You and me

Finally came the day when I shall come. You took a chic hotel booking. We agreed to meet there to make love. You would wait for me. I was about to come. You break through shivering excitement when you think of me. We have been dreaming about it ... And at any moment it should happen. You are constantly looking at the clock and is very worried that I can not come. You just do not get over this.
The intimate room light and easy erotic music. On the table, a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates and strawberries ...
I came. As always beautiful, slim and tanned. For me translucent short red dress. On my long slender legs of beautiful black stockings. I walk in the door and you know that apart from me you do not want and do not want anyone else EVER!
You hold me. Under my dress, but my own tela- nothing more! No hint of underwear. We start kissing passionately. We possessed unbridled desire. Right at the entrance you tear off my clothes. Your hands wander over my body, your lips passionately caress me ..... I want you right here! I pull together with you your jeans. You have long been ready and want me too insane. You valish me on the floor and walk into me. I almost lose consciousness from such feelings. Our moans probably heard all over the hotel. But we do not care. It is a trifle compared with what is happening now. The world ceases to exist for us, just you and me. And now we have a single unit .. I feel so good with you, I no longer had anyone so well.
I want to move on the bed. You gently take me in his arms and carry in the bedroom. Queen bed and beckons. We make love on silk sheets that envelop us and gently tickle our skin. We caress each other. Every cell in our body responds to these weasels. Are you drowning in my hair, the smell of my perfume in conjunction with the smell of my skin even more excite you. You're at the limit, as well as I. Again you enter into me and do not stop for more than a second. Our movements become faster, the breathing, too.
I want you, I really want you ...

Outside, the dawn. Two, arms around each other, quietly slept. On the table remained untouched champagne, chocolates and strawberries.