As Baba for the peasant from the money went

Night. Baba too long been sleeping in a luxurious bed until one. A man comes home from work. But after work, he also drove in jewelry and bought his wife a necklace, platinum with bryulikami. But it still will not give it to her! At first he did otebet properly. Only now she probably would say that she had a headache ... A man takes a glass of water and pills "Citramon" (The best Russian remedy for headaches!"), Goes to the bedroom. Woke Babu, hands her a pill and water: "Honey, on, take a pill for a headache!".
Baba was surprised: "But I have a headache!".
"Yeah, ALL WITH YOU CLEARLY !!!" - A man shouting joyfully, removing the pants. Baba knows that sex she can not get away, but it makes an attempt to: "Honey, maybe not now?". But the peasant does not want to hear anything: "You are for me only because of the money went! you do not love me at all!". "I love, cute"- Says Baba and undresses with tears in his eyes. Baba lies with the guy in bed and writhing in disgust: "Well, nothing, nothing right now, he gave me a little poebet I otmuchalis, but then I will have such a fur coat / car / necklace .... when did he finish ... fuuu .... 10 minutes ... 8 minutes .. ... 3 minutes ... oh I can not throw up pulls, but what I will coat! ... yes, well, he did not finish! .. I still long to suffer? ... I think I'd better about future fur coat / car / necklace ... well, everything, conductive blevanu ...".
After some time, Baba thinks: "... Well, Nitsche, even tolerate ... he needs to take into the mouth ... damn, what to do? I have to suck ... so I will not think about the bad, and the conductive suck the nightmare will end ... but I have a coat what will! a car! a platinum necklace with diamonds! ... Just do not think about the bad ... think of it, would end in his mouth, but then buy me a fur coat / car / necklace! ... just do not think about the bad! oooo beeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee ... No! I blevanula! no longer will I have neither fur nor machines ...".
...Night coming to an end, and a man is tireless. Fuck his mercantile little wife in all positions and in all holes.
-Sorry, I need the toilet, - he says playfully tortured the Bab, who wants to absent himself into the kitchen and take an anti-vomiting because she Jam swallow his own vomit mixed with his semen.
-Or, go to the bathroom together? - A guy offers. Baba runs headlong into the kitchen, hoping that will not catch up. It accepts all bottle antiemetic and returned to bed.
After this has been a painful anal sex, which resulted in poor crap and hope that her husband will experience an aversion to it cease to fuck, finally. Antiemetic it did not help ...
-You know, pussy - man said. - And let's try coprophagia ...
- Oh no!!! - Cried Baba.
- Come break! And then we have a restaurant congress shopping stroll, I've recently seen a Mears - just for you!
- Well ... - Baba agreed. - What to do?
- Eat my shit !!!
- Well, darling .... BEEEEEEE yy .. !! ....
- My dear, what's wrong? Wake up! I'll call an ambulance !!!
...Baba was in the hospital with an acute disorder Gastrointestinal tract.