Special procedure

With me that something had happened, doubt no more: I stopped to get pleasure from their work. Apparently, lately in me accumulating a number of small changes, which I did not notice, and now it has come true revolution in perception. Especially it became clear today when I was approached by this redhead. Why me? Perhaps she does not trust Prokoshin. What to do? I had absolutely no reason to refuse! And I was like paralyzed, I could not utter a word until she shyly undressed behind a screen. She was black with a reddish tinge shoots between his legs, to the same - strongly scented (? Before the visit to the sexologist) When she uneasily together or apart her thighs, I was literally enveloped thick wave of perfume. Her pussy seemed nasty and stupid, I felt a terrible boredom and irritation, when my fingers sank into her sweaty vulva and I realized that the redhead was seriously excited. I delved into the slippery pink cave and could not understand why I was brought to this idiotic School orgasm? What am I doing here? What clitoris routinely manipulate this cute woman lying in front of me completely naked, and even in such a shameless posture? On the hell do I dressed in a white robe that stupid? My passion for the female pussy died. She filled and stop tormenting me for many years, it has been the main engine of my career - and now I feel tired and exhausted.
Sadly thinking about it, I semi-finger slid in the right rhythm (due to years of daily practice), and my patient suddenly jerked, as if through it missed the high voltage. Actually, it is always the case, if you dig the first in a woman's life a real orgasm. Not those pathetic vershinki passion that is unique and can give his wife the average man, gifted by nature conventional capabilities, but Pobeda peak, Mount Everest, Dzhamalungmu, which is able to build a visitor only and only professional sexologist, the last arduous training at the Munich Academy of erotica. Colleagues have long got used to the voluptuous cries of my office, but the visitors of the corridor perceive them completely differently - and this is also taken into account in the work. Nothing so well does not prepare the patient for the study process and the study of its erogenous zones like listening to the sound for a certain time reactions of its predecessors. Often, the next visitor comes to my office is already quite wet, and I can only use a few simple techniques to bring about the collapse of a real sexy. This saves valuable time. Of course, in a different way to respond to everything that happens my assistants - relatively young, neobstrelyannye trainees, which I try to regularly change. The fact that excite the boy - the best for doping prepared to manipulation by women. From hornier newcomer, incidentally, comes even special delicate fragrance, immediately picked up by the women's nostrils and unmistakable subliminal. That's why I prefer to just brand new.
Finished with redhead, I went to our cafe. I was immediately dragged to the table, where there was a lively conversation. The unnecessary detail, with savory jokes from which my boxes, discussing some very complicated and confusing case of sexual disorder. Colleagues amaze me: sipping their coffee, they tirelessly analyze the smallest details of another perversion, share the results of tests, exchanged even color photographs - it is necessary to admit some genitals really deserve portraying in the name of science. Strange to think that once and I did the same, but now, barely seeing raspyalennuyu widely framed, curly blond hair Mandu, which rises triumphant clitoris middle of the fleshy labia like a whistle, I want to exclaim: chur, chur me!
Of course, this new state worries me. For half an hour I studiously avoided looking at this in its own way an outstanding window. I look over the pictures below it, to the right, to the left - just to look past. And at the same time perfectly aware that nine out of ten normal men would dearly gave to be in my place, to be able to daily witness shameful comedy undressing to get the right to put a naked visitor in any, the most outspoken position to efficiently define the most inconsiderate questions and demand detailed answers.
- So, without missing anything describe the normal sequence of lovemaking in front of your marital intercourse.
Poor usually terribly embarrassed, lowers her eyes, thick red. It is mind-boggling and, at the same time excite my questions. No one in his life, including his own mother, she had not yet told how licks sperm from supruzhninogo reel as playing with eggs ("eggs, eggs on the market"- I correct it) as before the marriage ("Only a word to her husband!" - Frightened she adds) had a chance once to go through the so-called notch-enku ... But here it is - in a special cabinet in a special institution, and a man sitting at a table in a white robe, delves into the details of her intimate life of their own curiosity but the line of duty. First I loved the moment when the visitor for the first time opens the mouth and at first slowly, haltingly, and reservations, and then it rapidly and recklessly starts to narrate about their sex lives, goes to memories of early childhood, he refers to books read, quoted sunken into the soul of scabrous passages of some novels, reminds peeped sex scenes, it is recognized in the mortal sin of masturbation. Yes, sir, human memory is a bit like the bowels of a woman living a rich and somewhat chaotic sexual life - then there just will not find at a deep examination! I remember one visitor admitted that in the age of seven, often with my dad went to football matches. Being older, I found that it gets kind of running around on the field of athletes. Almost always, to the end of the second half, she felt unusually excited, though dissatisfied. Then she walked to the exit from the stadium and waited for the athletes. Some of them are quite willing acquainted with the local fans. So my patient made friends and have visited in bed with dozens of the most famous artists. "I did not realize that I particularly admire is their muscular legs", - She said. -"But in bed, they usually turned out to be quite awkward. Hot stallions who could no more than myself". Still a member of a well-known all over the country forward to give her an unforgettable experience, and she stalked him for months, moving from city to city, to again fall into his arms. That she could still only twice, and both times it bitterly disappointed. Disabused of footballers finally, she came to our clinic. Yes, first of all it took me. It seemed pretty darn important to thoroughly understand the configuration of rare libido or, for example, to remove the temperamental lesbian from the wreckage some gracious matron. Climbing the stairs to his office, I heard a half-naked busty creation in a pink dressing gown and slippers (probably from the hospital) complained to a friend of her boyfriend.
- For me, it would be better, he was a womanizer than the masturbatory orgy at the Bears! For a woman, I would have waved a hand, as long as I did not forget to please, but these malafeyschiki ...
Her companion, I know very well: this dark-haired Kocherezhko managed to buy himself an enviable fucks drunken and generally happy, but in recent years its ability to clearly pooslabli, and she turned to us for help .... It accumulated very large reserves of unspent sexual energy . She was appointed an intensive course at the special masturbation vibrator, but still come across it twice on that lured younger patients ...
However, no matter how to delay this moment, he is sure to come: I open the door of his office and see disgustingly familiar picture: in the sight chair outstretched legs woman is prepared by my boys to the study. Judging by the condition of her Birdie until I slacking in the cafe, they have worked on glory - well, once, and I myself was irresistible! Next to the arm of the chair laid out the entire set of tools with which they have achieved the present state of the patient. At first glance it is clear that it has already taken on the plateau - to Everest at hand, but as I turn myself and get down to business? It is difficult to express, how sick to take up this huge vibrator with a floating head and heated (it will only fit a huge, bursting with the vagina - this is obvious), how lazy stick the hammer in the juicy flesh of her bosom, again, for the umpteenth time to hear her frantic screams and see the greedy fingers of my pack of dogs, voluptuously shrinkable her bouncing in time with the movements of the phallus chest! In fairness it must be admitted that the children too hard. By the end, they strongly overexcited working day, and if anything is not to come up for stress relief, forced to engage in self-stimulation before heading home. But for us in the clinic there is nothing impossible or inaccessible: Ladies come here for orgasm and for this are willing to almost everything. The unspoken practice is: closer to the end of the day any of my mates out into the corridor and looking out "sacrifice" - That the patient will be left for a snack. Thoroughly excited her, she explains that many can improve the oral sex that she needs to learn. "Course of Study" It begins immediately, and as long as I fill out the necessary papers at his desk, from behind the screen can hear characteristic pochmokivaniya - patient discharges diligently boys. Some times open downright brilliant as my helpers expressed "fuflershi" - I think their husbands should be, we are very grateful! But, however, is dozhdeshsya gratitude from this redneck ... Sometimes our reception drop ladies who just crave to sit between the patient, to gossip, to hear sounds coming from behind tightly closed doors cabinet. But this young girl I see clearly for the first time.
- This fresh, - whispers in my ear Lavrenovich nicknamed Szekely. - I do not understand that it can then look for? Nice girl, timid as a deer forest!
"As if the doe can not be a forest!" - I think with irritation. Szekely, proudly carrying their noble gray, goes along the corridor, and a girl, all pink with embarrassment, sitting under my door and is a true symbol of the hidden sensual delight. No doubt, today, the first time she heard something like the cries of March, which are distributed on our floor at any time of the year. She looks so as if she had just lost her virginity. The doors swing open, and one of my tricksy sweeping gesture invited to come. So today means ogloedy decided he borrowed a double portion ... svezhachka dissolve, felt permissiveness. It is time to change the team ... Craps fussy girl skirt and disappeared behind the door. I do not want to even imagine that now begin to perform with her. For what some forty minutes of my craftsmen will squeeze out of it all, that it can give, and even a little more. Never, never in my life it does not rise to such peaks of excitement. Before the grave she will remember this adventure begins as ordinary, until the end of days will haunt her frustration and special erotic longing ...
On leaving the clinic to me joins Jeanne, our young a specialist from Ust-Kamenogorsk. She looks sly and a little mysterious.
- And I saw last week how you ten minutes caused an orgasm at the elderly woman in the park. One conversation!
- Ah, right. She complained of innate coldness.
- But do not touch the hands, without tools! I'd like to achieve this skill. Suddenly she grustneet. How many times have I seen such a change in the mood of women! For me it is clear that Jeanne suffers from some very painful sexual dysfunction. But I myself am not feeling quite healthy.
- Jeanne, you watched the demonstration acts? - I'm interested to keep the conversation going.
- Soichi that show patients cured? - Asks it to a pitiful smile. - How many times I tried to imagine myself in the place of one of them! Alas, I was almost not excite the kind of people making love. Of course, I enjoy watching a virtuoso work of masters of erotic affairs department of the fourth, but the sexual pleasure is not in sight. I even tried manually to participate in the act, to guide movement member, to keep it at the time of discharge - no result! Frankly, all this strongly depresses me.
- Tomorrow utrechka enter the vagina Tamil balls - I recommend - and night - to me, to the office. Yes, and tack with a sharp pencil with a hard pencil. The poor girl has no idea that relates to the most rare type of women with spot orgasm. With elektroopredelitelya we will install its configuration in a few seconds "constellation" and run the mechanism ...
Ah, if with me everything would be just as easy! Perhaps the years just made me impotent? There is one single woman who is still able to warm my libido. I hesitate, I am ashamed of this creature, I never dared to appear with her on the street or in society, but the fact remains: fat lady Tamara awful turns me at any time. Tamara excessively short black dress opens the door for me. Hands it is, of course, does not stretch, do not even greet. Surely she is someone. She speaks very fast, hurry to do away with such formalities:
- Undress and sit where you want, just do not go into the bedroom. I'm done. She leaves the bedroom came the muffled sounds of some passionate fuss, sobs, groans, screams. I smoke and think that Tamara despite its heaviness, even begemotoobraznost is a bit like a little girl. Professional Whore With a decade of experience. A specialist of the highest caliber. My secret passion. Tamara comes out of the bedroom completely naked, and says:
- Lie down on the couch. Who is going to do deep massage. She moved around the room easily and smoothly, with overweight greatness. I somehow unspeakably immense concern to her chest - perhaps subconsciously I fear that I would be crushed by them.
- Well, that segment of our doctor? - Tamara begins melodiously their therapy session. It really is brilliant. How many times have I asked her to us, to the clinic, but Tamara just shrugs. She prefers the status of a free artist. For a while she strums his fingers on my flute some extremely sophisticated melody, my staff instantly cheers up, raises his head. Tamara laughs - I know this hohotok, very low, a bit on the nose. She looks at me curiously proboscis.
- As it can not be said that today was you particularly rich sex life! - She teases. Then he bends down and starts to suck in a strange grunting. As I expected, the first quarter of an hour ... quite difficult for both of us. But Tamara never retreats. I even interesting try to contain the eruption of a seed - but nothing at all is impossible, and Tamara laughs again:
- Look, what a fountain: as kashalotika! Her comparisons are always amazed me.
- Teach me to love again pussy! - I say. - Make it so that I could work again.
- Oh, it's just - she says quietly. - I know what you need, Doctor. I will hold a session with you "ingestion". About this, I do not even heard.
- What do you mean, explain?
- Special arrangements. You will feel that squeeze between my labia, with a force of pushing their head plunged into a long and slippery corridor-the vagina, the uterus flops and swim a few hours there in the darkness, warmth and security. And then I'm back "face" you push out into the world - and you'll be fresh as a cucumber, pink as a baby!
- This hypnosis, Tom?
- You talk too much, doctor - I hear her muffled voice, and suddenly feel like it is approaching the giant vulva stretched, stretched on my face. Seeing the big lips, pink clitoris, I suddenly slipped in the wet, dark depths, pushes moving deeper and deeper, feeling calmer and calmer, feeling blissful peace and gratitude ...
- Lord, if only she had not forgotten to have me back! - I still have time to think.