My story

I am 20 years old. I have been married for three years. On his marriage, I'll write another time. My husband is awesome man. We can fuck three times a day, and he will still stand.
He is my only man. But I want to talk not about this, and about how once or twice a year, our life changes.
We have a friend. He lives in another country, in Germany. It is the most natural German. He loves Russia and goes to see us for the holidays.
My husband knows it already 10 years, I met him once after a wedding. Despite the fact that I'm crazy about my husband, I knew immediately that I wanted to hosters (so his name). I was drawn to it very much. But the worst thing was that I did not want it apart, I wanted him only with her husband!
ABOUT! As I dreamed about it ... I just raped my husband all night at the first meeting with the host, because I could not tell her husband about their fantasies, change for me - a taboo.
I saw myself on and views of our German, devouring eyes, usually from such views I was getting wet in the pants. When that first meeting, I was not "sweet", Hoster left, kissed my cheek goodbye. From this kiss I went a little crazy!
As soon as he left, life has taken its normal course, and I did not think about the Germans, except during sleep.
Our next meeting took place in Cyprus. My husband and I went to rest in Limassom autumn, and on arrival got an e-mail from the host, he was on the road to us!
Oh, it was tempting. I realized that this time I can not stand. I did not go to the airport, I remained lying on the beach.
But they came up to me, I could feel them coming.
Hoster looked excellent, his blond hair cut by a penalty had been removed in a ponytail, wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans. My husband was in bright shorts and a black t-shirt in a tight-fitting. Hoster just above my husband, they stood and looked down at me. Oh my God! As they were beautiful and desirable for me!
The evening passed rapidly, we walked to all the clubs, eating, drinking, fun, everything seemed enmeshed sexual feelings around, the air with the smell of sex. We danced a lot, touching each other, it's incredibly exciting to me ...
I wanted to fuck, no I want to fuck. just like a cat, long and hard!
I was waiting for when we get back home, to snap at him.
We rented a small apartment, with a bedroom, large bathroom, kitchen and bathroom. As we had a large balcony overlooking the sea. Hoster had to sleep on the couch.
We came back, I went to make the bed. Men at this time sat down to drink a tasty beer KEO kiproskoe balcony.
I changed into a short silk dress, because I realized that life there is no longer possible, as you want to fuck. I touched his cat through her panties, she was wet and whined not a member ....
On the balcony between the fun has gone up, and I decided to join them, to drink beer.
Chair was only two and I got no sex.
We have not sat down and talked about what, my butt was really with her husband's foot and sat opposite Hoster. I saw that his penis is, as soon as he saw me ... My husband pulled me by the hair. This usually meant - substitute his ass, I will to fuck.
Husband told me in Russian:
"I want you sucked"
The German asked what it meant - sucked, because he has always been interested in Russian (he studied it for a couple of months), and now he realized that it was about:
My answer was a thoughtless
"blow job"
His eyes lit up, he laughed and said he did not have long blow job. I laughed too. And mine too earnestly said:
"I want you to be sucked. I sucked from the host. I authorize you, no, I order you. I will be watching. Do quick and easy!"
you can believe it! My husband wants what I do.
Hostler mine did not catch the meaning of our conversation, and sat smiling.
I crawled over to him, put her arms around her knees and asked for:
"Do you mind if I suck you dick?" (I do not mind if I suck your dick?"
and began to unbutton his belt. There was her husband's: "Do not warry, man, I said SO. She is very good in this kinda job" (Do not worry, my friend, I said so. She is very good in this case"
I undid the buttons of, pulled off his jeans, shorts ... Oh, God, here's what I wanted .... dick dick, my second in a handsome living. Here it is, is a stake. He was a member of her husband's long for a couple of centimeters, but in width it was already a little narrower, but very beautiful
I sucked and sucked, but my dear, meanwhile, pulled up my skirt and started to lick my pussy, it was so unexpected.
But I would like a member of: "Insert! Insert!" - I prayed.
Finally, he put me his dick. It was just fantastic, nothing like I have not experienced.
Two members of the super - and one can suck. Another fuck you. And your breasts twist, and the ass slash. I could no longer now finished in the same time received in the mouth the taste of the new German sperm, a second later, my pussy was full of her husband ....
You're probably wondering what happened then? All these days we fucked as we could and wherever they could - the sea and the mountains. Then there was some kind of an important football game on TV and my men sat and drank beer, and I sucked - unzipped their pants and their cocks, which was very nice, just two. They were drinking beer - I sucked. Once the game has taken a dangerous turn, they thrashed me on the ass - suck bad, girl. The game does not go :-)
My husband gave me to fuck hoster, so my job was to suck it every morning in the shower. Later he used to come husband and I interjected. I cook a lot of food, and they ate and I danced a striptease my Kobelkov fed me with a finger ... or with dick.
Why am I writing all this - because ARRIVE Hoster !!!
I badly want him to me as a trimmed gray goat. So expect to continue ......