Herman and Eddie

I met him in a chat. His name was Herman. He asked to send him my picture. I sent. He said that I was beautiful, and I asked him to return the photo. After a few minutes I looked from the screen a man 35-36 years. Tousled hair, slightly protruding eyes. No, he was not handsome, but there was something in it beckoned, he was some kind of mystery. We talked some more and said goodbye. For me, it meant nothing. But after a few months, I reached into the mailbox and encountered there a couple of letters from him. He wrote all sorts of nonsense and I to remember who he actually looked at this photo. Though the letters were written long ago, and I decided to write him anything. Sent. The next day he wrote that he wanted to meet me. I agreed.
A week later, at the appointed place waiting for me Herman with a large rose in her hand. I went up to him and greeted him. I was not very tall, and compared to him looked Thumbelina. He said that I'm living better. I do not like to brag, but I was really pretty: slender legs, tall and large (for my age) breasts, slim waist by nature, elastic ass. Complete the picture of my face: regular oval, gray-blue eyes, a straight nose, a small droplet on the tip, slightly puhlovatye lips and blond hair to the chest, that after painting, purchased saffron hue.
He offered to take a walk around the city and I gladly agreed. I walked down the street for some reason is immensely proud. Before that, I had guys older than me, but obviously not at the thirty-odd years. Then the wind began to rise. I was poured a couple of drops and the rain began shortly. He said that by chance lives pretty close. Ha! Did he think that I did not understand his plan to get me into bed. "By pure chance"-just think about it.
We came to him. Immediately went to the kitchen to drink hot tea. After tea he offered something or something stronger. I agreed to the brandy. I do not get drunk from a small amount of alcohol, but this time I razomlela. An unknown force drew us to each other and we started passionately kissing and hugging. This went on for about fifteen minutes, and then he took me in his arms carried her to the bed. I put me down, and he lay on top and started to unbutton her blouse, caressing her feet. I was all wet from my pussy flowed like tap. I felt his cock harden and pants appears hill, not small. Then he undressed me. Before him I sat in a beautiful lace corset, trusikah- tango and black stockings. He began to kiss passionately and kneading my breasts, biting nipples, which by that time were red and hardened. Meanwhile, I unzipped and pulled his pants and underwear followed. Outside broke its large (17 cm) red cock. I started stroking it, pull the testicles, led finger at the base of the head. Then she took in her mouth and began to make him a blowjob. Sucking, gently biting his dick. Then she began to lick the tongue from the head. He finished. I swallowed his cum and licked his balls. He sal to undress me until the end, but suddenly in walked a guy 26 years, Herman said it was his younger brother- Edward. Edward came and undressed quickly. I saw his dick, and came to a complete delight, I have never seen such a huge and thick members. While licking my German, while still a virgin crack, rolling tongue my clit, I did blow brother. Then Herman said: "How do you run to beat otneseshsya tied to the bed?" I gladly accepted, always wanted to be a slave. Edward quickly ran into another room and brought a rope, whip and gag. I was tied to the bed and began to whip on her breasts, ass and pussy. From the eyes streamed with tears, the pain was unbearable. Then four strong male hands began to twist my nipples, labia pinching, kicking the ass.
-You're a virgin - Herman asked.
I nodded.
-I love tselok! They krichat- said Edik.
I pulled the gag out of his mouth. Herman walked quickly to my cunt, turned his machine and jerk put it in my pussy. I cried hysterically. Dull pain shot through the body. Herman began to move quickly in me. His balls were fighting on my ass. He then quickened, then slowed the pace, as though playing with me. It did not last long. He finished and was replaced by Edward. he was pawing my breasts with his hands. Herman also stuck in my mouth his cock and I was doing him a blowjob until he did not finish. He quickly picked up the grease, smeared her my anus and slowly pushes my back went into the hole. I screamed in pain and ispytavaimyh me orgasms. They followed each other in time of my holes 8. I swallowed semen, and now making it a blowjob cum asked me, not in the mouth. Edward rudely put me with cancer and began to beat the whip, at the same time ebya me once virgin pussy. My breasts were shaking and Herman was holding their hands and kissing in turn, licking, biting and pinching them. In total, I included their huge members about 20 times, all the time I hit the lashes, then gently caressed. Catching his breath, we went to wash. Two pairs of men's hands rubbed me. I was covered in foam, slippery, and so seductive. Brothers fucked me even 2 times in every hole. I made him a farewell minetik. Gone. At the meeting, I was a virgin, and came home obtrahannaya, leaky and ... happy. Then I was 12 years, but Herman and Eddie about this will never know.