My revenge

I lay in the bath, in a fragrant foam and closed his eyes, remembering the recent events that have filled my colors already is interesting life ...
My name is Larisa, I badly folded and cute, many boys are paying attention to me, but I do not need them. I have my prince, my good boy, my Vlad with breathtaking deep voice, gentle blue eyes and a figure like the ancient god. However, sometimes I myself am eager to poke out the eyes shut and own them charming mouth, so that it never occurred to me not with interest to look at the pretty girls, which has bred in Moscow beyond measure. I know that I'm not the only one-eyed and eager for my boy and adventure on your ass girl missing, so you have to keep your eyes open.
I never really watched him (unless it does the reading of his letters, if they themselves climbed into my hands), but this time it was more than transparent. At one point, Vlad for me was busy, his relatives and the work occupied all the time, so I struggled to snatch a couple of hours a week out of his crazy schedule to view it. And once I saw him in "our" cafe with quite a pretty girl. Well, I thought ... I wonder how much it will be enough ... It was enough for 3 weeks - yet my character is not precious sugar, and I tried - called him when they were in my assumption of the meeting and gently purred into the phone, demonstratively drank beer with his neighbors, his friends at his door, so he did not pass by unnoticed, and on the rights of permanent girl often called his mother, finding out a thing between me interesting details.
Then there was a rapid reconciliation, though without admitting his guilt, but with roses and dinner in a good restaurant ... and a month later the same thing happened. This time I led a tougher surveillance, marking all of his favorite cafes and clubs, made friends with the bartenders and waitresses, extracted information ... when, with whom, to which hours sitting and so on. N. I have already started to bother and when tired of this beauty. The break with her, he experienced a very painful, but I was there and Vlad quickly comforted ...
Now it happened a third time. Does he think that I can be in play toys? What I believe him when he leaves in the dead nesoznanku? Well, twice I forgave him, but now it does not get away with it that easy! I immediately decided that I'll manage without injuries - Vlad still need me, but he has to get a noble lesson for life. First I bought the clothes in which I have no one finds out, to come back in the second hand is quite far from my house. They were faded jeans, dilapidated shoes, jacket and baseball cap. Then he found a wonderful trash near the market, where there is always swarming in a large number of stray dogs and homeless and started to implement my plan.
Once in the evening I wore his rags and with the help of cosmetics added to his little face of alcoholic puffiness and five years beyond my twenty-three. Nobody recognized me in the gloomy virgins in ragged clothes and a cap pulled down over his eyes. Arriving by bus to the vending my garbage, I went out and immediately identified the two has not yet old, but already fairly battered life alcoholics, who will serve as the instruments of my revenge. I'm cheeky gait approached them and husky voice (in the school theater two years to anyone's voice put!) Asked ...
- Guys, the company have composed? - And pulled out from under his jacket half-liter bottle of vodka.
Judging by the way their eyes lit up, they want to drink for a long time and I was to them an angel-savior. My alcoholics nodded and said in unison ...
- Sit down, my friend! What a speech!
The men took me deep into the garbage, where they settled down hut, built of plywood, old boxes and some rags. We crawled inside and I sat on the edge of the proposed me a cot. I took out a bottle and three plastic cups and start the story ...
- You know, guys, one trash around, even to drink a decent girl, not with anyone - I start my story ..
- Of course, my friend! - Nodded my alkonavty.
- Well .. Think about how my life has thrown! But I was not yet twenty years old! (This, of course, a blatant lie, but must I pity them!)
The men nodded again, and warmed by the first glasses, began to listen to my misfortunes. Then I was just in shock and are now unlikely to remember all that composed the time, but at the end of the story their eyes blazing with righteous anger and his fists itched.
- I'm actually from a good family - broadcast I - studied at one five, the institute received Bauman, and everything was fine, but I met a guy who seduced me beautiful courtship and sweet words, slept with me, deprived me of virginity, and then dropped, calling a whore ... only two months later, I learned that he had infected me with syphilis ... (I came up to an alcoholic did not occur to me to check on the quality of women's) Now I'm at the station for half a ruble visitors give myself, to vodka and marijuana to make money, and he, the rascal, once a young fool powders brains and looks, a beast like a cucumber!
Here are my men looked at each other, and in a trembling voice, one of them said ...
- My friend, do you want your abuser so we otkummunizdim that his mother native fingerprint will learn?
Well, of course, well done! That's the reaction I expected from them! And as a reward I got a second bottle ...
- Well ... guys ... I do not know ... I did it lyublyuyuyu ... and his girlfriend - snotty fool, nothing to blame ... - then I even let a tear
- Che's to be done? - I reached for the vodka senior
- If you teach him a lesson so that no trace remains, and that he had forgotten how good whore, I want to che do for you! You want vodyary drawers?
According flushed eyes and twitching his Adam's apple, I realized that they were me though Putin's Kremlin pritaschat for vodka box, packed in a hard container.
Well, now you can devote to them the details of my plan.
- I know when he was with a friend of the current pivnuhi will (still do not know! I did it there and invited). Poteshte my darling, strip it and otpidorte in full what you want ... and say, finally, that it is for him to Tamara (the last name of the passions), and that it is more the girls do not spoil! Clothes with a take - let the house naked with torn rushing back to his girlfriend ... only not trozhte - it is something, I suppose, about him and does not know anything ... And my alkonavty were led to this bullshit as pretty - still .. . and sorry for the girl, and want a box of vodka. Now we must act. I told them where to wait and show pictures, and then, pretending unsteadily, though not drunk a single gram, retired home. Wade home in complete darkness yards. When he reached the apartment, packed in bags rags, determined to throw them away, and carefully washed up, getting ready for the upcoming rendezvous tomorrow. At the appointed hour we with Vlad left the bar expensive, and I looked around, trying to see the ambush. My drunks were when we entered the deserted garden on the way to the highway, where going to catch a wheelbarrow. I mentally applauded them - choose the best place was difficult. They approached us, surely blocking the road and cutting off the road to escape.
- You Th, Fofana, then at night shlyaeshsya, even with blyadinoy? Here ... go bad uncle can make bo-bo! - Nasty neigh one of the drunks.
- Come on, guys - a pale smile Vlad - you do not have enough for a beer? I will add!
- No, bro, it keeps us for suckers! - Senior growled and thrust his fist Vlad's eyes.
I screamed and hid behind Vlad, thinking that because we did not agree. Then the younger alkonavt tore me away from Vlad and gave a resounding slap in the face so that I fell and, although did not lose consciousness, quite successfully simulated fainting. Meanwhile, I could observe what is happening, while in relative safety.
- Now, nozzles, we cha teach the ladies do! - Ominously said senior alkonavt. Together with a friend drunks tied hardly resist Vlad hands behind their backs with tape, shook him from wrist to elbow. Then they threw the rope over a branch of the old apple tree and hanged Vlad seemed on the rack, making him groan and sit up on her tiptoes, giving holiday inside-painful shoulders. The youngest of the men cut a knife Vladova foppish pants with his muscular legs, and then the pants, exposing helplessly shook from side to side of his manhood. At the sight of such a picture drunks contemptuously croaking. First, a warning senior Vlad moved punched in the balls, and when he cried out in excruciating pain, and rolled up his legs, said didactically, that it will be, whenever he would not listen to adults. Then Vlad closed up his mouth so he could not scream. Senior alkonavt came back to Vlad, police took a rubber truncheon - democratizer and gently prodded her in the back Vladov. Vlad groaned, tugging on the rope, trying to free himself. Then a man came up to face Vlad and quietly asked ...
- Che wanted to make you soft-boiled eggs? Make ...
Vlad shook his head.
- Then do not bzdi and relax the ass!
Slowly beating Vlad, a man poked his stick stronger and soon she disappeared twenty centimeters in Vladova ass. Vlad moaned and jerked his head, tears of pain and humiliation streaming down his face, an adhesive tape that hid his mouth and ran down to the pavement. The younger man came up and showed a desire to participate in the action. Senior retreated with a grin. Now democratizer flew in Vladova ass needle, burying nearly the entire length, thrashed him in the ass, then again stuck into the anus by a variety of angles, tore the anus into the blood. Vlad tossed and screamed, but his screams drowned scotch and men quietly continued his case. Now the elder man could not resist and, removing a junior club, grunting unzipped his pants. Yes, his penis was, of course, less democratizer in length, but its thickness exceeds three times. He pulled the broken crate of beer as a stand, climbed up and stuck his flushed acceleration phallus in inflamed anus Vlad. I never thought that my beloved may well scream and squirm. The following half-hour senior alkonavt at a furious pace tore Vlad in the ass, but could not finish. Finally, he got down from the box, wiping the sweat from his face and beard hiding a satisfied smile. Vlad to the point, it seems, could not even moan. It seems that he lost consciousness. Then the youngest of the men once again hit the balls Vlad baton. Hell of pain brought to life Vlad. Then a man walked behind him and climbed up on the box, as it did before the elder. Again Vlad groaned and came with tears, sweat and blood of raskurochennye anus. When finished, Jr., contentedly patting hanging Vlad member of the pope, the senior was back in combat readiness and it all started again. Somewhere in the morning, when the gray city sky was lighter, happy men took with them Vlad cut pants, his jacket and shirt, leaving him in complete lack of feeling and exhaustion ... In spite of the fact that nothing else did not stop him, he did not could neither speak, do not go ...
here "I woke up" I. I would like, consoled him, even offered to go to the police, but he refused. I gave him his cloak, we caught the car and got to the house. Then I washed it in the bath, convinced that everything will be fine and that we still find these bastards ... and put him to bed, after pouring into it almost forced half a bottle of whiskey. I hope that this lesson will be enough to Vlad, and he will not commit further reckless behavior ... Although I really enjoyed watching. And, on occasion, you can think of something else.