I and she

It happened two years nazad.Byl typical summer day, as always early in the morning going to school thinking about sex :), met all the friends at school know that I like me a girl from a parallel class. She was not a fashion model but not fat ugly, I decided that I'll do it my first sex vytsepit her at recess suggested a walk to her, she agreed because it is crazy, I liked him, dressed for a walk with her dressed in the best clothes. Faced with her went to the park, there were walking talking, walking, I realized that the dying to the toilet, but to say it as something not very nice, and two hours terpenes could not resist and went into the bushes.
Already dodelyvaya their business feel that someone is coming, I want to quickly fasten his pants but I understand that I have someone holds, then the heart has stopped, it was her, she started kissing me while trying to reach my already swells member, and here it is still reached for him to kiss her, she caressed it, I was in seventh heaven. Feeling that I'll finish, she stopped, and said, went to her home, she does not have one, I naturally agreed. Already rising, I knew that finally something to happen so that I waited at an entrance. Entering the apartment, I clung to it like a hungry lion to its prey, stripped quickly it himself already naked piled it on the bed, and began to caress her neck, then chest, and finally got to the most treasured, feeling that she was already wet and ready I I decided to get into it.
And finally, I slowly began to penetrate her feeling that she is a virgin, I ran into a stubble, and entered sharply into it she felt the blood almost was not. I fucked her an hour, knowing that the finish was told to do a blowjob, he passionately caressed him and now I finally finished, it was the best orgasm. Obkonchalsya her face, I fell on the bed from exhaustion after spending ten minutes. I decided to try it in the ass, she did not refuse. brushing her ass I went into it, and after 10 minutes had finished second time into it, it was the best sex of my life. After that, we repeat once a week is for two years!