They agreed at once. Part 1

They agreed at once. Money they did not have, and they urgently needed to buy vodka to quench their "thirst". On their faces was obvious that they were alcoholics with the experience and the only thing they want from life - is the money to take the next dose of alcohol. I knew where was going. They were giving me a show people in the know, and I went here knowing that a bottle of vodka can be bought here juvenile sex. Pay them enough money to buy a few bottles of vodka, I has withdrawn their girl. After leaving the house, we went to her in the barn. A past we have escaped her father. He fled to the village shop for vodka. Animal. I was relieved, since I was now sure that we will not interfere with still at least a few hours. You call me an animal is even more perverse than the father of the girl, but me has a desire, and I can not overcome it. Among other things, I better than anyone else, who will make a girl hurt by this and can cripple it ...
Usually, barns piled up a bunch of junk that nobody needs, but then I saw only a couple of broken boxes and a mattress, covered in spots, and a couple of buckets. In Saran had neither tools nor household goods. I guess it's all for a long time managed to sell. Probably not the first time their daughter makes your body parents on alcohol, I thought, looking again at zalyapany something mattress. It seems he was smeared with sperm. Zyaydya in the barn, I closed the door on zashёlku and walked over to the girl. Against the background of dark walls and rotten old mattress, this girl looked so small and helpless. I looked at her. She was 10 years long blonde hair framed her pure Russian baby face. His face showed signs of fear. His eyes were wide open and staring at me Hunted. All her thin body drozhzhalo fear and I was beginning start. "You're going to call me Uncle Misha" - I said. The girl looked at me and did not say a word. "Undress" - I ordered it. I'm tired of looking at her fright.
My body craved sex with a minor of the bitch. The girl began to slowly pull off his own summer dress. Beneath it were only a little old cotton panties. She was standing in socks and panties and looked at me. Her confusion beginning to enrage me a little. "Take off everything, including socks and stonovitsya on a mattress on the knees" - I told her, and started to get his 18-inch dick. In my 20 years, I became interested in youngsters, and then immediately turned up the chance! When I told my friend about his preferences, he will bring me out of his house, he took me through the whole village to some of the old shack. Along the way, she told me that there lived not quite hang down, bums. They have not sold their land to the house, but have already sold everything they had to buy vodka. Recently, my friend reached before the hearing that their daughter is now worth a couple of bottles of vodka. He told me that, my friend grinned and said that this is a chance for me. Money I had a lot and so I quietly opened the gate. When I went into the house, I did not even have much to say. Asked "I need to?" I just looked at their daughter through the window, which was played in the garden and as soon as he heard the price. And here she kneels in front of me on the dirty mattress. Breast her yet. On a flat tummy on the sides are the edges, and below the pubic hairs do not have any. Eyes are looking at the floor. It was evident that the girl ashamed. It can be seen, only recently started to do it and still not used to being naked. My head whirled pattern of rape of minors, and my mind more and more inferior to animal lust place. "I'll call you a slave" - I said quietly and pulled out his already standing member of the stake, I put it to her lips warm. My little slave girl slowly opened her mouth and I pushed his cock it to the end in the throat. She tried to pull away, but I did not let her do it, and began to fuck her in her little mouth. I felt like her teeth scratch the skin on my penis, but I even like it. My right hand was on her head and I clicked rhythmically on her head.
My cock started to go deeper and soon I slipped into her throat. The girl immediately pulled away and coughed. My 18 centimeters were for it too big. He thrust his cock back into her mouth, I continued to fuck her even more quickly and in a few seconds, I shot sperm in her throat with his dick as deep as possible. The girl wanted to take back his head, but I gripped her head and thrust his cock deep into her throat. I was good. It was the first orgasm with a youngster. My dick stuck in her throat and emits semen. Suddenly I felt a sip girls start feverishly to decline. Pulling a member, and walked away from his little slave. She also began to vomit and she bent double, betrayed himself from what is turbid liquid on the floor. "We have to be more careful next time, and that so she might choke on sperm" - I thought. The girl stopped to vomit and I walked over to her. In the corner stood a rusty bucket with water and I took the cup and filled it with water, the water splashed on the face TEENS. "rinse mouth" - With these words, I gave her a mug. She rinsed her mouth and even a little sipped from a mug. "Now perturbation my dick in your mouth, slave, and lick it" - I said. The girl obeyed bezprikoslovno. Licking my dick, she pulled away and began to look at me with those big eyes. Throwing her old coat hanging in the corner, and saying that she hid them, I decided to go outside to smoke. Thrusting his slightly fallen member in jeans, I went out into the fresh air. It was already evening and attacked sumerki. Taking out a cigarette, lit it, I slightly trembling hands. Yes, I did not expect this when he went to his friend at the dacha. I thought that my note session and no more. But it turned out that after the first stoparik vodka, we switched to the topic of sex. And here I am, here I stand near the barn, which sits on a mattress just ottrahanaya me in the mouth a little girl. Finished his cigarette down to the filter, I went back to the barn, noting side glance that the kitchen in the home of her parents is a light. "guzzle vodka" - I thought angrily. Lord, because such parents this child will soon get exhausted before misrecognition ...
This story is completely fictional. I would never have dared to do what is described here. The only fact which corresponds to the truth, that's what i like kids girl. If someone like this extreme story, then email me at [email protected] I'll be glad to talk with my readers.