Enema trainer

Going on a date with Marina Bob thought, as if delicately unclog her intestines. It is useful to white, as they were about to engage in anal sex. He got hold of a mug Esmarch, tips, petroleum jelly and other accessories for the enema, but he had no experience with them.
On Monday, when the parents have been missing all day, he had the idea to practice on her younger sister Lida. It has happened to play with him in the doctor (as a patient), and he decided that she did not say anything. From the words of Bob I got down to business: a cup filled with water as recommended textbooks, and adjusted the flexible rubber tip. Opening the tap Bob waited until the water flowed from the tip. Making sure that there is no air in the hose, he closed the thread hung cup to the pipe higher, and followed her sister. Lida in her room looking through some magazine.
- Lydia - Do not you want to see a doctor? - Bob asked.
This phrase served their usual prelude to "medical games".
- I'm all right, - said the sister.
- The stomach does not hurt? I think you have constipation!
- No.
- With medicine, do not argue. Take off your clothes, I will search you!
Lida smiled:
- I Kaka morning.
- Lie down on the couch.
Lida put down the magazine and lay down, smiling "doctor". Bob lifted her shirt and began to feel a flat stomach, feeling under the fingers of the interior of the girl. Previously, he sometimes touched her sister below the navel, and now he had to get much lower. Thin unbuttoned her shorts and let them down slightly, he saw below them from black panties swimsuit.
- Write you want? - Bob asked, feeling the abdomen sister.
- No, - said Lida, blushing slightly.
- I appoint you a cleansing enema. Let's go to the bathroom.
- I'm afraid.
- Do not be afraid. We have done well and safely.
Lida rose, pulled on shorts and went to his brother. The bathroom has been spread out a towel, on which was to lay down Vasina "patient".
- So, Lydia, take off your clothes below the waist and lie down on the towel.
Lida stood hesitantly.
- And I do not wrought?
- No, take off your clothes.
- I'm shy!
- Doctors do not hesitate.
Lida hesitantly pulled the shorts to the knees, then took them off and hung on a nail. As she slowly knelt, then lay down on his stomach.
- Turn on the left side - Bob said.
Lida turned her back to him.
- Preload knees to the stomach.
Girl slightly bent legs. Bob took her by the hips and pulled them to his stomach, and then pulled her panties to her knees. His heart pounding, as previously not seen by the naked ass sister so close. Typing on a finger vaseline brother parted the buttocks sisters, and trying to hide the trembling of the hands began to smear grease on the pink ring, framing the entrance to the intestine. Girl zaoykala frightened and shrank.
- Do not be afraid, Lydia. From enema no one has died!
Bob took the tip, and put to the lubricated anal sphincter began to introduce, patting the girl on the ass, as recommended in the book. The tip came a few centimeters and rested. Fearing cause pain Vasya sister took her right leg and shifted forward, at the same time rotating the tip. The idea was successful, and the tip slipped in the ass Lida almost to the end. Bob opened the tap, and heard the sound of water flowing into his sister. Lida shuddered:
- Oh, it's cold!
- Lydia, belly breathe! - Bob said, and pushed the tip until it stops.
Water flowed in Lida slower than desired, but his brother did not dare to increase the flow, as read that this can cause premature desires.
- I can not do it anymore! - Moaned suddenly "patient".
The solution ended up in a circle, and Bob decided to stop the procedure. Closing the tap, he took the tip and turned back to his sister.
- The stomach does not hurt? - Bob asked.
- No, I only want to use the toilet.
- Lie down for five minutes!
- I can not stand!
- Soak!
With these words, Bob began to massage the belly girls, as recommended in books. Once the specified time has elapsed, Lida jumped up and confused in the lowered panties jumped on the toilet. While she was exempted from the enema, Vasya washed all the enema device, carefully clearing the tip.
- It is wonderful! - Lida exclaimed, rising from the toilet - I'm light as a feather.
Glad to achieve the effect, Bob turned the device and put it in the bag. Apparently, Marina was waiting for an unforgettable date.