Hero of Might and Magic (Chapter 1)

My name Fry me twenty-one is my true story about a fantasy world Heroes of Might and Magic. I woke up this morning, it was ten o'clock. The apartment was stuffy, and it gathered, I'm not stopping, went out into the street. When I crossed the threshold of the entrance, a fresh wind blasted me and the smell of spring reminded me of yesterday's girlfriend. But it was yesterday, and today it is necessary to look for a new victim of my sexual obsession, the meaning of which is that every day I have to stick together and fuck at least one girl, only chёgo had not vzbredet. I have succeeded so far. So this morning I walked, looking for another friend for the day. But suddenly something happened, it is not clear where the undertaken in the light of the sky, blinded me, and then a pretty severe blow on the forehead knocked me down, and fall, and I lost consciousness. I woke up and opened his eyes, saw the sky. My hands were lying on the grass. I breathed, the air was filled with freshness, and the sound of leaves waving in the wind, finally convinced me that for some unknown reason to me while I was in the woods. And then I heard his name.
- Fry, as well get up.
This is a rough male voice said. I looked to the side and saw people dressed in strange armor, they are all going somewhere, one of those knights looked at me with a view awaiting action from me, maybe he was shouting at me. I stood up and looked around I had the army, but no one paid attention to me, and looked at my clothes, I realized that I was just one of them. Startled happening, I did not understand anything properly, he joined the order and marched with the rest of the army. It seems that the army, in which I found myself, was quite powerful intelligence group, there were about fifty spearmen, about thirty crossbowmen, by the way, I was one of them and five knights who were on about ten creatures in appearance reminiscent of a mixture of an eagle and a lion . We walked along the broad road, we kept the woman in armor, her name was Alice. I began to ask one of the soldiers on the spot where I was, that would not look strange, I pulled information hints, and pretty sparse information received, I realized that I was in another world. And this world is awfully similar to a computer game, for example, war leaders such as our heroes are called Alice here. Everyone can be a hero, but for this it is necessary to reach the level of the fifteenth, I was third, but for me it means little at each level of the person proposed to move up and gain some skills. In this world there are several types of intelligent beings. Also, if people are killed, then place it on the ground there is another creature. The new creature is always the first level with almost pure memory, and it became a new resident, making friends getting skills and so on. And by the way in this world, there was no age nor infancy, people are not born with the help of mothers and did not die a natural death, the whole earth was always constant number of inhabitants. We walked along the road, and I was listening to all this delirium of a madman, at least that's what I would say in my, normally, the world. The forest was filled with different sounds: birds singing, the noise of the trees everything is so calm, but I was still troubled one question, how long will I be in this world, I was hoping for a long time not to stay here. Immersed in his thoughts, I kept going, when suddenly the noise of the forest wild cries announced, attacked us. From the bushes everywhere pushed the orcs. All became disorderly fight them off, but they stayed and stayed. Here our leader, or rather The leader we are grouped and elemental defense turned into a well-planned resistance for the enemy character has appeared, it was a troll with a huge hammer. And while the army fought, heroes clutched in his fight. Orcs were killed, but the people fell dead. When the advantage began to bow down to the side of the people. Troll struck the decisive blow, and our warrior fell from his horse. People continued to fight back, but the defense again turned into spontaneous. When the army is almost nothing left, and crossbowmen had to go into the melee, our army suddenly began to disperse, I do not dare to be one on one with the enemy.
All fled without looking back, I hid behind a tree near, my plan was to return to the battlefield. When we fled, and the enemy army, gathered, went where we were sent earlier, I got out of his hiding place and went on a recent field of bloody battle. Out on the road, I saw many corpses, as she lay beside the fallen horse. I approached her she had a helmet with a visor. I took it with her, and I discovered the beautiful face, her eyes were closed, but she was breathing. Her armor was crushed chest and it seems they are not allowed to breathe. I began to take them with her, and when I took them from her abdomen and chest, then felt a pleasant smell of her body, from her naked body I separated slightly transparent fabric. I left it completely without armor. It remained tight brown pants and a white silk shirt tucked into them and tore his chest. Even before the start of the battle, I heard the noise of the river. It was there, taking Alice in his arms, I walked. Coming out of the forest on the shore, I saw a sandy beach, the river and the waterfall about two meters high. I brought it to the water, she was still a demon consciousness through the place where the shirt was torn, I could see her bare breasts, my cock began to rise. I pushed his hand through the jagged hole in the jacket and picked up her, hugging her whole palm and fingers, despite the fact that she was unconscious, she shuddered. From this I have even more excited and squeezed her breast harder, she moaned again and I realized that she was about to wake up.
I took his hands away from her and stood up on their feet came to the water. Wet your hands with water, I went back to my beauty. I close brought his own hands to her face and splashed water with them. She moaned again, but as a man who wakes up. Her eyes opened, she looked at me I do not understand the eyes, I smiled at her like an old friend. She began frantically to remember who I am.
- Hi - I told her.
- Hey, - she said in surprise. - Who are you?
- I am one of your soldiers.
She sat up and looked around while sitting.
- Where are the others. - She asked, surprised at the lack of someone other than us.
- The rest fled after thought that you killed.
- And why was.
- Because I'm better than anyone else and I do not like to see such a beautiful woman died, crushed his own armor.
She looked at me sheepishly, as the beauty looks at the knight to release her from a high tower and is now asking for her hand and heart. Obviously, she realizes that I saved her life, it would be necessary to take advantage of.
It has risen from the ground, and as the shirt was torn at the breast so that it subsided upright, this happened.
- Oh! - She said, when he saw that her breasts exposed.
She closed her hands a breast, but seeing as I look at her, she removed them.
- Can iskupnёmsya. - She said, although this phrase spun on my tongue.
- With pleasure. - I said, when she had to unbutton his shirt.
We began to undress together as lovers before sex. We looked at each other and followed every movement. In the end, we were only in the pants, I'm still thinking whether or not to shoot, and she seems to realize that I still doubt. But she had no doubt she swung her sexy panties, looking at me from under long lashes. ... As soon as she did it, I threw the remains of his clothes, my cock was on alert, and he was more than when I was in his own world, and now my cock eye was about twenty-three and twenty-five centimeters and pretty wide in diameter. She looked at my cock and it seems was pleasantly surprised.
Turning back to me, she went into the water, and, going into the water up to his waist, turned to me.
- Come here, the water is warm - she called me and splashed water in my direction.
A few drops of warm flew to me, but not because of them, I ran into the water. When I was in the water, my friend was already under a waterfall and fingers beckoned me. I'm on the bottom approached her and stood beside a waterfall on the rocks. We stood and looked at each other, when her hand touched my penis, whose hardness is not decreased, despite the fact that under the waterfall, the water was colder. She squeezed his hand and began to masturbate slowly, I also put one hand on her pussy and the other lifted from the water and took the chest. I began to massage her nipple while thrusting a finger into the vagina, she moaned. I stroked the palm of her pubic hair, finger and I continued to massage klotor. A minute later, I could not resist, of course nice when you are fingering a kind of beauty, but when it is so close to its treasured hole, I endure not. I put a second finger into the vagina, and parted them. In the hole I started to drive his hero, my friend moaned and clung to me all over. I continued to introduce a member, her body trembling with desire. When I entered half she moaned, but this time in pain.
- No, - she said through her moans. - No more Fry, I can not take out of it.
- Oh, no, we have to finish begun. - Intonation villain I said.
I did not thrust deeper, and so on half and left, he began to move, almost pulling member is again plunging by half. The pain she squeezed my buttocks, I went with one hand to knead her breasts and the other hand gripping her ass too.
Gradually her vagina adapted to my size, and now again she moaned not from pain but from pleasure. And when sex was in full swing, I felt like my friend with one hand began to stroke my anus, and after that began to push through one of his thin fingers into my ass. Generally, women and girls do it just on my initiative, I was pleased that it was not necessary to ask her about this kind of stimulation, sometimes after my requests about this girls begin to think that I'm a weirdo. I was approaching orgasm, according to her participation breath I realized that she was about to finish. I quickened my pace, and my friend has put to me at the anal another finger and began to intensify their stir. Before she reached orgasm for about ten seconds before, and it has allowed her to experience multiple orgasms. And for those I had finished, and the sperm fountain spurted into it. I put his head on her shoulder, she did the same. My dick did not even think to go down, it is very strange usually after orgasm I needed a couple of minutes that I could continue the work. After half a minute, I looked up she looked at me and smiled contentedly, eyes narrowing. Alice took from me two fingers, and I tried to pull the penis out of her, but it was not there, her vagina gripped my cock and I could not pull it out.
- What's the matter - she asked in surprise.
- I can not pull out his penis.
And then I remembered an article I recently read. It said that sex is fraught with its water hazards, such as cold water can shrink the vaginal muscles as well as Grease genitals washed off with water. It seems that it does not give to pull my dick. Having explained this to Alice, I said that, in order to remove a member, you just need to keep warm. And here we are in a place out of the water, and after that went to the beach. Between us was a short distance, lying down, we looked at each other. Ales suddenly moved closer to me and put his hand between me and the sand. Her hand touched my ass and fingers her thin delicate pen again began to penetrate me. When four of her fingers were with me, I again spoke with Alice.
- I did not know that you are so depraved, - I said in a tone that did not scold and praise.
- How can you call me horny - angry, she said, and pulled my fingers out of the anus, so I groaned. - By the way, I'm very conservative.
- Well I'm sorry, I got carried away meant that you feel free to do what you like.
- Well honey, and other almost every woman like to do it, - she said, and calmed down.
And hearing this, I thought, if it is conserved that would be a nymphomaniac, or any other, to be this wanton in this becoming, more and more interesting world. Suddenly I felt the muscles of her vagina were loosed, and I pulled out a member.