Maiden child

Mom ordered the new year for your Anton Snow Maiden and Santa Claus on the house. It was 8:00 pm and they were sitting in the room and waited for their arrival. Finally the bell rang.
-Hello! - Mom said happily, letting Snow Maiden.
-Welcome - Snow Maiden was a pretty girl - this here is your son?
-Yes. Anton, well, come out to greet! Where's Grandpa Frost?
-A grandfather Claus is not coming today, he was ill, - said Snow Maiden with sad intonations in his voice.
-Well nothing! - He waved mother - you go ...
Snow Maiden in a fur coat was held in the hall. Anton, a twelve-year child, happily spinning around. He looked at the bag in anticipation of gifts. Mom sat in the chair. Maiden:
-Something hot in my fur coat something. Can I take it?
-Of course, - mother of Anton stood up and took her coat. Now the girl was left in a blouse and black tights, boots on his feet.
-Well, what's your name, boy?
-Anton? ABOUT! And you know that I have prepared for you? - Maiden knelt on his haunches, knees spread apart. - Cvoyu CIMS! Here's a look ...
With these words, she nearly sprinted their leotards directly from the panties. For an overview opened her slit. The boy's eyes widened, and his mother said with indignation:
-What are you doing, girl ??
-Come on, this is such a New Year's program. Your child will enjoy, you'll see ...
Maiden slowly began to drive his hand over her clitoris and looking the boy straight in the eye.
-You like, right?
-Yes ... - Anton uttered a barely audible voice. His youthful member jumped up at once, and he covered it with his hands apologetically through tights.
-No, well, it's a nightmare! - Mom jumped from his chair.
-Mom, sit down! - Commanded Maiden.
-Mom, let ... - sluggish Anton said.
The woman returned to the chair. Maiden ran her hand over the boy's tubercle on the tights.
-Wow, you have excited, a little ... Well, what do we have?
She let down his tights with shorts down to the feet. Anton blushed again and tried to hide behind. But a member of his bulged so that it has been useless!
-What are you ... He's still a baby! - Again jumped up from the chair mother.
-Sit down, woman!
Maiden got up. At the same time her tights fell down. She stepped over him. Panties were hanging on the hips. She helped them to fly off his hands.
-Mommy! .. - Anton whispered. His penis was small though, but stood to the maximum.
The girl approached him closely. Then start lean against his crotch to his cock, soginayas knees, standing them on the sofa so that hugged the boy as if his feet on both sides.
-Look, what a pussycat ... Maiden - she kept saying. Then her hand clutched the boy's penis to his stomach. Slowly began to stroke it.
-Here it is ... we have a large ... - whispered Maiden.
Hot girl belly rubbed by a member of the boy. Anton tried to pull away, put out his hands, frightened of new experiences and feelings.
-Well, well, hush! - Said the Snow Maiden - now here shoot white little Vodicka and all!
It just accelerated the pace, pressed palm member struggling.
-Aah! ... - Anton groaned.
And when the snow maiden turned her head to her mother sitting in a chair, I saw an interesting picture. Mom could not stand such a spectacle, spread her legs and masturbating! Maiden smiled and continued to bring up the boy's peak. And I brought! Anton suddenly jerked his hips and opened his eyes wide with horror, looking at the white liquid spewing from his penis.
-Oh, mom .. - whispered Anton has his eyes closed.
-Like this! That's ... - kept saying Maiden, smearing cum boy's stomach and penis.
At this point, my mother bent in shame and twitched. Her hand was under her dress. So she came.
When accompanied Snow Maiden, I tried not to look at her face. His mother's head tilted slightly down, to hide the not yet cooled down blush. The boy ran to the bathroom. But it later emerged that this Maiden mixed order and instead came to the apartment of new Russian ordinary family ...