Ride to work

Even before the wedding we dreamed with her husband to go to the capital to work, and then settle in their village, have children, start a farm. Therefore, less than a week after the wedding, we gathered up their few worldly possessions but the money that we have presented numerous relatives to the wedding, set out.
Three days lived with distant relatives, then they asked us nicely, offering to rent an apartment away from them. The apartment we rented one-room, only paid for one month, hoping for a miracle. My husband found a job for a week, I ran in search of a decent and affordable rooms. Private apartment was for us can not afford, the more that we need it only had to spend the night. I read a bunch of ads, go on all sorts of offices, but it was very expensive.
And here, stumbled on one tempting ads on the subway, I went for the coveted address. Although the apartment was on the edge, I was primarily interested in price. Having called several times on the door, I was about to leave, when suddenly the door still open and on the threshold appeared sleepy, apparently, with a hangover, strong man. I imagine that came on your ad, and would like to see the room. The man perked up a little, that I was already a little bit happy, and I went into the apartment.
I immediately drew attention to the immorality of the host, as the apartment was very dusty here and there littered cigarette butts, but I still went into the room, he showed me, and carefully examined everything. I asked if there was maybe a little to delay the first payment, referring to the difficult financial situation for the man even more curiously looked at me and without any deceit said: "For a girl like you, I can make a discount, you're right like, she can see that there is need women's hands. "
He looked at the stained floor, then at me, and all the time about something to ask. I just smiled sweetly and struggled to inspire confidence in him, fearing that he might change his mind.
"What's your name-it, honey?"
"Lucy" - I replied modestly.
"What is a good name, and my name is Uncle Jora, you can call me Jora. You as the eighteen-year secondary have? "
"What are you, Uncle Jora, twenty, I was already married, and my husband is."
"And where is your husband probably is sitting?"
"No, it works."
"So, then you are going to live with her husband?"
"Well, of course".
Uncle Jora somehow changed a bit, and directly issued:
"I thought that you alone at all, so young, that maybe a night or two together so povorkuem drink."
I pretended to be a fool, he immediately found that he had to answer: "You do not worry, I have a quiet husband, not hurt a fly, and I kind and wash my in your room, and the'll clean up and talk if bored."
He perked up again, so that it became apparent how tense the veins in his sinewy arms. "Look, but do not fool, and, after all, I'm just so you will not regret."
In this and left. I am pleased with the discovery, joyfully I told her husband about it. The next day we drove to his uncle Zhora. It seemed to me, my husband really liked his uncle Zhora, maybe because of the introduction in the late evening they drank a bottle of vodka for two.
Early morning I-farming accompanied her husband to work, he had not yet awoke, but he warned me that the owner of drink, like elk, and that I have with this bull was more cautious. I decided to lie down, because the street was still quite dark. I heard that Uncle Zhora was already up and somewhere to go. After checking, I forgot to lock the door, quietly she fell asleep. I even slept for three hours. Woke me some noise from the neighbors, I, like a scalded with boiling water I jumped up and immediately began to search for a useful occupation.
I remember only too well that Uncle Zhora promised to make cleaning as last night was not up to it. I realized that he had not yet had breakfast, as though waiting for me, sitting in the kitchen in a t-shirt with a cigarette. I found the strength to greet the host, waiting for him the same thing, and to somehow keep the conversation asked him what was left of her husband cooked for breakfast. He seemed to agree, and I set the table, he immediately sat down opposite. Grinned from ear to ear, Uncle Zhora became happy there, glancing askance at me. I felt that he had to speak quickly, and a little afraid of it.
"Well, how do you sleep - spend the night in a new place? Good? Comfortably? "
"Well, Uncle Jora, only in the apartment a little, it seems to me, is cool."
"No, the temperature in the apartment is just right, not because you were cold, because my room is just next to your bed."
I was surprised to look at him.
"Why are you looking at me like, a bed beneath you, and just squeaked something, when we went to ... .. You like? At different beds inhabited? "
I looked at him again, but not so strictly, so as not to offend.
"I have tenants used to practicing on the night, there is not only a bed, a wall shaking went."
I have quite a bad mood, but it was impossible to stop.
"You hint to him, if he does not want to deal with his duty, then, they say, always ready Uncle Jora, only beckoned." His last words he painted so that I did not have in this respect no doubt.
All that day I spent in search of work, only time to hurry the evening something to cook, how come her husband, completely without sentiment, something went wrong in his work, we do not have time or even what to talk about.
The next morning, my husband, maybe out of pity, but maybe did not want to wake me up, went to work without breakfast so I did not even notice he was going. He even turned off the alarm clock, so I slept a little longer.
I woke up on what someone patted me gently. I did not immediately understand in the dark, who is lying next to me. Instinctively, I tried to pull up his hands lifted her shirt, but hairy strong men's hands was not given to her even reach. I held my breath when I realized that it was Uncle Jora, in the buff. He was nailed to the bed my feet with her and constantly repeated: "You will like it, give me just a little soak, and then everything goes well, you'll be pleased."
I fought as best I could, he's nothing hurts me not to, squeezed my breasts and strove to put me down low. It seemed to me that he even amused by this situation, when I actively resisted his onslaught.
"A little bit broken, broken, goat, still Pardaugava, but already then I will not regret my fault you will."
Momentarily releasing the hand, I stumbled on his hefty eldu.
"What, I scared? According to an agreement, I would quietly pushed you, and will torment, as long as you do not understand that Uncle Zhora must be respected. "
Imagine that in this apartment besides us there is no one, and the door to the safe shut, hoping for some sort of trick, I did not actively break out of his hands, he understood it and hug in a businesslike way with one hand me another became insert his eldu between my legs.
"I'm told you that the consent of the best, is not it will hurt" - and he spent all his shovel in my most secret places.
"Can you still virgin, though married, this also happens?"
I shook my head in fright, only to stop its insidious inquiry. He's sloppy grabbed something from the nightstand and next to standing up straight at me, squeezed into his palm-shovel. I watched as he struggled with his hand clasping his goodness, it was the spread some cream. I am exhausted from such a thorough preparation he turned away, not to see this, what immediately heard:
"Fearfully? Do not worry, we'll do everything on wheels "- and his hand is already firmly walked back between my legs.
"You say you do not play the virgin, and now we will check your baby, with whom she spent the night."
He again put his ... his eldu to the most pubis and lifting me over, got up almost to his knees.
"Do not squeeze, that is what your lye to please the man will soon get used to my elde."
Now I realized that I was completely in his power, and only depends on him, what happens to me.
"Uncle Zhora, Zhora Uncle" - I almost groaned, - "Please, not much, I'm afraid of him."
"Yet no woman of my horse did not die and you will not die, only the buzz word da ass will turn less, I'm you now, read it, every day I will spend too much time."
It seemed to me that I raspolovinivayut, and I almost cried.
"Look how tightly planted, now you I can not escape it, even if very much want. .... Without lubrication, I for the first time not bothering anyone, and that you regretted, but you did not feel sorry, I'm just yesterday wanted to press when you're my breakfast served, "and then added, -" I am a hostess first wanted to bend so Provocation, and only then it was possible to feed. " He growled, painfully squeezed my breasts and knowing that it hurts me, asked point-blank:
"Before the wedding, with the men often tumbled?"
I shook my head, and he added: "It is clear that it is not experienced, the other would immediately saw through me, but it's good, I'll teach you how to behave in a soft little bed. ... .. Now be patient, I will clothe its fullest. "
As soon as he began to drive on to me his horse, I threw her arms around his neck in pain and terror.
"Well you feel it? ... Uncle Zhora you can break into two halves. ... I told you that it was necessary to settle amicably. "
I nodded, confirming the agreement. He seemed to reluctantly put me under him, grabbed big hands behind his back and began to gently and then all pushy eldoy rubbing my crotch.
"Now you're on a fun instantly poplyvёsh. You feel like he kisses your baby? ... Almost passionately. "
After such words and efforts of powerful shocks the first time I felt that same bliss, of which only heard. And in gratitude for his "kindness" I again threw her arms around his thick neck, so that my breasts were so tightly pressed against his hairy chest that he was grinning, almost forced a:
"That fellow, that man has learned to love and tits substitute, as it should." - And he raised himself slightly, he became his hard nipples cling to mine. "Well, how? Pops? "- And, not waiting for an answer, they both have their hooked claws. "Just the size and keep you more comfortable."
I felt some sort of re-taken by their rudeness and wanted to somehow get rid of what immediately got It failed:
"You can not be scared of my paws no trace remains, pomoesh, cream smazhesh will be like new." And then he continued: "Do you think that old wives' breasts only on holidays kiss?"
I've tried about anything not to think only squeezed tighter legs in time to stop the penetration without pain. Remembering how my husband and I were very cautious in this month, so as not to get pregnant, I tried to ask about it now, but immediately felt a sharp increase in pressure and commanding voice:
"The first night honey Baba to drop supposed to take. And if you capture my heart of oak, so it's a good thing - so hot love was. "
He did not speak, and seemed drove me these words, accompanying light postanyvaniya and experiencing the pleasure of my submission.
"Well, a girl-woman, to expose the basket, stop hunting" - he squeezed so hard all of me, that I not only move, could not move. His hefty muzzle he stared at the pillow and with a wild rattle, an animal, became freed from seed. It seemed to me that I will lose mind. Now I'm not thinking about anything other than what filled my body.
A little enlightened on this score, I think that now, will be held one more minute, I'll get up and immediately run to the bathroom to get rid of it. However, such a minute did not come, because Uncle Zhora was full full, almost asleep, and the only thing he allowed himself, so it slip away from me, immediately perverted by alien influences me with his hands and feet. Choking with a strong smell of male sweat, I too fell asleep, not knowing how much slept. I woke up from what he gently hugged me and patted his chest.
"As we're povorkovali? Do not hurt? "- And he pridvinuv me even more to her, I touched my crotch.
I know that he can not object to anything, just sat up and felt under a humidity of the sheets, turned. In light sheets in several places we could see the blood stains. I was gripped by fear, I looked between her legs and could not understand anything. Uncle Jora quietly touched his thumb between my legs and asked:
"You told me that is not virgin? Now you know who your first man? "
I suddenly burst into tears now no one and do not hesitate to nothing. He pulled me to him with renewed vigor and capturing my lips with his mouth seemed to be trying to swallow. When he let go of my lips and wanted to overthrow again for themselves, I, too, had kissed his cheek tough, he twittered:
"Give me a little rest ... .. I am so hungry!"
It just somehow went limp, and sensing his advantage, but warned: "After that, once in bed, and without quirks."
This cooking I had never been. While I was cooking, several times he stopped me in the kitchen, lapaya all places, then ate cooked omelette I, boulder towering over the table, staring into the cut of my coat, and under the table, squeezed my legs hurt her. In my face it was obvious that I did not know how to continue to behave and what to say to her husband.
Uncle Jora, reading my thoughts, reassured:
"You're the guy a pity its not, will he really demure village. If he realizes that you become different, so well done. And if you do not understand - it means a complete ignoramus. And we're slowly going to practice, as it is today. "
To which I could only answer: "We are all stained mattress probably does not wash off."
He whinnied like a stallion, "You flip it to the other side - there is a whole bunch of people like you."
I again tried to somehow show his character, pouted because comparing me with "some" and went to his room. He followed me.
"Now together and see" - and his hands were tight ring settled around me.
In the evening, my husband and I pretended to be sick almost did not get up from bed. Uncle Jora, drinking more than a bottle of vodka, so snoring in his room that staggered wall. Her husband, tired of heavy physical work, he immediately turned away and began to snore too. I cried all night, not knowing how to live, afraid to even hint to her husband about what had happened in my life and his.
In the morning I asked my husband to close the door with a key and only then went to sleep. I am a long time no one bothered, then I heard some voices, someone entered and left. I heard that Uncle Zhora before someone was justified and asked for something, but it did not seem to pay attention. With difficulty I began to understand what I mean when Jora uncle begged to give him time till evening.
"You assured me that sailed away for a month, and less than two weeks, you have drawn, so I let the girl at the time."
Immediately followed by a bounce, "Twigs your noggin, we are to your girls like to one place. Take her to him and dismissed the hut, you see we are not alone. "
Uncle Jora, apparently quite distraught by vodka and so came unexpectedly from the guests, began to knock on my door. I quickly began to dress and just in case to collect their belongings. Turning the key in the door, I saw two young Caucasians flushed, which immediately cooled down a bit and asked for an apology for two hours to release the room. In the corner, huddled together, were two very young girls, one in a bright causing clothes, and the other ... - modest, frightened to death in a short overcoat. One of Caucasians, evil flashing in their eyes aside, ordered:
"Come on, girl, do not hesitate." Another - silently took my suitcase and carried into the room Uncle Jora.
In his room, I fell on the first comer chair and could not imagine what I would say to her husband when he returns from work. At first I thought that I needed to go, but where - around the city of any native soul, except for relatives who are so happy to get rid of us.
Brave uncle Zhora there was only one right -, partition walls purely conventional shared our room with its bathroom, and it was too good to hear behind the wall first ringing glasses, men talking in an incomprehensible language, then one of the girls cried out, but she, apparently they gagged and creaked in unison the two beds.
I knew that one of the girls was far from being a pro, but I had no strength to even think about it. I heard the excited, noisy boys went up the stairs to smoke, they agreed together to treat a young girl. She screamed again, asking for help, but her screams were covered with more than cackling and moans satisfied with their lives than males. Then the girls hurriedly dressed, shoved money, expelled, and the guys in turn went to the bathroom and splashed a long time there.
I sat in the room, afraid to move. Uncle Jora, drunk, slept in the kitchen right on the table. Two hours brave Caucasians turned into four, but no one is going to leave. An unexpected knock at the door brought me out of torpor. At the door, there was one of them with a satisfied shaved face.
"Girl, we'll leave right now, quietly live, and if we need to - you know - we tell you, or call you."
I'm out of gratitude even got up from his chair, and, probably, he read on my face for some satisfaction, that right there, looking back, I turned back.
"Girl, you're married?"
"Yes" - I replied.
"This is bad, I would have married you. Where's your husband? "
"He is at work."
"It's good when my husband works. And you all day alone, perhaps, miss? "
"No, you are, I have a job"
"So you'll go to work soon, but not yet found. Maybe together we look for, in my car. "
"No, really, thank you, this is my problem, do not, do not worry."
"To help a good girl - and this is my problem. You're probably afraid that your husband finds out, but we will look for a job without it. I tomorrow morning pick you up, and we are quickly eaten all those who should. "
"No, do not worry."
"Do not be afraid, nor will not know a soul, I'll call you from the bottom" - and it is, in a sign of friendship and agreement, such as in particular he offered me his hand and briefly held it in his.
This morning I got up early, washed up on tiptoe, led myself up. Exactly at the appointed time cell phone rang.
"This is Timur. Good morning. You see, I, as the Kremlin clock. my car number 065 "
Silently, I closed the door. His car was parked not far from the entrance, not out of the car, he opened the door for the front seat beside the driver. I did not resist and sat next to him. With a genuine smile, as yesterday, in a good leather jacket, he carefully examined me from head to foot and, shaking his head, squeezed:
"How can such a beautiful girl not to take the job, I would place the slow-witted hosts took you even admire you all day."
I was confused by such a compliment, but I could not say anything. Sitting next to him, I felt some sort of extraordinary confidence, and by visiting the first company in which I was, because of its onslaught, offered a choice of just two works, I began to respect him even more. I've wanted to stay at the same time, however, he received a serious suggestion, gladly agreed to continue the search.
"One should look for, where better .... . As a man and a woman, always looking to someone better who is better ... "He clearly looked at me and said," I told you a little bit like me? "
I looked down, feeling grateful to him for the selfless help, and only carefully odёrnula Show me your coat is very short.
After a pause, he continued: "So, like me, you're just shy. I like you, too, like yesterday, I almost fell in love. "
I looked at him as if recalling who they tumbled yesterday.
"You mean prostitutes do not think so, pull the pairs"
"I thought that one was a very little girl."
"This girl is on a good grandmother pecked, she thought that it would only kiss, and we are not greedy people."
In other companies, the situation is repeated everywhere Timur followed me as security, and if necessary, ask questions that lozhili spot any of the meticulous official.
"Now you can choose the best option, but I think the last place you fit best," And then the thought, he added: "I have a brother here just living, we will see more of" - and his face broke into a satisfied smile. "Maybe it'll pick? There we were fed, his wife cooks - Yum. "
He dialed the number, and after greeting, immediately blurted out: "Look, Dean, I'm here not far from you, not one with a nice, clever girl, you will feed us?" Unconditional acceptance was made in the tube.
"You see, we are waiting."
We are really waiting for - a pleasant woman greeted us, kissed both, offered to settle down comfortably. I had an unusual guest to feel, so I could hardly restrain my emotions as I could, keep calm and businesslike. However, my suggestion is to help in the kitchen had absolutely by the way, that Dean noticed:
"I like the choice of Timur. You, apparently, not spoiled. "
I just nodded, without discussing its findings, silently carried out of the fridge all I was served. The table has turned plenty. Timur poured three glasses of red wine. Only after the third glass I realized that alcohol drinking and Timur. Hospitable hostess she answered my question:
"It is still a bit of a rest and a drink," and she imperceptibly retired.
Timur turned toward me: "Did you hear what we said?" I'm pleading eyes staring at him.
"We have suggested some rest .... And then we'll go again. " There was a silence, which he also violated.
"You're how old married? One? Two? Three years?"
"One month".
"Oh, so you have not had a chance to compare something. You heard yesterday, we young prostitutes Spahr? They definitely enjoyed it. "
To which I replied: "The girl cried very much."
"What she did not scream, if the hymen break, you are also the first time, probably it bleeds. A girl in two hours received five hundred bucks and forgot about it. Well, how to sleep in an adult, pomiluemsya, nobody will not know. You will not be hurt. "
He enjoyed a long drag on his cigarette.
"For me the wine acted excitingly, see" - he pointed to his pants, lifted all 20 centimeters.
I hardly assessing the situation, but at the same time, realizing that he did not take me in his car on some waste ground, and brought into pure solid apartment, she decided to politely refer to the staleness of his clothes, but immediately received a decision:
"You go to the bathroom, where everything can be found, but I do not understand, when you lie down to rest with her husband, then her panties and bra not shoot? ... You have to understand that we will have a rest really, I want to get to know you a little bit, and a half a day just looked at your profile .... You still did not give birth? "
"I like these girls, they have everything in its original form as if only they themselves were born."
I did not understand, but no longer thinking about what happened yesterday, I ... Uncle Zhora, he asked:
"I will answer your question, when you take off your panties. Come on, I'll show you where the bathroom. "
Legs did not obey me so that I hardly got a soft comfortable chair. I was tormented by only one thing - to whom I turn over these last two days? Why I turned out to be so affordable? I tried to find an excuse, but I could not, but somewhere in the depths of there was some resentment at her husband, his indifference to me on our first difficulties of life, for the rest of this wild venture to go to the capital.
And in the bathroom I have been waiting for two greedy healthy hand to offer assistance in undressing.
"Now we swill together. Someday washed more than one? "
"You have a lot of what not to do in your life now will try."
I felt like he was in a hurry to release me from her bra and grabbed his chest.
"Now we can really talk," - he gasped, catching both of my breasts - "Look over there."
I looked ahead and saw that the tub is surrounded on three sides by mirrors, and I'm in the hands of Timur was like a frog in the clutches of a boa constrictor.
"Get in the bath, I'll wash my my mother in my childhood ... .. What? Mom did everything carefully, took care for me? ... I also do carefully, the main thing - that we place him there. "
I saw in the mirror that he has prepared for me, and I realized that that girl-prostitute did not have to be a pristine girl to scream and beg for help.
"You're afraid that you and I do not fit in this bathroom? Yes here for four people at the same time rested. " He forced himself into the hands of tight gel and slightly bent, slowly began first on my stomach, and then above, smear it, turning in an easy foam. When his hands got to my chest, I cringed and shook the whole, or humiliation, or pleasure.
"You're talking a lot, how beautiful you are or not?" - He stared at me, stroking one or the other breast, it is easy to slip out of his hand, to which I, not coming up, said nothing:
"I was always embarrassed, since high school, they are so big." Timur it acted like a drug, and he grunted:
"Do not you have not been at school this boyfriend like me?"
"I would not give you hesitate, you then only gave me and no one else, and every bastard would have stuck his tongue in one place ... you would not go near me, you'd be my pleasure flying."
He turned the shower handle, and poured warm, fresh water. I turned away from him, just pulled her panties and immediately got him a bottle of gel.
"Wash it, do not be shy."
I'm still confused, shyly he squeezed the bottle and began to lather thoroughly.
"Take off your pants, we have long time to ho-ro-sho meet" - and he ran his fingers through to help me get rid of them.
Sitting on the edge of the tub, he pulled me to him and sat on his lap top.
"On horseback riding?"
"No never".
"Now ride" - and, firmly pinning me to the hairy leg, he began to walk to the beat of a horse to carry me back and forth, gently touching his flesh rearing. I could not look at him all the time turning away, but he caught her lips and my nipples, hold briefly, again let them go free. I have all this time, resting in his breasts with his hands, trying to create at least some semblance of not depending on him, but after that meeting with Uncle Zhora I seemed to become a little more to understand what I need, therefore, heated by a funny jump I began to hang everything on it more and more.
He noticed this and raised higher, carefully examined my interesting place, then touched two fingers, patted his hand and said: "You have a place too beautiful. Who told you the last time putting in? "
I shook my head.
"Do not remember? So long ago it was! That's good ... ..with she is looking forward to his friend, look how swollen. "
He obviously liked my plump lips tightly concealing everything that was inside, and his lustful eyes confirmed:
"Without this plump hem was to be so tightly compressed; without pain there is no joy, get used to - just as quickly somlela ".
He threw me Terry sheets, and raising as a feather, carried her into the bedroom on the wide bed, carefully spread out, for sure, Dina.
At first, looking at the mirrored ceiling, I did not recognize myself next to that husky, like a child, if not excited, like two large tomatoes, chest. Then the image on the ceiling has disappeared because it tightly covered me with his powerful body. Feeling wild pain of his penetration, I did not even scream, but only moaned softly to the beat of his sweeping motions. Then there was more, again and again. I have absolutely no control over time.
When I sat on the front seat of a car, a heavy hand Timur densely lay down on my knees. A little patting them, he said hoarsely:
"Now you took it lawfully front seat, and the fat-turkey, to which tomorrow you will come to the office, say - if it touches to you, I'll cut off his balls, fry and eat will make."
His car rolled quietly at, friend to both of us.
Then began my new adult life.