The return of the former.

I had a hard time, and I have just returned home after work. The day seemed to never end. I was feverish, sweaty and tired. The only thing I really wanted to - it's a long relaxing shower.
When I began to undress, the kitchen door was closed. I threw off my clothes, noting it their way into the bathroom going through the living room and hallway in the direction of the bedroom. I hopped into the bedroom for a change of clothes, then ran to the bathroom to the long-awaited soul. I adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature, and was about to step under the stream, but I remembered that there is no shampoo in the bathroom. He ended, and the new I have not suffered from the bathroom cupboard in the kitchen, because the morning was late for work. I rushed into the kitchen, but stopped in the hallway, when suddenly felt that I was not here alone. I stifled a cry, knowing a man, sitting on my couch, Dima, my ex-husband. His appearance provoked in me a surge of anger.
"What the hell are you doing here?"- I screamed with hatred.
Dima grinned lazy cat grin, after having gorged itself cream that made me suddenly realize that I am standing in the hallway stark naked. I dismissed the thought shy man who saw me naked every day for 8 years.
"What are you talking about? I do that, I can not check on his wife?"- He asked innocently, still grinning.
"former wife"- I corrected him. We Dima went almost a year ago. His problem was gambling, and one day, after returning home, I went to an empty apartment. He brought out all! Even my clothes! There was only a note, explaining that you have to pay the debts. On this day, I filed for divorce. Dima did not even try to protest.
Dima got up and ran his hands over her hips down, adjusting his shirt. I felt deep inside me something ached at the sight of its stunning figure.
"You're waiting for someone?"- He asked, in my eyes at my naked body.
I winced and frowned: "It's none of your business!"
He took three steps in my direction. In his eyes was pure lust. "Yes, but that's my business, when it comes to my wife". He said it with severity in his voice.
His tone struck me, I had never heard him talk like that. "Ex-wife". Again I corrected him, but the words stuck in my throat and sounded by a stranger, even for me. Dima smiled, standing by me at arm's length. I crossed my arms and began to breathe deeply, to regain composure.
"Ex-wife", - He said, nodding his head, as if after so many months, he has just realized that this is true. "So you're with someone you meet?", - he asked. I shook my head, feeling like my whole body tensed from his proximity. "Do you miss me?"- He asked, and I was going to nod your head, but forced herself to stop.
"I really like to go home, knowing that the furniture will be there, where I had left"- I retorted with hatred. He chuckled, and shivers ran over my skin, and my hatred suddenly gone somewhere.
"You look beautiful", - He said softly and leaned in for a kiss. I turned her head to avoid the kiss, but my body and mind screamed desire.
"Do not"- I said quietly, in fact, not wanting it.
He arched his eyebrows and frowned. "I know you want me. I can feel it by smell"- He said with a smile. I looked at his stern blue eyes, opened mouth, not knowing what to say, and closed it again. "Do not flatter yourself. I want many"- I snapped resentfully. Despite this slap in the face, his expression was more puzzled than angry. I guess I got to the point. Suddenly his eyes became hard and cold. So cold that I fear has taken a step back. I saw anger and something else ran down his face, but then everything went.
"I think I've earned it", - he said. I nodded in agreement.
"You deserve even more"- I added. He nodded his head in agreement.
"Yes, I am sure that all is well, but what you deserve, my dear?", - he asked.
Suddenly he changed right before our eyes. I have not seen my ex-husband, I saw in front of a stranger. It was someone with a very familiar face and body, but that was not the Dima, whom I knew and who once loved. "I? I deserve someone who would love me and have not lost our belongings in the cards! I deserve someone who will be with me and give me what I really deserve it!"- I shouted at him and turned back toward the bedroom. I thought that in order to argue with her ex-husband, I should at least get dressed. I saw that Dima moved in my direction. I tensed, waiting for the slap, which I was sure he will reward me. Instead, he grabbed me by the arm and turned to face him.
Before I was able to slip out of his iron grip, he grabbed my hands and pressed them to his sides. Suddenly his lips roughly pressed against mine. He pressed my body to his and kiss melted the hatred inside me. His tongue penetrated my mouth and led the hunt for my tongue. I think I moaned, and I know that I leaned closer to him, trying to clasp his hands behind his belt, but he did not allow this. He kept me firmly in place. The kiss broke off, and I was stunned, looking for his lips. So long ago, I did not touch it, and it's true that I missed my Dime. From the first day I knew he was the best lover in the world, and even after the divorce, I knew that I miss his cock more than other men.
"I'm going to give you what you deserve, little slut"- He cried.
I was shocked by these words and the tone of his voice. I tried to break free, but his hold did not weaken, on the contrary, he squeezed me tighter, causing pain. "Oh, let me go, asshole! It hurts me, Dima!"- I whimpered, but he just laughed.
"This is nothing compared to what was about to happen", - He told me, and my heart pounded with fear. He laughed again, and I knew that the reason for this was the fear, reflected on my face. Dima roughly pushed me toward the bedroom. I stumbled, but kept the balance before the fall. I quickly turned around to face him.
"What the hell is going on with you, Dim?"- I demanded.
He laughed, but his eyes remained serious, and said sarcastically: "I have only one problem: one little tramp like you naked walks around the house, in which the curtains are always open to the whole world could look at her. You need a man who will give you what you deserve, and that's exactly what I plan to do"
From the surprise and anger caused by his humiliating words, it took my breath away. "You think, damn you ... "- I started to say, but I was stopped by a slap. Tears instantly filled my eyes, and my hand timidly reached for burning reddened cheek.
"Shut up, whore!"- He yelled, and I stepped back, when he took a step toward me, Dima had never hit me, except that the playful slaps backside. "I thought a lot about you lately, and very much missed you, and the more hurt me that I saw when I came to see you. WHORE! Well, if you want to be a whore, I'll treat you like a whore" He screamed in my face, I closed my eyes, tears streamed down my face. I hated it, I hated his words, I hated my body, which wanted it, even at this moment.
"Dima, please, do not ... "- I sobbed, but the second slap on the other cheek made me fall on the edge of the bed.
"I said, shut your fucking mouth, slut"- He yelled, grabbing the hand of my hair, and rejected my head back so that I was forced to look at it again. He smiled ... looking down at me, it was obvious that he enjoys my tears. "You run around the house naked. You called me a bum. Then get to the Boss's ass, you dirty little pussy"- He yelled. My whole body was covered with goose bumps. "Somewhere here the water flows?"- Finally he asked, hearing the sound of the soul. I nodded. " I was going to take a shower. That's why I was naked. I just... "- I was trying to defend himself, because the horror that bubbled in my throat, was ready to break out.
"Shut up!"- He shouted, and his hand gripped my hair, and his face came close to mine on a few centimeters. "Great idea, whore! We need to clean up your goddamned pussy. Who knows how many members you fucked today"- He said with a devilish grin.
I began to cry: "Dima, please, stop. I was no one after you". I was sobbing, not planning to tell him before this, but judging by his actions, I had no confidence that he was going to do to me next. Shine in his eyes told me that he believed me, but he lifted me out of bed by the hair and dragged him toward the bathroom. I kicked and screamed, trying to get away, but he did not give me a chance. The bathroom Dima literally shoved me in a bath, tied my hands shower curtain, tearing it from the mount. Dima looked frowning curtain, then threw her to the door. I heard he knocked on the bedroom wall. I wrapped her arms around her knees, pressed them to his chest and sobbed, water flowed through my body, but Dima towered over me.
With his hands on his hips, he looked at me. "Call me Boss"- He asked.
I looked at him with eyes full of hatred. "Fuck you"- I spat at him. His hand darted quickly down, hit me on the cheek, and he continued to smile at me.
"Call me Boss"- He asked again.
Deliberately not looking at him, I bowed my head, dropping her to her knees, ignoring his requirements. Suddenly, I cried, because he reached out, grabbed me by the hair and put it on the feet. He spun me and shoved me into the wall, lined with ceramic tiles. Hold me by the hair, he pressed my cheek against the wall and again demanded: "Call me Boss"
I refused to speak a word, and the tears rolled down my face. There was a long pause, but his grip on my neck did not let up for a second. Suddenly I heard a whistling sound and felt a searing sharp pain and realized that Dima belt imprinted on my back. "Oh oh oh!"- I cried, but faster than I had time to catch his breath, another blow hit me again, this time even stronger than the first one, then another one is the strongest. "Dima, please stop!"- I cried, received another blow.
"Master!"- Dima strictly corrected me, and another blow fell this time on the lower back. I screamed and would have fallen to his knees, if he had not held me by the hair.
"Master, please do not, please do not!"- I pleaded, unable to bear the blows with a belt.
Suddenly I felt that the body of Dima hugged me, and I knew he was with me in the shower. His hands gently stroked my painful red ispolosovannaya back and ass, and he kissed me on the neck. "You see, because it was not so hard, right?"- He whispered, and I felt his hot breath on her neck and ear and shivered. Rejecting my head back by the hair, he kissed me on the neck and the other hand he stretched out to play with my breast size 3. His fingers teased my nipples and licked his tongue running down my neck water. I moaned, and while I'm not going to do it, I could not resist. He grabbed and pinched my nipples, pressed his already standing member in my ass. I could hear his breathing quickens when he rubbed his groin on my round smooth ass. I moaned as my ass more tightly pressed against him. I was in a helpless position.
Dima ran his hand over my chest and stomach and reached my newly shaved pubis. "Damn it, you're wet. You're depraved little whore, right?", - he asked. His breath caressed my flesh, his fingers fiddling with my clitoris.
I moaned again, nodding in response. My whole body was burning with fire from his touch.
"On your knees, bitch"- He asked, and I immediately obeyed.
I am no longer afraid of him, on the contrary I am more afraid that he will stop it. I felt like my juices dripping down my thighs when I knelt down to his ass, nipples pressed against the cold porcelain bathtubs. My pussy throbbed so that I was even a little hurt. Scars on my back and ass burned by hot water. I knelt humbly waiting to see next to me fell on the floor drenched shirt. I glanced back and saw his huge muscled torso.
I shivered. I've always loved Dima's body and have forgotten how to turn me on, when he undressed. I felt that he leaned over me, and, glancing up, I saw that he took a washcloth and soap. I looked at him again, and, probably, my desires are reflected in my eyes, because he laughed.
"Soon, my slut. Soon, but first you need to clean up from all the members, which you have visited"- He said with hatred in his eyes. Suddenly I really wanted to hate this has disappeared, to do something to erase it.
"Dima, it's true, I did not have ... "- I started to say, but a slap on my ass already sick made me cry and pleas to stop.
"Master! I no longer wish to hear it. You are my whore, and I'm going to show you right now how to deal with whores"- He said, soaping washcloth.
I bowed my head in shame, despite the fact that his words were not true, they hear from it was still disappointing. Suddenly I felt a soapy washcloth went through my round buttocks. A rough sponge and soap ignited my ass beaten. I whimpered, and he quite laughed, spreading my buttocks and rubbing coarse washcloth between them. Then sponge slid my cunt and began to rub her roughly. I felt like a sponge penetrates my pussy and cried when soap stung my insides. I was crying non-stop, but Dima did not seem to hear me, but I think it's just a little worried about him. Then he did the same with my narrow anus. I screamed when he covered with sponge finger penetrated my narrow virgin anus.
"I see that you still will not allow anyone to reach you here. Do not worry, my little slut, I'll do it with you" He laughed, and I began to sob. He was not going to be gentle thrusting and pulling your finger out of my narrow anus. Then he set the shower rack so as to wash off my soap. When he was sure I was clean, he again grabbed me by the hair and turned me to face him. I looked at him with red-rimmed eyes filled with tears. My eyes were level with his hard cock sticking out. I did not notice when he had to withdraw panties, but was glad to see him again 20-inch cock. My mouth was opened immediately, and I almost planted his mouth on his hard cock. His hand in my hair squeezed them, making me briefly interrupted. I groaned with desire.
"And you asked permission, a whore? Good whores always ask a member of the Master"- He said, smiling at me from above.
"Oh, Dima, please!"- I begged, while his cock once again entered my mouth, and then he held me by the hair.
He yanked my hair back, making me scream in pain. Then he lowered his other hand and pinched my nipple. His fingers twisted and pulled it until I moaned. Then he let him go, watching as my chest, swaying, ... returned to its original state. "Ask your Boss, Bitch"- He asked.
"Oh, Master, please fuck me in the mouth"- I prayed, licking his lips and looking at him expectantly. Dima smiled and stuck all of their 20 centimeters deep in my throat, causing my gag reflex. I had forgotten how good it was in my mouth. I looked into his eyes, while my mouth was moving back and forth in his trunk, my tongue licked a circle head of his cock, licking his grease. My pussy was throbbing, my breathing became more frequent through the nose, my lips squeezed him tighter, and I increased the speed.
Dima groaned, his eyes closed, his hand clutched my hair, his hips went back and forth, fucking me. His head leaned back, he groaned again, and I felt his orgasm approaching. Suddenly he pulled back my hair back, breaking my sucking and forcing my mouth to part with his cock. "Not now". He gasped, trying to reduce their arousal. After a while he calmed down and stepped out of the shower. "Get out", - He said to me.
At that moment, when my feet touched the floor, he pushed me to my knees. Then he went into the bedroom and stood in the doorway and waited until I come to it. As I passed him, he strongly slapped me on the pope and demanded: "Hurry!". I screamed, and as she could quickly slipped into the room. I knew that my appearance was funny, and he laughed.
"Marsh on the bed, whore. On all fours, as expected whore"- He said, savoring the words.
I climbed on the bed and stood in a pose which he demanded. I felt him come up behind me, I spread her legs and arched her back, lifted up his ass up high.
Dima laughed and held out his hand between my legs and rubbed my slit, his finger slipped easily into my expiring juice, wet pussy. "I know that he wants my slut", - he said.
"mmmm"- I moaned and leaned back on his hands and felt my pussy closed around his finger.
It became quickly enter and withdraw your finger out of me, holding my trembling phalanx clitoral enlargement.
Then a second finger entered me and I moaned loudly: "About Dima"
He quickly slapped me on the ass. "The owner, BITCH! If you have forgotten again, I'll get the belt back"- He threatened.
I shivered in fear: "No, Master, please do not, I no longer forget". I promised, and his hand again penetrated my pussy. I whimpered when he pulled his fingers out of my current pussy. He put his fingers in my mouth, forcing me to suck their own isolation with his thumbs. I sucked in a frenzy.
He laughed: "The good slut". He said it, and I felt his hard cock pressed against my buttocks. He spent the member between the buttocks, down to my slit. "Ask my dick", - He moaned softly.
I lowered my chest and face on the bed. Parting her legs wide, I prayed: " Please, Master, I want your cock. Please fuck me in the pussy"
Dima so forcefully pushed his cock deep into my pussy juice expiring, that hurt me. I screamed in pain, and Dima laughed. "This is my pussy"- He said to me with another rude jerk. I cried, feeling like a member of my ex-husband pushes the walls of my vagina.
"Oh, yes, Master, yes!"- I cried. I tore the breast of the bed, hoping to soften the painful shocks.
Dima pushed me back down, continuing to force a deep thrust into me a member. "Damn, you're so narrow"- He moaned and his cock came out of me almost completely and with force again rushed forward.
I screamed in pain and pleasure, feeling that the head of his cock enters my uterus. "God, the Master, YES!"- I cried, when he repeated the attack on my tender leaf. I felt his finger, stroking the narrow entrance to my anus, and when I once again leaned toward his cock, he introduced a finger tip into the hole. I cried out in surprise, as he moved his hips forward, will drive deep into me his penis.
He growled, and the tip of his fingers began to move quickly back and forth in my anus, stretching it. I moaned, I liked it a double penetration. Suddenly he laughed, pulled out a member of my pussy and a finger in my ass.
I whimpered and leaned back, wanting to be filled again.
"You want me, you little slut?"- He asked me and I nodded vigorously. I felt like he pulled his big dick to the entrance of my anus, and screamed, trying to escape forward, but firmly grabbed my hips and thrust his cock deep into my virgin anus. I screamed.
He laughed at my pain, but was restrained enough not to start immediately to peck my butt. First he gave me a few seconds to get used to him being inside me. He slipped his hand under me, and in a circular motion to rub my clit, slowly moving his hips, stretching my anus. His movements became faster and I was completely stretched his fat cock.
"Oh, my God, you're so big!"- I groaned, leaning back in his groin, allowing it to penetrate deeper into my shit.
Dima vigorously pecked my anus and I felt my own orgasm is not far. He felt it, because laugh must have: "Come for me, fucking hole!"And his movements quickened and strengthened, he inserted me your meat with the force with which he could.
I cried and felt my insides clench around his cock. He screamed, pushed me to the front, I spitted on a stake, and I felt that his balls are freed from the burden, filling my ass seed. According to my thighs dripping juices of my own orgasm. He carefully pulled out a member of my mangled ass and lay down on the bed next to me. I collapsed on my side of the bed, twist, bend his head on his hands.
He leaned over me, kissed me and stroked my hands for the first time and I embrace his body. "I missed you, baby"- He whispered softly, and his strong arms tightly wrapped around me.
"I missed you, Dima"- I whispered back.
"I can go home?"- He asked, almost pleading in his voice. I looked at his face and saw the pain and the hope in his eyes.
I nodded. "Yes, Dima, come home"- I suggested, and he kissed me.
In the end, we fell asleep in each other's arms.
I'm exhausted, it is happy, and both satisfied.