For the first time this unforgettable experience that shook me, in fact, still a teenager, I have experienced in 12 years. But then I was proud that my befriended it still does not know and learn, perhaps only on their wedding day. Then we lived in the village at the foot of the mountains. There were the early days of the summer holidays. But one Saturday, a day I will not forget nikogda.Otets still light left the city for shopping. And when I woke up, my mother announced that today we have a bath day, and that is no father, we will wash right at home - flushing byanyu troublesome. Half an hour after breakfast, the water was already hot, and I first walked into the room to his mother, where everything was ready for bathing. Carefully vymyvshis fragrant soap, I slipped on a large waffle towel and called her mother that her turn, passed to his komnatu.Rasparivshis, I was in no hurry to get dressed, and with a pleasant languor lay down on the bed. I closed my eyes and listened to the sparrows chirping outside the window, mooing cow, a distant barking of a dog. But dull cotton in the house startled and opened his eyes. For a moment, I realized: this is mom tighter shut the door to his room. People shy? - I thought - we're alone in the house. Straight Secrets And then remembered how on spring break when I devchyonki and urban nephew of our neighbor - Sasha went to the hill of poppies, first learned from him about "women's secret".Sluchilos So that estranged girlfriend, passionate collection of spring flowers and I stayed together with Sasha. I refer to it as to an adult, he had studied at the Institute, so trust him in everything. And, like a sponge, it absorbs all the news of city life: it is now fashionable to dress up and the more addicted to my rovesniki.- Now the girls in the city - he said - will vzrosleyut- How quickly? - I wondered I. Because that learn early on "Women's secrets"- And what is the secret It is said that this is the secret of the adults, the first time she found out about it on your wedding day, and already with anyone about him delitsya.- And what she finds? - I grew lyubopytstvo.- from her fiance. And in general, this mystery is presented to women only muzhchiny.- Do you know the secret - I know! - Replied with a smile Sasha.Raduyas that girlfriends near there and I will be the first to know about this secret, I hurried Sashu.- Tell - What do you mean, Ira? You still wound- Please, for city TEENS know. - Not appeased I. 'Yes, both of us so scolded your roditeliVzyavshis hands of Sasha, I assured him that no one skazhu.- well - he gave in - but remember, no one! - Yes, yes! - I agreed, looking forward to his story. Sasha paused before reshilsya.- The secret is that the girl becomes very, very good. So nice it was never - And from what a pleasure - from the fact that the guy fondles women mesto.- And where is it? - Asked ya.Sasha sighed and childishly said: - Between the legs girl should be without trusikov.Skazannoe struck me. For some time we walked in silence. My imagination was played. Devchenki with bouquets of flowers already sent to us about something animatedly boltaya.- Irisha - Sasha broke the silence - what I told you, this is not a secret; about it can be found only when it will test itself. If you want, I came here moguNo girlfriend Sasha interrupted with a sigh razgovor.Ya threw the towel and looked at her naked body. Then, pressing his palm is soft, with a few dark hairs, bump the abdomen, thought: How can I make this place nice? Here to learn! This was concealed something mysterious, promising. With a sense of disappointment, I pulled down his hand, jumped out of bed and dressed in all clean, came in dvor.Znakomy voice on the porch of a neighbor's house caught me. It was Sasha. Wow, I just thought of him. He was still talkative and was replaced. Some inner excitement and joy came over me ... I approached the fence and saw ego.- Hello Irishka! - I noticed Sasha.- Good morning ... and when you arrived? - Asked I. Yesterday, late vecherom.- And where are you now? - I asked, noticing that he was somewhere sobralsya.- Yes, here on this hill! - He said, pointing his hand. Such a case was foolish to miss. And I decided to take advantage im.- And can you -? Come on, if I razreshat.- seychasVbezhav with joy in the house, I asked the mother, which is something the laundry, let me go with Sasha on the nearest hill. Realizing that it is one I would not let him, I lied, that is also light. Check it will not, and can not: a girlfriend with his parents moved to gorod.- Well, - has agreed to mother - but not for a long time and jeans oden.Veselo jumped, I ran to my room and, with emotion, could not stay on one place. "Today necessarily know about "Women's secrets". But how? What to do? " - I fussed. "So, no jeans!" suddenly it hurts that I still believe a child. After looking around, I quickly pulled off her panties and hid them under the mattress. "Nothing - calmed myself - on my sundress, and almost to the knees". Stealthily running by the mother, I only called out the door, that is gone. To which she replied: "Be careful"All the way to the hill Sasha was not in the ordinary cheerful and smiling. We talked a lot about various things, but I could not dare to remind him about the secret. Soon, we were already at the top of the hill, and the village lay in front of us, at a glance. Time passed, and I was looking for all cases, but in fact, and secluded place away from prying eyes, dare to know about this secret all to end. Finally, we note nearby spreading tree, anxiety again took possession of me, without looking at Sasha asked: - Do you remember you're talking about "Women's secrets" ? - Well, pomnyu- I'm no longer a little, show this secret - trembling with excitement, I managed to say. The moment was strange. He looked at me as if he was surprised by my sudden passion. I suddenly felt terribly ashamed that I asked him about it. It seemed that all the things he told me was not true, and I in his eyes looked silly. He smiled, embarrassed by this request came to me and took the hands, as if making sure that I was not a little, whispered: - Okay. Only audio-to-mu! - I agreed with a nod, and he took me under the shadow of a tree. Attention and care for me to instill in him the confidence and peace of mind in me. Sasha gently sat me down on a comfortable seat and leaned and whispered: - Irisha, panties necessary snyat.- snyala- ... Then I leaned against a tree, close your eyes and not think about nothing. I did not want to Sasha I saw a child, so obediently did what he govoril.- bend your knees. - He continued. His face was burning, my heart was beating so hard that it seemed, wanted to jump out of my chest. Trying not to betray his excitement, I put her hands on the stones, closed her eyes and tucked his knees. Sasha little threw them to the side, and her dress slid to poyasu.Pered this spectacle could not resist any guy: girl with her hair and seductive legs apart. I lay down at her feet and eyes appeared lovely slices with longitudinal slits surrounded by a few dark hairs. Slipping his hands under her skirt, I grabbed the buttocks smooth and girls thumbs opened her lower jaw: moist pink folds surrounded quivering hole, leaving deep into her body. Clinging to face the warm bosom of the girls, I obsessively kissed her cunt, licking every curve of her delicate folds, trying to find a small lump at the top of her chasti.Vnezapno opened up new and unfamiliar sensations that nastarazhivali me and makes the heart beat stronger. His head was spinning. The thought that I was doing something obscene, ill never left me. "What if we see someone?" - I am fearfully opened her eyes and looked around: there was still no one. Lowering his eyes, I did not know what to do, where to go from shame - at the head of Sasha skirt clung to the perineum. Confusion swept over me. He was so fascinated that had the courage to stop it. Not giving yourself a report, what will happen next, I decided not to torment myself with thoughts and soon rasslabilas.On kissed, licked, courting every bit my lower lip. The movement of his tongue became more energetic and I spontaneously began to show themselves forward. I do not know what would have ended my passive closer, if I had not felt a strange tingling feeling between your legs, it's nice be reflected in the body. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. With some hesitation to repeat that pleasure I spread her legs wider to better discover themselves. Sasha's face tightly against the sensitive spot and I felt the tip of his tongue tends to penetrate deeper into me. He pressed it again and again, rotate them if desired to expand the entry. Although this was not what I was expecting, but also exciting and teasing desire to participate in such an unexpected soedinenii.Tolko I decided to stay back, as a cry of delight and squeezed the buttocks. Once again, the highest wave of pleasure ran through the entire body, being born somewhere Mezhuyev feet. To my pleasure sensations recur again and again, a shiver ran over me. Unable to restrain myself, I moaned and rested on the elbows, arching his back, strained uncontrollably spaced legs, giving Sasha the most sacred place of the body. Agitated beating heart, face flushed, and I quickened breathing, catching narastyayuschee pleasure. I wanted something more, incredible. And then, in wet, relaxed folds of the perineum that it became pleasant to throb. This is what was missing. Detachment swaying to the beat of these vibrations, I naslazhdalas.- A and ah, here again! - Incoherent burst from her chest. I lifted my face to see it was too much for me. Pretty face with a snub nose, eyes half-closed with sunset pupils and slightly open mouth - all stayed in a nice dormant. Young girl nipples stiffened under her dress and topyrschilis sharp pyramids. Skirt already been Zadran so that disclose elastic groin and thighs bare. Rounded halves backside bared all her intimate charms. Under the bulge fluffy mound forked furrow twisted and soft folds otverstiem.Plenenny touted their views, I changed the way of affection. Smooth motion of one hand I massaged damp sponge, and the index finger of the other gently pokes a hole in the vagina. Infiltrating half a finger in the warm shelter, he began to wiggle and move them back and forth, fanning the girls vagina. Sliding your finger became more rhythmic and I eagerly observed in young growing signs of pleasure. A wave of excitement and groans rose in it every time movements were more frequent. It was close to her. Passion seized all over the youngsters. Fearing the consequences of this early awakening of the sexual instinct, I pulled away and saw a girl in a semiconscious state: a tilted head, legs wide apart and sore seductive place. Hastened to reassure her, I stood up, grabbed her shoulders and kissing her soft hair, flushed face, whispered: - Everything, everything ... my little, calm down. You can no longer enough! Vexed by this unexpected stop, I arrived in a stupor, without thought, without feeling the time. Everything that happened, only to tease and insatiable until the end. Sasha pressed me to her, kissed her, and I'm enjoying the last sweetness that leaves me, by all means wanted to thank him. Pressing his fingers Mezhuyev feet, I surprised - there was all wet and seemed to bail out. Caressing my fingers elastic nipples, he kissed me on the lips, then began to suck them, run your tongue in my mouth. Panting, I dug her fingers into his shoulders, leaned, and we merged in a long potselue.- you feel good? - Sasha asked when our lips rassoedinilis.- Yes! - I said, look away storonu.V in his arms, I felt so relaxed, easy, like, floating in the air. And could hardly find words that would express accurately delivered me udovolstvie.On lifted his shirt, unbuttoned his trousers and, putting my hand on a soft and warm nakedness between his feet, asked: - Irisha, caressed me, too, and zdes.A I first touched the man's part, for a moment I pondered his request. Not knowing where to start, timid move his hand. Finally, having seen that he wants the same thing and I was doing, I was elated to be able to it better, made him feel strong shaking his hand. Then, removing the pussy out, and began to treat her stroke. Gently massaging the hand warmer pouch with two lumps, it seemed to me that his body increases. It was interesting, I grabbed his hand and wondered how it hardens and twitches. Easy, I shrug it thickens even more. The game fascinated me and I was not looking up, watching the face of Sasha. His eyes were closed, her lips slightly will bite, he was given all the movements of my fingers. Teasing his piece, I felt like breathing quickened Sasha, and he quickened the game and caress my soskov.Nablyudaya as it grows pleasure and shiver, which were sent to me, I somehow changed the way an unknown scent caresses: tube and folded fingers I made several motions in the flesh up - down. A strangled moan Sasha even more podhlesnul menya.Vstav on all fours, I bent over him, and took a javelin standing at the base, with the pleasure feeling as it bounces. He ran his fingers along the entire length, pulled the skin and saw the swollen red head with a transparent drop of at the end. Approx face, worrying, I'm an easy touch of tongue licked her it was tasteless and tacky. Touching the small hole tongue, trying to make it wider, I once again caused the appearance of the same vlagi.Nikto did not say how to do it. Grasping head lips, I slowly began to push through it via a smooth dense ring of his mouth .... On the groans and sighs of Sasha I quickened rabotu.- Ah! Yes, like that! - He said, and I felt his hand slipped on the rounded halves of my ass, and touched the lower lip, and then, caressing fingers limp grooves penetrated uglublenie.Poshatyvayas in tact suction movements, I felt his finger, like a piston, walks in me . Vagina nice throbbing and unfolded like an umbrella. This connection led to a greater sense of intimacy, and only spurred to work energetically with his lips. Suddenly, Sasha abruptly dismissed my head in my hands, and I heard his muffled groan. Recoiling back, the first thing that surprised - it sudorzhny groin and wet with saliva, organ, spewing whitish slime. I was scared that I did something wrong, and, touching him on the shoulder, he said: - Sasha, you're hurt - No! - Straining on his side, said on.Glyadya on his face, I was looking for confirmation of what was said. Suddenly he hugged me and whispered: - Thank you ...! It felt so good! Now you know and "men's secrets"... I was happy and proud! We sat a little in each other's arms giving himself up, then stood up and, holding hands, slowly walked to the village.