Temptation. Episode I

Young and beautiful couple, Andrei and Svetlana, had been married for two years. It was like everyone else - met at the club, began dating and were married six months later. The first year was just a fairy tale in their relationship: spent all free time together, love and trust each other. But, as always, it kills love routine and leads to certain problems in family life.
These problems started when Andrew was promoted to become the heads of major firms marketing department. Svetlana worked as a correspondent of one of the newspapers that belong to the "yellow press". My husband spent a lot of time on business trips, endless signing contracts for the supply of, and she was sitting at home one evening and quietly pitied his youth.
Light was a beautiful young woman. Many men, certainly would like to have it so. Natural blonde with delicate features beautiful face, a second breast size, which did not need a bra, thin waist, elastic ass, long beautiful legs - all this with the growth of 173 cm made her the subject of adoration of many representatives of the stronger sex.
Today, Andrew returned from another trip, and two ahead of schedule. He was able to conclude a major deal and now wanted to surprise his wife. Two days have been won by its legal output.
It was about eight o'clock in the evening, but the September twilight has descended on the city. On reaching the house, Andrew looked at his window. Strangely, there was no light in them. "It is strange - he thought - because his wife did not say what was going somewhere."
Opening the door of the apartment, he went inside. Nothing special, really, could be seen the traces of some hasty fees. Apparently, his wife somewhere in a hurry. After earning her room, Andrew heard a voice answering machine, the phone is switched off. Why?
After waiting in vain for two hours and twenty times unsuccessfully calling on the phone favorite, he decided to go on a quest. Leaving at half past ten at home, he went to the nearest nightclub. The club was not far, just three blocks from the house, close the procedure was launched park where often impatient couples making love, and thickets reliably hide them from prying eyes.
For club was fixed very juicy glory, they said that it often brings together representatives of non-traditional orientations. Wife Svetlana were not such, but some sense says Andrei, what to look for her to be here. Near the door of the club a few people were standing. Once inside, he was stunned by loud music and flashes of light music. After standing a moment, he went into the hall. The hall was filled with dancing, but remained free tables around the edges tatspola. By purchasing 100 grams of vodka, Andrew sat down at one of them in the corner, so as not to attract attention and be invisible to others and watched the room.
In the hall there were some strange things. That's one of the girls in the dance began to fondle the breast of his girlfriend. Their lips have merged in a kiss. A friend put her hand under her short skirt and masturbated. Behind one of the columns of one of the guys passionately kissed another. Fast dance is over, came a little pause and slow music played. The hall is half empty. At its center is one of four dozen pairs raznopolovyh and started circling slowly. Suddenly Andrew flinched. The dance floor doorway of his wife, Svetlana, with some brunette with the appearance of Centerfolds.
Svetlana was wearing a red short dress with a deep neckline, which flaunt her beautiful breasts. Unfamiliar brunette was half a head taller wife, she was dressed in a brilliant topic, who could not hide her luxurious body. Flat stomach, chest about 3 sizes - all this was evident. A short black skirt opened shapely strong legs model. Considering the stranger, Andrew noted that her face is very beautiful, especially the plump sensual lips.
The stranger and Svetlana stood in the center of the room, and slowly began to swing dance. Hands wrapped around the neck of his wife partner, a beautiful stranger hugged Svetlana waist.
Apparently, this was their first meeting since the first two were pretty awkward. But gradually, the music and the alcohol had an effect. Hands stranger moved in the ass Amy and began to knead her shamelessly. Svetlana harder pressed to his girlfriend and graciously accepted her caresses. Slow Dance is over, but they have not gone out of the room, and stood up for the next corner, continuing even during the dance.
From his table, Andrew could quietly watch his wife, not being afraid to be seen. Light Stranger pressed against the wall and began to whisper something in her ear. Then something happened that Andrew did not expect to see, knowing his wife's attitude towards lesbians. Girlfriends dug into each other with a kiss so that Andrew almost dropped the glass. Then something happened that a friend of his wife began raising edge short dress Amy, trying to get between her legs.
First Svetlana tightly clenched legs, but then weakened somewhat and their stranger penetrated between them and began to stroke through thong vagina. The two women were kissing all the more furiously. And now the finger of his wife girlfriend pushed the edge of strings of light and began to penetrate her pussy. Light grabbed his partner by the neck, and even more dug into it with a kiss. Andrew could see how much the wife is excited, what a pleasure it brought petting girlfriend.
Suddenly the kiss ended, both as a team, looked around, trimmed their clothes and headed for the exit. Excited Andrei walked behind him, trying to be noticed by them. After leaving the club, the girls went to the old overgrown park and moved along its main avenue. Andrew hurried after him. Lanterns around is not burned, but the moon is well lit surroundings. It was seen as a day. The night, though September was warm. Andrew was hiding behind bushes and trees, trying to get close to the girls as closely as possible. His heart beat quickened.
Suddenly the friend stopped and then moved along a faint path to the right, where the depth of the park was a small glade, known to many lovers. That girl went there. With pounding heart, Andrew moved behind him.
Coming to a clearing lit by moonlight, the girl came to the oak tree that grew in the center of it. Bushes framing clearing allowed Andrew to be just some three meters away from them. He had heard all the words spoken by the girls.
- What are you beautiful, Vic, - said Light, being a clearing - I am glad that today we met with you. "So, friend name is Vika", - Andrei thought, and began to listen more.
- I saw you, immediately decided that I want, - I said Wick and girlfriend kissing on the lips - here we hurt no one.
With these words, she slipped her leg between the legs of his wife and the girls again merged in a kiss. Both hands wandered each other, but Vicki hands clearly acted purposefully.
They went down to the lower edge of the short dress of light and slowly began to raise it up. Busy with a kiss, the girl did not even notice what is already on the belt in front of his girlfriend naked and only thong hiding her inner sanctum.
- Raise your hands, my love, - stopping the kiss, asked Vic. Light complied with the request, and the dress was thrown away in the grass.
Then Vicki hand pushed striped thong and began to caress the clitoris girlfriend. In the light entered one finger, then another, and now hosted three fingers into the vagina wife, so loved Andrew. Her husband, meanwhile, fascinated, watching the spectacle could not move.
Meanwhile, Vick took off topic, left bare waist. Her big beautiful breasts was immediately captured by Svetlana, who began to caress her tongue, at times biting and clutching hands. Vika Svetlana pulled the strings to her knees, put her arms around her friend and fell in the soft grass. They all continued. Andrew saw ... the legs of his wife rose up and thong, slipping from them, and hid in the grass.
Vicki's head was between his legs Amy, her tongue began to caress his wife's purpose, which is many times delivered Andrew pleasure. He experienced an unusually strong excitation and almost reached into his pants. Vick, meanwhile, continued to handle the vagina Amy, only now been added to the language of two fingers. Svetlana shamelessly loud moaning was heard squelch her vagina, his wife ran the river.
And then something happened that threw Andrew in shock and simply paralyzed him. Continuing to caress his wife, Vicky left hand lifted her skirt, pushed aside pretty sexy panties and .... Andrew's eyes appeared very beautiful and very large erect male member. Svetlana, meanwhile, was close to orgasm, and there was little he pondered. She fought on the grass and was ready to explode in a fit of acute pleasure. Andrew became clear that this beautiful transsexual Now fuck his wife.
He wanted to scream, to rush to the aid of his wife, but his tongue seemed stuck to the sky, and his legs would not obey. Vic poddrachivala member, gradually rising over his victim. Pulling his fingers from the vagina Amy transsexual pulled him his impressive cock. Svetlana was lying with his eyes closed and wanted to just continue. She was breathing heavily. Member began to slowly push the vaginal folds, but exhausted the victim did not notice it, thinking it was the fingers return.
- Do you love me? - Vic asked, hanging over Svetlana.
- Yes, only you - a broken voice said Light.
- Then you will be only mine. After today's meeting you will not be able to surrender to anyone.
After these words, Vick abruptly introduced his penis into the vagina of his girlfriend. Andrew saw his wife's eyes opened wide, they reflected the fright. She made a feeble attempt to get out from under the transsexual body, but this attempt was quickly broken.
Member has found the right way and continued to finish what has already begun tongue and fingers. Vick a powerful incentive drives the penis is in the light, which has become a loud scream and bend while in predorgazmennogo state. Less than a minute later, it caught the first strong orgasm. Arching arc Light screamed and began to violently finish, pulling his hands faded grass.
I end it for a minute, though it seemed like an eternity Andrew. During their marriage the wife of orgasms not experienced ever before, and there's some transsexual forced her to finish for some few minutes. Yes, even as a ...
And in the clearing lasted sex. Vick lay with his body in the world, their breasts began to rub against each other. From the bushes, where he was Andrew, it was clearly seen as a luxury Vicky ass rises and then falls again between the legs of his wife. The moans grew, Svetlana was preparing to test a second orgasm. "What is she a slut - Andrei thought, and watched the scene again.
Vic accelerated movement and a new orgasm covered Svetlana. Now he was even longer. Concha, Light has turned off even for a few moments. When she woke up, a friend changed posture. Light lay on his left side, Vic was on her back and held the raised right foot. It is a powerful member of the slow and long pushes the vagina. Turning the face towards the bushes, where Andrew was hiding, a friend showed the whole process of copulation.
Member Vicki entered slowly into the light, and then just as slowly out. Each movement was accompanied by a member of the growling moans of his wife, as if her someone strangled. Now came Svetlana orgasms one after the other almost without interruption, she was on the verge of losing consciousness. My husband would not let her so strong pleasure. She had loved his girlfriend, loved for female affection and virility. She was ready for her all excited.
One and a half hours in the clearing continued orgy of light lost count of orgasms, but transsexual and was not going to stop. Andrei envied such sexual stamina. It lacked fifteen minutes, no more. And here…
Putting his partner cancer Vic sweeping movements began to fuck her, already feeling the approach of orgasm. As if sensing this, Light whispered:
- Stop me now nezaletnye days.
Making a few jolts, Vick has introduced a member until the end of the vagina, and Amy began her uterus generously irrigate their love juice. Her friend felt it was again to finish, falling on his stomach, dragging her friend. Vicki member jumped out of the vagina and is now hung, gradually decreasing in size. Both girls were exhausted.
The first came to light. She got out of the wiki and lay on her back.
- I love you, - she said, and kissed her friend, who gave her so much pleasure today.
- I love you too, - said a friend, - And when my husband comes with you?
- Day after tomorrow.
- Then come to me. Two days later, we decide what we will do next.
They got up from the grass, collected scattered across the clearing clothes. Once dressed, they embraced and moved out of the park, passing through all just a few meters from the shelter chilled Andrew. As soon as the girl disappeared behind the bushes, he stepped into the clearing and went after them, eager to gather as much information as possible about the transsexual Vick, who fucked his wife in front of him.
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