A trip to Eilat

We went to Eilat to have sex. Of course it is not necessary for it to travel 600 kilometers to the Red Sea and so it was considered officially that we were going to unwind and relax. In my opinion you can relax and unwind while sitting at home, but for some reason people like to go to rest (with the accent on ride). Apparently trip symbolizes the transition to a state of rest. A person can not sit at home or work, and all of a sudden just relax. We need a gradual transition to the 'state of rest' ', which takes place on the way there. Moreover, it is assumed that the further we go, the better the rest. By this logic, Cyprus does not go to any comparison with Australia, and Eilat, respectively, significantly steeper than in Tel Aviv. We've never fucked and of course were all in anticipation. She looked like a teenage girl - a thin, movable. The car was coming down the serpentine road, lay our hands on the genitals of each other and do unhurried movement. Her half-mast jeans still significantly fettered my hand movements, leaving room only for the fingers. Easy stroking my dick, she said that she wanted to go so in a short skirt and no panties. I'm already rather excited when suddenly she stopped, took his hand and saying that he wants not so. A member was still on inertia 15 minutes but then he got tired.
Entering the room, we immediately found themselves in the bathroom. Wine, candles and other attributes were prepared and placed on the floor. She told me to come in and wait. I undressed and climbed into a bubble bath, sitting with a glass of wine and a standing member. Finally, after a couple of minutes it appeared. He is sitting across from me she grabbed his glass, drank it in one gulp and asked for another pour. Of course, I poured, marveling at such a hurried teetotal girl. Eagerly grasping the second glass she drank nearly half as if parting with virginity. I grabbed her legs and began to pododvigat itself slowly, until it rested against a member. She just sat up on his haunches, lying on it, and looking me in the eye, slowly began to sit down on it. He sat down and shifted slightly, she took his glass and we clinked their glasses, drank to the successful penetration. She asked whether we will go today to the sea or just in the morning. Then we discussed the plans for the evening, come together in the 'Aquarium' 'or' 'Three Monkeys''. Relaxed conversation, sitting on the penis lasted probably 40 minutes We drank 2 bottles of wine and all this time she did not get down to it, though, and did not move quickly, so I did not even think to stop. We both wanted something more. Coming out of the bath we went to bed where he settled in position 69 is on top. I noticed that her complexion sexual organ was quite big already and ass free missed my finger. Suddenly, even before he could realize what was happening, I felt that I finish pouring it into his mouth all that had accumulated in an hour sitting in the bathtub. To my surprise, a member stood as if did not give a portion of sperm a few seconds ago. Spread it on the bed, I sat on the top and began to fuck. Three minutes later I swung and pulled out a member and began to lick her lips and clitoris, and then rapidly expanding its cancer interjected and began to move. She held her hands to the back of the bed, moving toward ass dick. My thumb slowly entered into her anus and now I fucked her finger member and in both holes. I finished again and again and again, has lost every account. Member was already quite sluggish but we kept our game.
Getting up to the bathroom and noticed my interest in her ass she asked:
-Do you want me in the ass?
-Certainly yes - I answered.
-And I want you to fuck me. I do not fuck it and fuck.
-What is it like? - I asked depicting non-domain.
-This is just to fuck hard. Everywhere. And in the ass. Only very much that I felt that I fuck you.
-You want to fuck?
-Yes, you.

This dialogue has had on me is the impact that when she returned, I pounced on it like a beast. Spreading her legs almost 180 degrees, I hammered in her dick under the quiet but sharp cries. '' Oh damn, oh damn fucking '' only be heard in the room. Looking into her distorted face, I thought - you are right now your ass fucking come. Pulled her knees to the head, I began to slowly rotate it around the penis. When she was on her side, I lifted one of her legs up and hugging her shoulder tried to shove it as far as possible from different angles. I spun it a member in all directions, as though chasing some invisible goal. She then muffled growl whispering their 'fucking whore.' ' Completed a turnover and zafisirovav cancer in the position I put his penis to her anus and began slowly vvodit.Chlen entered in her ass, pushing hard inside. Introducing half, I gave it back and brought already deep. On the third time, I slowly put through and heard her moan - '' all the damn '. Not all damn - I thought, moving his member in the ass. After half a minute, what is, to my surprise, I noticed that her butt is quite free to accept my body and began to gather pace. Her face was deeply pushed between the cushions. '' Fuck .... by dick ... '' - came out muffled screams. I continued to fuck her ass, fighting the temptation to yell something dirty like '' rip your ass on the dick '', but instead suspended the movement and lifting her head in a low voice said: '' Perhaps the time has come to fuck you ''. She only breathed loudly. I took the fastest pace that could, and after 20 seconds, discharged semen into her ass residues. Forces have been just enough to pull out the cock and lean back.
We are tired of lying on the bed leading casual conversation. My fingers moved slowly in her entrails - big in the ass and the middle and index in a vagina.
-As it turns out you're good to swear - I noticed shaking fingers inside.
-Why would you have taken? - She asked.
-Well, as it is with what? 15 minutes ago Who cried fucking whore and stuff?
-I'm talking about? - She said in disbelief - Do not be!
I realized that I could not pinpoint it's lying or not, but he decided to dig: '' And if you do not remember saying anything at all? '' - I came from far away. '' Nope, I do not remember. Even in the bathroom, I thought - well, everything asked for. When turned on the bed, I had such a thrill that I could think of was that I fuck. And when you took me in the ass, I just screamed - I fuck '. '' I have not heard '' - I said. '' Well, maybe I screamed to myself '' - she commented, rubbing my thumb. '' The ass you are well rid of, she will remember for a long time '' - she whispered in my ear.
How little is necessary for the happiness of a woman, I thought, reaching for a cigarette. A little sex and a little bit of attention. Say it out loud, I, I will call a chauvinist, but it's true.