Girl on the road

Eddie Wright slowly drove down the highway in his luxury limousine managing to consider all that has been on both sides of the road. He felt great today. The only thing that lacked it, so it's a woman .. "Well nothing" - He thought. - " Zayed the first tavern and buy the first got the girl." The day was very hot, with Eddie under his shirt and sweat was pouring all this fueled his sexual instinct.
So, Eddie Wright raced to his car. Suddenly he saw a hundred meters ahead on the left edge of the highway and she held up her hand. Eddie slightly slowed the car and twenty seconds gradually stopped next to the girl. She walked to the limo and opened the door and looked inside.
Eddie suddenly saw that this is not no girl, and very young girl. For a second, he gave her to look at eleven.
Now we need to tell most unpleasant news. Eddie Wright was in a sense a pervert. Or rather, he preferred to adult women little girls. In life, it was not so much erotic adventures associated with age from ten to thirteen years - the most charming and seductive age as Eddie thought.
The first time he had experienced such sexual experiences, being about the same age, the second time - in the resort of the Mediterranean Sea. Then he met a charming woman of forty, who was spending the summer with her youngest, a nine-year daughter.
My daughter was precocious and, if not vigilant mother, do not know what would have happened from their secret mutual passion. In any case, while the case was over the fact that they are - in the room where the baby lived, at the time when the mother went to bathe, have merged in a hot kiss. Eddie then fingered baby as soon as he could. He had lifted the girl skirt and stroked her bare stomach. He had brought his hand to his underpants, ready to get under them, but at that moment a vigilant guard returned and they barely had time to freshen up. That's all over. Since Eddie craved a new meeting with the little girl. Of course, he could hire the services of a pimp, but it was too expensive, he thought. But it's all so ... by the way. So, the girl looked into the cockpit and asked gentle voice:
- Mister, would you like to have a good time?
Eddie Wright stunned. That he did not expect and was silent for a few seconds. Then he asked:
- Are you, or what?
- Yes, Mr. - she replied.
- Come, sit down - Eddie brightened.
The girl sat on the seat and slammed the door behind him. Now Eddie could see it more closely.
Indeed, she was the type of not more than eleven years. She was remarkably beautiful.
Blond short hair perfectly in harmony with the matte tan of her skin. Facial features were almost impeccable, except for the nose, which was almost flattened. Figurine it was perfect. Fragile, delicate, flexible and remarkably voluptuous. The girl seemed to radiate the strongest flavor of sexy, pervasive passion. Her dress was easy. Its as if there were. Two thin thread as a strapless, respectively a very low neckline, which does not even hide the start of the swelling of her breasts, which, oddly enough, also have been viewed. Bra on it, of course it was not. Moreover, the dress was so thin that through matter could see the shape of the nipples of her breasts - small and round. At the bottom of the dress it was also very short - ten centimeters above the knee. It seemed as if all of a sudden the wind blows and the edge of a little dress is lifted immediately naked thighs and her panties. When Eddie saw this picture, a member of his pants immediately tensed.
- Not bad - he thought. -What's Your name and how old are you?
- I was ten and a half - she replied, not at all embarrassed. - My name is Dolly.
- Well, Dolly - Eddie said. - And what do you want me to propose?
- If you - Dolly said cheerfully, - pay me $ 50, I am at your disposal for half an hour.
- So - I handed Eddie. - And I will not be arrested for communicating with a minor?
- Well, because no one will see - said Dolly.
Eddie thought. You can not miss it in any case. Fifty dollars is not money. At pimps such pleasure is not less than a thousand. But half an hour - it is not enough. And Eddie immediately decided:
- You know what - he said. - I probably agree. Just tell me how much you earn in this way for a day?
- While not at all - said Dolly. - I just decided to save money today. Simply, I want to buy an expensive dress and suit. And they cost four hundred and twenty.
- Here's how - Eddie asked. - Well, then I will offer you another option. Now come with me to the city to my home. I'll give you five hundred at once, so you could buy a suit and even what you want.
After two hours, I'll bring you back. Agree? Bear in mind that if you catch a car on the road every half hour, landed in the end the police and another will lose all the money. And I'll pay everything at once. Progress.
Dolly thought that a counting in the mind, then suddenly said:
- Let's go, only two hours.
Eddie squeezed the trigger and they rushed forward. Ten minutes later, the car has braked Eddie House. He entered the gate, locked them, and then look back, not see whether its from the neighboring houses, Dolly brought the hand out of the car and quickly entered the house.
Eddie Wright already had to consider the way in everything he's going to do. He was not going to just go and sleep with Dolii as with other women. Oh, it was a completely different case. So lucky every day. He would like for those few hours to satisfy their sexual fantasies. That is, to translate dreams into reality. But such fantasies he had set. Eddie remembered the most powerful of them.
For example, several years ago, he was often at night, lying in bed, closed his eyes and imagined as a friend on the street with the girl, then treats her ice cream and candy, and then offers a confidential tone to see one little thing. The girl agrees. They come in any entrance, are in a secluded corner and then he unzips his pants and shows the astonished girl his penis and asks her to touch him.
Or here's another ... He is a teacher. One of his students, he invites home for further study.
At home, he accidentally spills water on it. She is confused and does not know what to do. Then he graciously allows her to undress and dry clothes. Girl stripped to his shorts and T-shirts, but he says that it is soaked through. To avoid infection, she should remove all. Pupil shy, but even more afraid to disobey his teacher and so pulls off his clothes residues ... and so on.
If the thought - thought of Eddie Wright, these scenes brought so much pleasure, how cool it is to be in life. Only need to persuade Dolly.
So, Eddie Wright introduced Dolly to the top of his house - in his bedroom.
- Located - he said. - Fell yourself like at your own home.
- ...Aha - said Dolly. - And me, undress?
- Wait, wait - Wright replied. - Just listen a minute, I'll tell you. He led her to the couch, I sat down himself, and Dolly sat.
- Speaking ... I did not just pay you so much money. If I wanted to be just satisfied with you, I could do it in the car. But the fact that adult males are much more interesting just to talk with someone like you, talk to, pat, touch them. They come to mind most absurd, at first glance, the desire. And you have to satisfy them. It is your job at the moment. Understood?
- So and what you want - I asked Dolly?
- Now I think about it - Eddie said. - You and I have the disposal of two hours. Here's another fifty dollars, put them.
- Well, that - he went on, when Dolly hid the money - let's do to start this. I want to first do not you undressed, and I. I'll get up in front of you - and Eddie stood up from the couch and turned to Dolly sitting so that his stomach rose to the level of her eyes - and lowered his pants. And you tell me beautiful if I cock?
He undid the belt on his pants, dropped them on the floor, then turned down the top edge of the shirt and slowly pulled the panties to her knees, as do patients to the doctor.
His cock, the strained with excitement, jumped out of his shorts and wet end almost touched the chin Dolly - That obviously did not expect this and drew back.
- Well, that was scared - said, trembling with emotion Eddie's voice. - Touch this thing, do not be afraid.
Then Dolly touched his fingers to his flesh and held at arm member. He felt the touch of it, that can end at any moment, and yet asked:
- A bit more. Hold his hand and masturbate a little bit, as do boys.
Dolly is performed, and several times, tightly clasping member in his hands, pulled his hand back and forth.
- That's enough, thank you, - he said, and took her hand to the side. Now for the other. You can sit quietly and do nothing. I just look at you.
Eddie took off pants and underwear down, threw them to the side and sat down in front of Dolly's lap. Without taking his eyes off the naked knees girl, from her light dress, he took his cock in his hand and put it between the calves Dolly. He put the palms of her hips. So, patting the girl on bare feet - from the knees to the edge of the board, he began to masturbate dick in her calves.
He can finish at any moment, but restrained himself and took a minute later a member of her legs. Eddie panting with excitement. To calm down a little, he asked Dolly to wait a bit, ran into the bathroom and washed his face with ice water. A little calmer, he came back into the room and saw that the little prostitute, still sitting on the couch. Eddie - he summed together. Still it was a shirt.
- Well - he said. - I love Dolly, you're behaving. Not for nothing, I have given you so much money. Now we are with you something else interesting about it.
- But that - asked Dolly?
- Look here, my dear, - Eddie said. Get in a minute on the sofa quickly.
He pushed Dolly, she climbed with her legs on the couch and stared at him.
- Try to get on their feet and hands, like a dog - asked Eddie. Look, I'll show you - how.
And he got up on all fours. Dolly dutifully repeated shown. Worried view crumb
such an erotic pose, little Eddie corrected her and said:
- Very good, all right. - Now you stand so that you and I lowered her panties and kiss your ass.
Dolly did not move, and then Eddie got her in the same pose, his head bent down, then he lifted the dress up, bent it and froze.
Before him bulged skinny ass eleven girls in shorts and he is now able to expose its own. And Eddie, shivering, fluid motion, pulled her pants up to your knees, brought his lips to the pope, stuck out his tongue and ran it over the skin. It is a little lick ass everywhere, then he walked to the center, found the language of the anus and stared at the hole strong and deep kiss. Dolly shivered - whether from tickling, or surprise, but Eddie would not let her. Instead, he grabbed her by the hips, held her with strength and became already in great ecstasy lick and suck her anus. Gradually, he promoted his mouth even lower and suddenly felt his tongue is another hole. Eddie realized that it pisya girls. Then he turned Dolly strong movement back, pulled up her dress to her stomach, pulled the pants down, spread her legs and passionately kiss passionately stared into her vagina. He sucked and sucked it deep inside thrusting tongue, licking and nibbling the place where he was to be the clitoris. He - licked her labia, her crotch, not covered with hair and all her sex gap. And suddenly the strongest orgasm - from the friction member of the sheet and shook it. He groaned and put his arm around Dolly's shoulders.
After lying for several minutes, exhausted, Eddie finally got up and asked Dolly wait, went into the other room and sat down in the chair. At his disposal was still plenty of time - an hour.
For a whole hour alone with the little girl. It was fantastic. So what else is to come up with him to breathtaking. He has already received an orgasm without even touching a member of the body of Dolly, rousing himself not only physical touch, but mostly depraved thoughts and actions. So much for him in those moments meant just as he understood the words that he said Dolly, and the words that he had heard back from her.
So, what is come up? Different versions of Eddie flashed in my head, but they all seemed to him, were not sufficiently attractive and sharp. Finally, a thought struck him more sharply and immediately made sweet zanyt his body.
Eddie provided that they currently Dolly could play a child's game - in the doctor's office.
When he was the same age as Dolly now, they are the guys often climbing into some sort of nook, playing doctor. Of course, if they really wanted in their game and the girls attended, but unfortunately, they did not have those girlfriends and they had to satisfy their desire for contemplation of naked bodies in a purely boyish campaign.
So, now you can try to play this game with a more attractive partner - with a charming schoolgirl - Girl Scouts. Initially, Eddie introduced in place of the doctor himself - it was pretty darn attractive, but then he thought that to speak in this situation as a patient - even more interesting. And in the end, and you can then swap roles as they did with the boys.
So, Eddie resolutely stood up and went into the room where he was waiting for Dolly. That is no longer sitting on the sofa in the stillness. She walked around the room, curiously examining the various trinkets.
- Like me - Eddie asked from the doorway?
- Aha - said Dolly. - I have a flat.
- Will and when or whether you have such - he said Eddi.- Listen, Dolly, you and I still have time ... and now I have to you, there is another rather unusual proposal.
- What? - Asked Dolly.
- Look - he said, sitting in a chair, Eddie. - You guys probably often play together. Come tell me, what are your favorite games?
- Well, what - thought Dolly. - Hide and seek play, croquet, boules, in school - tennis.
- Well, okay - Eddie said. - But when you stay one ... What kind of game you love? Well, you know, such that adults do not see.
- What is - surprise repeated Dolly? - I dont know...
- So I do not know, - Eddie said. - And here, for example, you play in the doctor?
- What the doctor - not understood Dolly?
- In the doctor and the patient - Eddie explained. - Here look. You will be like a doctor, and I - your patient. Well, imagine, come on, what do you thirty years, and I was ten. And so I come to you in a room and you have to explore and heal me. Well, that, you understand?
- I got it - surprised handed Dolly.
It was surprising in this house for her. It is expected that the man who agrees to its proposal, just take her somewhere zaderet her dress and fuck her in a few minutes. With the same Eddie's it is not so. He was very polite to her, and still he had not even tried to insert his penis into her pussy. But he kissed her so hard between the legs. Well, however, he paid her fine and she, of course, to indulge the man around. Now he wants to play with her doctor. Of course, Dolly knew immediately that this game - again, the next strip. One day she was playing so with his older cousin. Then they were to each other in such a relationship, when the difference of the sexes plays no value. They almost did not hesitate to each other. And very naturally it happened once so that they left the house together, both felt desire to see each other naked. But just because they are too shy to say so, and then Mike suggested a game of doctor. They locked themselves in the farthest little room, Mike pulled the old white robe, and they started the game, sinking guilt. Dolly was only seven years old, and Mike - eleven, and of course Dolly was still just a girl - skinny and undeveloped. Mike asked her what she hurts and Dolly, a little thought, said that the chest pain.
Satisfied, Mike said: - Then, the patient, undress, and Dolly quickly pulled off her dress. Mike laid her down on the couch and began to feel her body, wondering all the time - and here hurt? He, of course, very much wanted to remove her panties, and, Dolly, but not allowed to do it, and Mike, felt enough, finally allowed to get dressed. That's all over ...
But now it faced a more serious game. Only one Dolly could not understand why Eddie wants to be patient. Because then not have to undress her and to him. But the time for reflection was not. Eddie had already pulled her hand for a Dolly - obediently followed him. They went into a small room with blackout curtains, why the room was dim.
- Sit down at this table, - Eddie said. - I'll go out and knock. So do not forget - it's a game.
Well, - said Dolly.
Eddie came out and stood for a few seconds behind the door, knocked on the door and asked:
- You can enter?
- Sign - said Dolly doctor.
Eddie went to the table, sat down on a chair and said:
- Doctor, help. I seem to be ill.
- What hurts you? - The girl asked.
- I have a stomach ache, at the very bottom, - Eddie said, and paused, waiting for an answer.
Dolly was silent for a few seconds, but then remembered that it is good to play its role,
She said:
- Well, the sick, let's see what happened to you. Undress and lie down on the sofa.
Eddie was dying with excitement. The absurdity of this situation aroused him. This can only dream dream. Charming teenage girl forces him to undress, an adult male.
Eddie stood up, walked over to the couch, unbuttoned his pants and took off their pants. Then, turning to the table and asked:
- Doctor, how to undress?
- Until pants - without batting an eye, he answered Dolly.
- Good.
Eddie took off his shirt and shorts in which the strained furiously beat his dick, lay down on his back. Dolly stood up, walked over to the couch and sat down next to Eddie. She looked him up and down, pretending to be looking for his illness. She hated to touch his naked body, but apparently it was not possible to avoid it, and he asked:
- Well, where does it hurt?
- Here, the doctor - said Eddie, and pointed to the spot, fully closed cloth panties - on the front of the thigh.
- So - Dolly touched this place. - Here?
- Yes, here - Eddie said. - But perhaps that bad looking. If you prefer, you can pull the pants.
Wow convenient, thought Dolly. But Eddie was looking at her, as if urging gaze and she said - well, reached out to the underpants, took up the gum and pulled her down. Pants began sliding and came out of them straight into the hands of Dolly's tight, wet cock. Eddie closed his eyes and moaned in bliss.
- Remove them all, - he whispered.
Dolly had to pull the pants up to the end and set aside. Now this man lying in front of it at all - completely naked.
To finish quickly with this situation, Dolly felt the thigh Eddy, and said:
- Yes, you there is a tumor. I will appoint you a medicine. You can get dressed.
And she looked at him questioningly. Eddie really wanted to continue the scene, but he knew a little more - and he again to finish, and he would even extend such a pleasure.
- Well, the doctor - he said, and began to dress. - Good for you, Dolly, a real actress. Well performed her role.
Eddie quickly dressed and sitting on the sofa, looked at Dolly. She sat as if nothing had happened and looked away. Once the acute painful sense of the impossibility of what is happening seized Eddie. He looked at the little girl in a light dress, he saw her bare calves, ankles, knees, shoulders and exposed her neck, her hair, ears and eyebrows. He could see the light, faint hairs on her skin. And it now belonged to him. Eddie got up, took Dolly's arm and said:
- Come with me, girl.
He led her through two rooms - in my bedroom, closed the door and said:
- Well, my dear, I'm sleeping here. I live alone and at night me, it is very boring.
Imagine, one in a big house. I come here to the bed, undress, as just in front of you, hearth climb into bed and toss and turn, trying to sleep. Well, what are you with me now. Maybe, Dolly, we'll lie down in bed together. To me it would be very nice.
- As you wish - said ... Dolly. - We've still got a little time.
- Miraculously, - Eddie said. - Then come to bed. I will help you undress. Eddie sat on the bed sheet and Dolly stood before him in full growth.
- Raised baby dress. Do not be shy, I only see what your panties.
- So? - Dolly said, lifting up her skirt .. So, so - Eddie whispered, unable to look away from the type of bare legs, little white panties and skirt battened down a ten-year girl. - A little more up.
Dolly fulfilled and it fell open and Eddie edge naked belly.
- Very good - Eddie said. - And now let me alone a little help you undress further. And with that, he grabbed the edge of the dress and he pulled it up. Dolly raised her hands up, fidgeted shoulders, making it easier for men. She was funny in those few seconds that the seriousness that this stripping her man tried to portray. Quickly to the end already - thought Dolly.
Just think - to undress in front of a man.
And Eddie was shaking with bliss. Each new touch to the body of the girl incited him more and more. Finally, he pulled off his clothes and put it aside. Now he could admire the half-naked teenager. He grabbed Dolly hips a little lower panties, pulled her to him and studied the girl closely. That was in his shorts and looked over his shoulder, her seducer. Then Dolly felt like a man lay down his hand on her chest and stroked her nipples.
The girl knew that her breasts are still very small and she did not understand what all the interest they may cause in boys, and even more so in adult males. Her slightly protruding pink nipples she felt chest. A palm Eddie, felt and examined it in this place, fell below and began to stroke her stomach. Touch Eddie Dolly brought any negative emotions.
On the contrary, it was even a bit pleased - it was already a kind of feminine. Her surprise only unusual, very passionate behavior of this man. But, nevertheless, Dolly was standing upright in front of him and let him play with her naked belly. Men's warm, slightly moist hand stroking her skin with undisguised relish. " Oh .." - He forced himself to think of Eddie. - "If now slide his hand down her panties under the transparency. If you feel the outside of the hand light little white cotton panties - the sole remaining in the ten-year girl clothes, and the very hand - to stroke her between her legs, touching the hollow, cherished slits, fluffy short hairs on the cherished place." Eddie violently aroused in these thoughts myself to the pleasure of happening was even stronger. He knew that now it will be so, and that no one can prevent it from doing so. They were alone in a tightly locked house. Eddie continued to stroke Dolly on bare stomach, still not daring to fondest action. His cock was all wet and the strained ...
And Eddie girl drew a little closer to him, putting it at between spaced knees, held her left hand on her waist, took his finger tips over the edge of panties and pulled them down. He pulled them off-but only up to the lower abdomen. He slowly ran his palm over her body from her breasts and down - to the groin. Then paused for a second and finally a sharp movement pulled her panties down to her knees and immediately stuck his hand between the legs bare.
Feeling sexually hollow fingers, he began to feel, to stroke her. Dolly inertia slightly spread her legs at the knees and Eddie, carefully watching his hand, put his index finger in the vagina and the girl, feeling a little clitoris, began to excite and rub it. Dolly just moaned, she was nice. Then Eddie jumped, lifted her up and laid her on the couch.
She lay down, gently and sweetly reaching the whole body, and asked:
- Briefs something completely remove?
- Of course, my little - Eddie said. - And I, if you do not mind, I am also a little undress.
So you and I will be more pleasant to lie. Good?
- Yeah, - he muttered under his breath Dolly. - Only we have little time.
- Well, there's still half an hour - said Eddie began, never taking his eyes off Dolly undress.
Dropped on the floor a shirt, pants, skirts. He is completely naked. A naked girl lying on her back and sucks the finger in front of him. Eddie with protruding forward member crawled to Dolly, she slung over one arm and a leg to stand on her hands and knees. She took the finger out of his mouth, and, knowing that now it will be fucking, settled back and spread her legs. Eddie has not honored himself. He slowly lowered his whole body on the girl felt it all at once, and felt, as a member of surrender between their bellies. Sperm was ready to break out the hot jet, it was enough just a little rub. And Eddie, embraced Dolly, kissed the girl in wet, obslyunyavlennye lips, took her soft warm tongue into his mouth and sucking on it, at the same time lower the right arm down, grabbed a member, led to the vagina and feeling for the head hole, too little wet strong and gently drove to a member.
Feeling like he rested, and not to drive it deeper, he began to make rapid runs and within seconds realized that ends. It is even harder pressed to her Dolly and thrust his tongue deeply into her mouth. Hot semen poured into the vagina and Dolly Edde quivered from the strongest orgasm.