-Then swim alone ... Do you want to?
Marina thought.
-You know, I do not. Go with you - and I'm on the beach. Your clothes will take, do not worry.
Jeanne kissed her friend's cheek, and the noise was plunged into the lake. she swam "feminine"Without dropping a person in the water, but fast and very graceful. Marina looked after her, and took up his wet jeans. They looked as if they bathed in a pool of what actually happened. In general, there was no way to put them. First, Marina decided "swap" trousers with Jeanne, but a second later changed her mind. I pulled his shoes so as not to scratch on the way back legs and clothes just slung over his shoulder. In the end, Jeanne also come out to the parking lot naked - what's the point to put on it.
A few steps from the tent fire was burning merrily. Igor thoughtfully stood by, occasionally tossing back branches drier. Ivan worked frantically with an ax - the grass around it was covered with wood chips and firewood pile of already looked quite impressive. Striking the last time, Vanya force drove the ax into a rotten stump and straightened.
-Do you think that's enough?
-For kebabs - completely. On the night - it is unlikely, but in the evening can still chop ...
-Then I stop. What is that!!!
The latter refers to Jeanne that one movement climbed on board the pier, and now stood there, in the pose of Venus emerged from the foam and water squeezed from the hair. Igor also saw his girlfriend. Slowly she pulled out of the bag towel, walked to the pier and threw it on the shoulders of his girlfriend. Jeanne Igor grabbed by the neck and hung on it, cross-legged. Both swayed, so much so that it seemed - a little more and they will fall down from the timber, but the balance of Igor kept. He gingerly stepped off the rocker boards and just put it on the ground Jeanne. She grabbed a towel and quickly erected from it a cross between a tunic and coat, tying himself with a cloth slightly above the chest. At this time, the pier has approached Ivan, trying to search out in the water his wife.
- Looking for someone?
Marina's voice came from behind the nearest bushes. Then she appeared herself - in sneakers on bare feet with the rest of the clothes hanging on the arm.
-What are you doing in the woods naked you hang out? - Vani dissatisfaction in his voice there was rather puzzling.
- Who's with me in this forest will look but you. - Marina threw clothes on top of the backpack and pulled out from the heap of rags damp shirt. Long enough to get in a short dress. - You're one in a lake looking out for?
- You, certainly - growled Ivan. - Or there are options ...
- Well, as you say! If Zhannka sailed here with no clothes, it had someone bring ... We decided that it will be me.
But Ivan still decided to pretend that offense. He snorted angrily and took the ax, although there is no need for wood was gone. Marinka giggled and not letting him get started, grabbed his belt.
- Will you be offended, or engage in sex !!
- Now what?
- Beginner?
Marina demonstratively, as if on stage, slowly lifted her dress-shirt, exposing his legs first, then mound between them, and then everything else. T-shirt dropped to the grass, and Marina theatrical bent, pulling his fingers to the ground, so that all her charms appeared before her husband's nose. She moved her hips as if letting him see everything that is located between the legs - even spread her fingers halves of the buttocks. Even from a distance it was clearly seen as strained Vanino pants. The desire to immediately bury his wife in the grass fought it with essentially - the same offense. Marinka looked so enticing that even Igor turned and called Jeanne.
- Can you and I go into the tent ...
- Go! - Jeanne grabbed his hand and literally dragged into the cool, scented cloth darkness. And so sharply that Igor barely had time to duck to avoid hurting his head stretching the tent.
Towel left somewhere outside. Igor turned tarp sealed to the floor, sitting on top of him Jeanne. Right from his face, he saw her heaving chest and fixed his lips to instantly hardened nipples. Jeanne moaned softly and barely audibly whispered: "stronger". Igor and he was not going to stop. He cupped her full breasts girlfriend - hands far enough - and squeezed them gently, but so much that is usually pointed tips "bowls" Joan became almost completely round. Perhaps the girl was a little painful, but now she did not care that it does Igor. In moments of passion she gave her body to Igor completely - so that he could do with it whatever he wants, which is only able to lead his imagination. Jeanne's eyes gently rolls, the muscles clenched, then relaxed completely, and she was ready to take dick in any hole - only to feel it in yourself. Sometimes even Igor became uncomfortable, it seemed that the relationship during their lovemaking completely loses control of himself. Once, he even shared his doubts with Jeanne after rough sex - say, could not be so, that I hurt you one day. Not on purpose - just do not calculate the forces, and you have not been warned. Joan only laughed in response. "Yet there was no case that you have done something that would hurt me. Consider it a license for a few extra bruises I gave you. If they are not on the face, except you about them even nobody knows".
Here and now Jeanne, completely surrendering to her feelings surging, drove nipples on the lips of Igor while trying to unzip his jeans. Realizing that it is impossible, Igor came to the aid of a friend and a member of the liberated literally broke loose. Jeanne shivered and seated himself in one fell swoop to a member, even without understanding - which he gets. Swollen head buried her in the jumper between the vagina and the anus, and a member slipped back to where it was meant to be and. Sleeping bags in a tent was not there, and Igor felt ribs every uneven ground, but now it was even useful. His buttocks rested on the earthen mound barely visible, so that the waist was slightly raised and standing upright member, Jeanne could penetrate as far as could not take on any soft bed. It is unlikely that a young woman has built such complex reasoning, but the unusual nature of what is happening, she felt unmistakably. Throwing her head back, she moved her hips in a frenzy, not letting a member of a centimeter. Igor even began to think that his body rested on something hard.
- Not so fast, for so long I can not stand - Igor gasped and tried to tilt to his girlfriend, but she dodged graceful movement.
- Well, do not stand up, I really want it.
Movement Jeanne became sharper. Igor felt to discharge remained a split second, and grabbed the breasts girlfriend - or to anything else he would not just pulled out in this position. At this point, the jet of sperm inside Jeanne lashed so that she involuntarily jumped. And immediately a wave of orgasm enveloped the woman, causing her to fall into the arms of Igor.
For a while both lay still, listening to their bodies. Igor was breathing heavily. Joan raised her head and looked at him ... look full of tenderness.
- You know, if children are always born from such a stand, as now, they were healthy and happy.
- So we can make sure that they were exactly such we have.
- And do you really want them to have been?
- Well, you know how to choose when to ask a question. I think right now, they would have prevented us little - Igor moved his legs to get rid of, finally, from jeans and underpants dangling around his knees. - But if you want, then mother role better than you do not have a candidate. The main thing that the children were in agreement.
Jeanne laughed and buried her nose in the shoulder Igor.
- Why is it you think I am - is the best?
Now turn Igor was laughing.
- Cunning you. This is called: Well, so be it - praise me. Even lay back, listening to compliments. But I can, and praise. I feel good with you, we have a year together and do not fight, you are kind and very homely. More praise?
- And then! - Jeanne stretched like a long sleep.
- And I will not!
- Why - Jeanne Delano frowned.
- And so were you to grow ...
She put her arms around the young man's neck and gave him a long, tender kiss.
- And those who were in thee to me - for the role of mothers approached?
Igor looked at her friend with a puzzled.
- Ek you hooked! Or is it because sex in the open air so original works on you. You, if that - say, one should know. You know after all that came before you, almost better than me. Vika we studied in the same class - what there children. We love to do something is not right the first time out. We were then far more worried about how to make their guaranteed was not, and not vice versa. I do not know - whether it has assessed me for a potential marriage ("No doubt" - Joan snorted), but I definitely - no. A Marinka - there she is, behind the wall. We have sex with her if there was, solely for the physiological needs. Why look for someone on the side, if here we are - alongside. What never intended - so do each other's spouses. This is just her weird mother somehow believed that her daughter is obliged to marry me - and the sooner, the better. However, I think it Marinku immediately "betrayed" for anyone to appear in its field of view of a young man. And it is about how many just do not know - you know well, Marina has always been a free man. What is it, so it will never be easy to - finish any party bed. Now here except that I became quieter - when met with Vanka. So now her future children - his problem.
- By the way, how are they?
- I think it is quite good - Igor propped himself up on one elbow and unbuttoned the canopy covering the window of the tent.
The opened picture was good. Marina was lying on his stomach, placing himself under the backpack thicker, making her posture is more reminiscent of a cat - in heat. Vanya was lying on top of her and slowly moved his penis into the vagina of his wife. It seems that the action of the guys in the middle. But who knows whether the first ...
Another thing, the couple chose the place, so that out of the window tent was fit to shoot a porn movie. Though, most likely, they did not choose - simply moved to where littered with dropped shoulders backpacks. Igor looked at Jeanne. She watched with great interest in the process. Guys were lying legs wide apart: Marina because it was more convenient, and Ivan nothing left, so that the details of other people's sex could not even look closely. Vanya methodically introduced the term in his wife that, so far as the position podmahivala his hips, occasionally muffled moaning. At the same time, as far as it allowed the flexibility of a private Marina fingering clit.
Igor felt his excitement growing again. He made a move to go back, but Jeanne was ahead of him. Rolled over, she took Igor's hand and she squeezed increasingly lengthening member.
- Listen, and funny all the same balls you shake when you fuck us ...
Igor snorted, not to laugh out loud.
- It's what comes to mind? I'll ever put in front of the mirror when you're on your lap, and I - from behind. The eyes do not close - you will see that at this time is with your breasts.
- Just think, that'll bite and a member of ...
- You also worse. You'll be a long time to treat it, and suffer a lack of sex.
- Vanka ask.
- Yeah, so Marinka you to him, and let a. Or do you want to break yet strong young family ... It is better to suck rather than bite - then all will be well.
there was no need to persuade Jeanne. She slid down the still flushed from the heat of summer and sex the body of Igor and immediately thrust his cock into her mouth. Yes, so deep that she herself choked. Igor instinctively tried to reduce the depth, but Joan is not allowed. She held her head so straight that Igor sometimes seemed that he pierces through it. And that she misses cock deep into his throat - he had no doubt in his mouth, he would simply not have enough space. During such stimulation Igor felt completely helpless. On the one hand, a sense of the beautiful and most of the men he would heartily envied, but on the other hand, whatever the degree of excitement, he was afraid to make any unnecessary movement to be slightly crazy about sex girlfriend would naturally choked.
Meanwhile, Joan changed tactics. She worked her tongue, then passing along the member from top to bottom, then processing sensitive edges of his head, is trying to penetrate into the gap at the end.
- What happens if I during an orgasm tongue stop up the hole?
Why Igor could not get used, it's the most unexpected issues girlfriend arising in "The most interesting" moment. At first he even replicas of such an erection a little lost - either from laughter or irritation. But now Joan was able to ask the question, even without removing a member from the mouth.
- I do not know, I'm still no one had plugged at this time. You'll be the first. Only I doubt that you will succeed ...
This time Jeanne did not argue - only more quickly earned a language.
I am sucking it very skillfully and with obvious pleasure. Igor felt through the body rolled final wave. Jeanne is also good to be seen. It ceases to tickle a member, but simply pressed his lips and tongue so that Igor would not be able to remove it from her mouth, even if he wanted. All he had to - shudder when sperm beat over the edge. And then, when Igor was ready to be discharged, the tent stuck his two smiling head.
- We did not stop?
Orgasm was impossible to stop. Igor with force hugged Jeanne's head, as if trying not to let it release member. She, however, and she was not going to do this. Just taking a deep breath of stringy, Jeanne looked up finally head.
- Now there is no! Come on! ...
Everything happened so quickly that the guys did not even realize what witnesses appeared. When we understood - embarrassed. Vanya even head out of the tent removed - fidgeted somewhere near the threshold. No trace of embarrassment was not only Jeanne. With the challenge by looking into the eyes of Marina - say, and so you can - she licked speaking on a member Igor sperm drop. Marina took the call. Quickly climbed into the tent, and did the same with his hand on his knee slightly dumbfounded Jeanne.
Then the two laughed.
About once a relationship Marina and Igor Jeanne was aware well. call them "lovers" it would be strange - relations between the two are not related by marriage of young people easier to characterize Western concept "Friend". Then came she and Marina is easily walked away - no other than friendship, claims to Igor she could not be. And then there was Vanya - now they've been friends for four. Are there any sex between Igor and Marina is now Jeanne did not know, but it is allowed that opportunity, that did not cause any irritation to her, nor, especially, jealousy. For what reason - rob her of Igor Marinka all would become equal, and claim to absolute "ownership" Joan of them even had not occurred. Only one thing caused her great interest: not experienced jealousy and Ivan. In any case, it was to say that nothing is impossible. Rather, it was some wise calm: Well, fuck you a couple of years before me - why should this discourage now ...
- And we have decided to call a swim. Who knew that you have such important matters.
- Well, you know, the same as you. You did not notice that the tent window looked right at you?
Marina lifted the curtain and looked at the characteristic flattened backpack.
- And as we looked?
- How do you - I do not know, but both your priests - excellent. You could get here - that we'll never have sex is not engaged in the same room ...
- So on the street, too cool. Extreme again - maybe someone will come.
- Children do not go here. And adults can hardly bare ass shokiruesh. Swim a go?
When all three of them got out "to light", Which seemed to be extremely bright, Ivan sat on the boards of the pier and smoked.
- And I thought you were there on the second calling. Together...
- So why not join? All you have published something to watch! - Jeanne was in good spirits. - By the way, it would be for us the third entry - I please, but Igor, I am afraid, does not agree.
- Well, yes, yes - Ivan threw a cigarette butt into the reeds - I forgot that you only forbid - to death the poor guy to drive.
Jeanne's eyes narrowed, and suddenly rushed to Ivan, trying to grab it for another who quit rough sex member. Ivan and Jeanne easily dodged, skidded on the wet planks, flew into the lake. However, Van still got a bundle of dark red splashes. Even through the translucent water well was seen as Jeanne made a few strokes under water and emerged already in the clear water. He turned and waved. And then, finally, all rushed to bathe.
In the forest darkens quickly. First, the trees threw long shadows on the water, then the water began to seem quite dark, and then it turned out that even the pier is only visible in the firelight. Somewhere on the opposite shore flashed a ray of light - a flashlight or a candle - so slowly to the lake fishermen have started to gather. However, the summer was extremely hot, and some fishing in this hell, so that a large number of foreign guys were not expecting. Yes, and would not have approached the fishermen to the fire - they would hide where quieter. The plastic plates steaming just taken from the fire barbecue. Most did not have to watch the embers, and Igor immediately threw into the fire some dry birch firewood. Top shot up a shower of sparks, and immediately became more cheerful. Komarov because of the heat, too, almost was not, so on the outfit and repellents could not take care of. Jeanne and Marina again donned T-shirts on a naked body, Igor added to the football shorts, and Ivan and did cost some melting.
Under the barbecue went well and vodka, half a cooling in the lake. Vanya even forgot where he put the package, and he had a reproachful glances poke a few meters muddy bottom. Now all the company sat on the remaining from previous tourists thick trunk of a pine tree.
- Guitar be here. - After a few stacks of Marina usually I like to sing.
- It is good to. - Igor dismounted from logs and got Jeanne feet, which immediately embraced him and kissed him on the top of his head. - Only in the morning we would have ten times regretted that took her with him. Remember - for whatever paths their way.
Above the lake blew a fresh breeze on the water there was a perceptible ripple. Marina shivered.
- Cold becomes. Dress or something.
- Yah! - Joan remained totally careless - better to go even bathe - water is warmer than the air.
Marina went to the water and lowered her foot to the lake.
- Exactly.
Shirt flew toward the fire. At the last moment, Ivan extended his hand and did not let her fall into the ashes.
- Watch where you throw!
In response, he heard the splash of water.
Jeanne got up from the log and, sitting on the lap of Igor, he slipped his hand under his shirt.
- You do not want anything else?
The answer was a sigh that Joan could not help laughing. However, to remove a hand from under the T-shirt Igor also did not hurry. His fingers down the flat tummy girlfriend, tickled the navel, gently pulled down to the pubic - Jeanne fairly squeaked with - and plunged into a cherished female slot. Jeannine legs involuntarily buckled thighs parted, letting his fingers. Cheek girl clung to Igor forearm and clenched, trying to feel it with every cell of his body. Fingers has finally penetrated the completely wet vagina and moved there quite thriftily. Jeanne could not sit still. She dropped to her knees and leaned back so hard that Igor's hand came into it almost same wrist. Igor tried to move his fingers, causing an instant orgasm Jeanne with such force that the more it looked like an epileptic seizure.
Completely exhausted Jeanne swayed forward and if not timely outstretched arm of Igor, the girl would fall backwards.
And then in his ears burst into an unexpected sound. From the darkness of the forest night forest I heard rustling, damping, and the splash of water, and the crackle of the wood in the fire. It seemed to vibrate every leaf, every branch, and their noise is approaching with each passing second.
- What is it? - On the catwalk to the fire ran Marina. - What's happening?
From the forest to the children smelled damp cold wave.
- Rain. Shower. And, probably, very strong. - Igor gave Jeanne's hand, and that with some effort on its feet. Save the things - to throw everything in the tent, or we them then a few days to dry will.
From the sky fell the first big drops.
- A window in the tent is closed? - Joan slid down - second in the firelight of the tent looked out only her white elastic ass. - Things are let - I have them here decomposed.
Guys ... picked up the next backpacks. Marina quickly gathered around the fire scattered dishes. From tents popped Jeanne and pulled into one of the sleeping bags. Wood rush of ghostly purple lightning light and almost immediately followed by a clap of thunder, that I wanted to pinch his ears. It seemed that the storm began just above the lake - and it was the first of its epicenter.
Igor looked around the parking lot for the last time. The fire hissed furiously, not wanting to give up all further enhanced by the rain. Ray on the other end of the lake flickered one last time and went out - it looks like a fisherman wisely decided "cut bait". In the light of the lightning, Igor saw the tent and looked out Ivan waved - Get in. But Igor did not want inside. He went to the pier, took off his drenched clothes and stood facing the lake.
Behind the sound of footsteps. It bridges approached Jeanne. Her face flowed a stream of water, long black hair clung to her neck. Jeanne smiled and talked continuously. Igor helped her to get up close.
Their lips met.