You draw yourself a picture
As finger pulling gum
And his eyes lowered down
Oh my God! And what I see!

Curling like a bun
Lies my little friend
Hand it slightly poglazhu
I look in his eyes - well, what do you say?

You nobly indignant
Try it! Look how cool
Rather take away in her mouth
Lips gently wipe

Warm a boyfriend, but quickly
To become a hot battery
Yes, suck, pat testicles
They are like two frozen birds

Well Well - I will not give to a friend die
I take it gently in your hand
Rather, in the mouth takin
And the method of friction apply

Sosua, Sosua and notice
With lips like burns
It is time to let go
But he quickly began to grow

And then I just remember
As the third day so starving
My mouth is dry as sugars
It would be necessary to drink nectar

And her lips like a boa constrictor on the victim
A mighty and strong
Suck, squeeze, I enjoy
Hungry for sure will not stay

And now I began to squirm
In the mouth, shove and jostle
Then throbbing burst
And dinner immediately struck

They enjoyed to satiety
I also long dick sucked
It is not squeezed his
As before drying underwear

And releasing very tired
Again the soft, gentle and fallen
In my eyes you look in a hurry
Well, could it warm? ;)

We both like it is not a loser
Here he is now only in lipstick
And lifted into the ear hot
It remains something for breakfast?