Orgasm in the Lunar park

I decided to share with you my fantasies. Do not judge strictly; for me is very important support. If you correctly appreciated my work and periodically maintained advice and a kind word, I would be very grateful. If you do not like it, be sure to write why ... I will be glad to any feedback and suggestions. Yours sincerely, ELANIUS !!!
I will tell you an episode from my life. It was summer. The student's time, exams ... And the will of fate, I found myself on the edge of the province. It should be, you know, to gather input for the report. So, narrow green streets, curious glances of passers-by and hotel, a pancake. So you do not want! But duty above all else, and the cozy room "no cockroaches" I have a notebook, pen and mobile phone in the hope to get another respected local muzeya.Stranno worker, remember how did the university. On examination there was a girl in the crowd. Yes, there are many, but the sight of it alone, right? Ira, so it's zvali.Nu phone I badly tortured with a sense of accomplishment left the gloomy hotel and went for a walk. The evening, a couple in love, according to the central bridge of the race on tractors, and suddenly: - Hi, how are you beautiful girl, bright eyes, lips - a bit arrogant, but what hips. The darkness hid a lot, but the shoulders, thick hair, and feeling that it is difficult to hold back when you know that povezёt.- Nothing. How are you? - I say ridiculous, but just try to pull yourself together when fitting a topic, and you know what is expected breasts; and the question in her eyes - a desire to be a child, the desire to touch and feel the divine fragrance strasti.Para phrases, there was a pause. Oh, there was, there was not! I took her hand, and her warmth was mine. "Without T-shirts she's good" - I thought, and nipples, which are asked to caress them. And below, where tight jeans decorated belly and ask: take off and take it. And then these words: - Well, I know? I'm glad you videt.Gospodi is it - Irina. The girl, which I stared and almost failed the entrance. We embraced, I drew attention to the perfect ass and could not help but think of fluffy stripes that adorn women's moisture. The walk lasted longer than I expected. And suddenly I made a decision. The shady square in the midnight moon light seemed too tempting to pass up. We sat down, her voice, the look in his eyes ... She did not resist when my hand on her waist - lower and lower, and slender legs are invited to disrupt wet butonchik.Krov played out, and I could not resist. I began to kiss her. The mild buzz - I caressing her tongue and gently sucked her lips. Her breath gave peace and passion that lurked between the magnificent breasts. She fiddled with them and caressed menya.Mne seemed all my life I caressed the velvety neck, the shoulders of her. Ears, and they responded to my whisper. The hand I was stroking crotch, and fingers inching released treasured triangle wet petals of excitement. Her breathing became more frequent. She prostonala- WANT !!! - and its slightly pendulous breasts slid vniz.Gvozd program - it was her mouth, caressing my flushed device. And then, as she squeezed the testicles and spit ass. And every kiss. Oh, how beautiful her holes - wet sweet! And for a moment she stopped to make sure that all thoughts were only of her. I just felt like it was blowing me deeper. It's a wild cat. Her taste on the lips - and the feeling that she was there. Its elastic pussy gave hope for! A! orgasm that every second brought nearer naslazhdenie.I Now, she sucks my dick slippery, and it explodes right into her mouth. And for a long time in the bush, I can not fuck this krasotku.Tolko the morning we agreed that more poshepchemsya, with far more than once ... The_End !!!
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