White dance

White Dance or What can be fraught with curiosity ...
Daniele dedication Rush.

Instead of an epigraph:
...I will add one more interesting example - sodomy. Either edge of the world, without distinction condemnation falls on both sides of the communication inadmissible. "Both of them have committed an abomination ... and their blood will fall on them"- Said in the book of Leviticus. Buenos Aires mob looks at things differently: the active side expressed a kind of reverence as the companion humbled. I give the example of the dialectic ekskrementalnoy zealots of our mettle, gossip and poking, do not cram a hell.
Jorge Luis Borges "Our weaknesses"

Member hanging limply in tact partner movements. Surprisingly now it seems useless this thing.
And how deceptive representations were all about it. Anus is hardly so well adapted to the invasion of foreign objects, as it may seem when watching porn.
First minute at all wanted to give up everything. And second, and third. And many more minutes. And still is haunted by the thought. Now it's over, I get around, go and more no-no. The best thing in this case, lose contact.
A piece of paper with the phone to break and throw, to erase letters. Then certainly no comeback will not work. And you want to repeat, but can not.
What a humiliation. And where does a man so much patience to carry this humiliation.
When I was still thinking about it, weighed the pros and cons, hesitated, then still thought that because a lot of positive moments just lies in the fact that the first attempt did not like, once and for all discouraging. It is important not to get hooked. At least, even in the case of repeats can keep a sense of proportion. Let these repeats are even in another place, at another time and in another society.
No no. No repeats. I and then some times, do not know how I will feel myself.
But so podsyadesh. Join. How much time and effort it would require. It's a complete change of lifestyle. Am I ready for this?
Lucky that black woman from yesterday's porn. She, then at least all natural, so to speak, by nature develop. It does not matter that the two men and then they were in the presence of his crew with a camera doing. She is also the humiliation, so at least for him without any shame in society ... you can tell it's me, found someone to envy, I have come.
Podsyadesh, and then what? Well, in twenty years, dashing shortstop and staid elders priobschat, throughout teach. And thirty and think will forget about you. For such cases a smooth white ass young man oh as needed. And thou shalt be as one Durikov chatting, which itself offered two o'clock, I thought a great interest liabilities. Yes me then no one at all was not needed, as it is now, for example, just came to talk. And it is in his 35 years and have not learned to guess the mood of others. Although there chatting guess. This it the fourth top ten needs, introduction to the whole, experienced, appreciating the affection and care? And worn-thrown if a pun continue. Indeed, to say that alone. So do not be afraid to sit down after that. I remember when I was 15 years old, called me on the phone dating service and immediately asked me to introduce the man. Yes, there was such a peccadillo, I confess, the first and last. Rather, as long as the Internet does not appear, it was my last peccadillo of this kind. Do you think an Internet ad to catch up with the case. There seems to pro sat. I like your question formulated? I speak: "I would like to meet a man ..." There: all, ok, how old are you. Fifteen, I say. They came to life. Ask: is a man? what age you are interested in? The answer is: it does not matter. And I, frankly, have not thought about it at all. Those. I thought, but, in truth, somehow still vaguely imagined it. Of course, I knew or knew about, well, let's say, knew that when men want to meet men or young people, they certainly suggest very specific sex. And sex, often before any other points. And I do not even so much sex, was probably necessary as a senior fellow, as they say, stupid and sensitive. But the sex I think I was also ready, as its small contribution to the foundation of a future friendship. Or maybe just the whole thing and had sex. Maybe I was looking for sex because, poked, like a blind puppy is not knowing where to go.
So, they found out that I am 15 years old and I already thought of by the peasants to go, so they have dramatically improved the mood at all. Give this tirade: because you do not yet turned 16 years, our agency will provide you with their services for free. Which method of communication do you prefer? You can leave your phone?
To this I do not know what to say, and hesitated a minute or two of my incoherent mutterings, and persevering, but extremely polite coaxing my interlocutor put the phone down. In fact, leave the service of dating in a piquant situation, your home phone, it would be quite absurd. I then another thought. No wonder that they soon become free. Demand seems to have a great 15 year-old boys, consciously or suspect a craving for elders. Even as the Internet, with its blue entangled resources all around, I do not recall a large number of ads on the young guys. Well, there is enough 17-minute, 18-year-olds. But 14-15 years of age, I do not remember. Though, probably, who is looking for - he finds. I imagine with some broth if they have pre-sold my coordinates. And certainly not a single customer. to torment me calls. And I do not live alone. As I explained to the home that I call round the clock a lot of different people, and I'm hiding in my room, I try to say as little as possible and quieter and constantly red. When the then-the hunger for information, with the only possible means of communication, - stationary home phone. Conclusion I was so made that 15 year old boy who wish there will always be only svisni - all lined up. Even the suggestion put forward that the pier and a homophobe, a married lover of the fairer sex, he bude ensure the confidentiality of an exclusive opportunity to try a young white body, its hardly miss. And the floor of the victim in this case would not be considered as insignificant factor. Society in general, is very loyal to such a set of active-consumer attitude to sex. Fuck a dean of conservative kid, assert themselves as a real macho and will continue to conduct conversations about the inadmissibility of same-sex marriage. And from a purely technical side, so I tell you a secret, if someone does not know that a boy from the back looks very feminine. All mature differently. Sometimes you will look at the boy, and at that narrow shoulders, hips rounded and fairly lush, skin white and smooth. Another aunt in their 30-40 may have envied such characteristics. How can you not take advantage of such a body, if it is guaranteed confidentiality. No matter what your orientation, it is important how and what you offer. So, I made these findings and at the time of calm.
And now we come, and found a senior fellow and sex almost immediately started. About five years ago I would even suggest such could not, but, please, enjoy. Although Network - is a strong word. I when all this approach has become such conspiracy spread that I enjoy here one should not, I've got no one to see ... can not even myself, even in a mirror. Shame. Now, how to make ends hide in the water, so that no one ever learned anything. The same task.
A piece of paper with the phone throw necessarily, impossible for me after that first call him. Well it's like to be interpreted? They say that the boy is ready. Favor.

But what all this is viewed bestiality. I'm the man the second time I've seen in my life. Well, the photographs still seen enough of him. All could not be solved. The first time just talked and talked, hints about it. Nothing special did not. And then came the second time. Strictly speaking, at the moment I do not really even see it. I do not see anything, and I do not want to see.
She buried her face in the sofa cushion and put up with everything that happens. And he is somewhere out there, as now seems very far away, behind the hosts. Condemns something, mumbles, he asks. Probably waiting for that I will answer his questions. And I would say to their ...
And bestiality and at the same time, there's something subtle. God knows. Maybe it's just a habit, an unusual situation such sophistication seems. Probably, if there is something subtle and there, it is only a perversion.
By the way, I had the same content geyporno meet. He looked a few movies. Which is longer which is shorter. And characteristically, the impressions were completely unexpected. Some liked the movie, some also do not even want to remember. As far as not a fountain. Here, too, where it is taken, why so?
For example, I do not quite like it. Actually, even just the emotions are not aroused. Some, probably, an American movie about the players. Four healthy men in the form of players, with helmets and shields are in the locker room. Healthy men - is an understatement. Pumped bulls athletes. Such, perhaps, especially, and picked up a long time. So the three begin to like as the third rape. He formally opposed. Well, there's the fuss all sorts, but, characteristically, no massacre. Then they stripped him and bent down, started quite commonplace orgy. Diversity makes a nonsense. That two members in one ass, the third attempt, apparently without success, to attach. In general, acrobatics, circus curiosities. Exercises of discharge "higher, faster, stronger". "do as I do" or simply heading "Beginner?". Purely mechanical friction, no eroticism does not smell. Then I thought, maybe they're not gay? Can they do it all deeply interested? Well, they were paid, they worked from here to here, without enthusiasm.
Or maybe just then I looked without interest, the mood was not right. In general, boring, totally hooked me these athletes. And another, quite the opposite case. The spot was not long, all the foreplay and titles were cut off. Because the national affiliation of the product was difficult to determine. For a number of assumptions and circumstantial evidence of the guys were Czechs, and starring, and who, it is difficult to say. Maybe in the Czech Republic and the most fulfilled. The scene was. the picture appears. One boy looked about sixteen lying on its side on a bed scattered. The second, to look at him the same age, is behind him on the same side and acts, of course, in an active role. But how he does it ... Amplitude - God forbid your swing, speed - like a jackhammer. I do not know how to evaluate it, but by the looks impressive.
And he does it for a long time without changing the tempo of movement, nor the geometry of bodies - equally strongly. It is noticeable that he is in good shape. And dyhalki good and strong muscles, great body, flexible, slender figure, the skin smooth and agile movement, apparently not a random guy on these surveys. I think that many women know too would not have refused such a partner. Wow he gets, well done. I truly admired. Always I liked to look at beautiful things. And beautiful women always liked. Moreover, it is always themselves to treat people with heterosexual orientation. And their bi or gay fantasy is charged too developed imagination. On the women I can spend hours just watching, getting either with the incomparable pleasure. Anywhere, in transport, in the street, at a party, in the institutions. I really appreciate the beauty. And, as I said, it was a female. Maybe because beautiful women are more than handsome men? Women are also more likely to keep for good looks, try to look as good as possible. Men often do reckless attitude towards yourself. But is this the case? And then, the guy admired. Or rather, even, they looked beautiful together. They played as if the pair dance. Indeed, first the boy must also pay tribute. It is also nice, to match its svelte gentleman. They do, something similar as there are like best friends or brothers. Perhaps they were not even the first time together on the set, so naturally they looked. Or maybe they are filming is talking, hard to judge on a short clip. Together they moved as a whole, it seems, even breathing simultaneously. Member easily in and out, it seemed like the ass - this is just the place for that here such here's sex and created nature. I do not know, frankly, what she was thinking when human anatomy so organized. And if it was only in the harmonious movements ... beautiful bodies. The bodies I have seen in other rollers, the rollers in other simulated heard moaning, poor orgasms artistry. As they say, I do not believe it. There were very different person. Especially that guy that was at the bottom. He once shot and had seen better times. So he did not just lay there, experiencing discomfort, pain or tightness, allowing you to do things with them that most men disdain even to discuss. He was given the present. It was she in the men's appearance. He has, and I want to tell her, on the face of it was written. And the fear and pain, and shame, and passion, and lust. But all this stuff, because other than that, I thought I saw tenderness, I saw in his face Love. How could this happen? Even among heterosexual couples, and even in the intimate privacy and not on the set, it is rarely so. No, this is not it. To wear a kind of feeling to live in this modern world of Nazi homophobia and distortions, that here so open not only to your partner, but also to strangers - it takes courage. In front of me was a real man with a little more developed than that of many other fantasy with a little more subtle sexual constitution, completely defenseless in front of their partner, the owners of movie studios and movie audiences. And this man was doing what most inert afraid to even discuss. And he did it so as not to be able to do traditionalist thick-skinned. He did it better, purer and more sincere than any of those who undertake to judge him. And so easily aroused envy in any of them. Not everyone can feel. Man is not a robot, programmed to be, a lot of it is perfect even in that in a position to make choices and decisions. And if the guy chose this role and performed it well, then the choice is now, I respect and appreciate. Although it was only a short video, I mean he did not know. Maybe it was my imagination played out?

"Be patient a little bit, be patient. It's a little uncomfortable at first, then it will be easier ..."
Wow encouraged, you did it in the ass gave someone? Probably only and do what I like Durikov eviscerated. And how I was allowed to talk? No, I can not boast, it was very much against. I would be against it, and he would not look for any adventure on your ass. That's for sure, quite literally today said it is on the backside.
When else on the chat said I said that almost no experience ... but I think to try. He also said that the members never sucked. When asked if I want to, I do not know the answer. And now, it seems, I know I do not. Although, if it comes to that, the mouth member where both organically will. Yes and inconveniences such as this is not supposed to be. Although, who knows, there may be difficulties. Yes, I do not know how I did it. Now it is necessary at least to do nothing, and there is also a need to move.
I wonder what my heart rate now? Tremors times weaker and I think even I can barely gather my thoughts. Then, he starts asking questions, trying to talk to me as something to comment on what is happening. Even some compliments scatter, may want to encourage. Honestly, I do not say that that very quickly. In fact, and I tell him anything you do not want. But like a courtesy, and so that he was satisfied with the answer, sometimes I say something. Monosyllables, in a choked voice trying to respond. Damn, how long. After my answers, he is inspired, bore down with a bang. And now, after my uncertain "everything is fine" his left hand at farming fell on his thigh and began as if to guide me towards new shocks. Hell, maybe he or she would need handrails. As he clung. Continuing to knead the buttocks with his hand, he seems to be leaning over me. I hear the whispered something in his ear. "What?" - I ask. That is the question, because the question. "Do I like it ..." What can I say to him?
"I do not know," - I say, "so unusual". "Seems not bad"..." "It seems like"... As he sniffed as began to move. For me, whether that is trying. Here, it has managed to run into me such a lover of long affection. "You're very good, you are just superb" - He speaks. That's really thank you. And blow after blow again. Now I begin to ask for a break. I wonder how he will react? I must say that for his age, and he was twice my age, it is amazingly active throughout, seemingly so loose, with the classic beer belly - very impressive, but it looks like a very strong physically, with a strong dyhalki and nerves of steel.
"Do not worry, he will soon learn everything ..." It was he talking about? This is what I learn lying ass up? Who am I now, he or she? Did I do that? What will I do with this now?
"mmmmmm" - He issued a twang like a groan of sleep, which had a bad dream, quite swung several times, put his right hand my stomach, dug his left buttock and pulled over. Quite sensitive, even I was jerked forward, trying to escape from such pressure, but there it was. All of his weight, he would collapse on me, his hands clutching my body in addition to his. Taz his still trembling noticeably in the same direction as the moment before, but it is not with the same intensity and I felt frequent ripple in his body somewhere in the abdomen. "That's yeah, that's what we need" - He whispered. I did not answer, lying crushed and wedged face in the cushions. His right hand was still grabs me tightly vzhimaya his impressive belly. Left - scattered oglazhivaet entire side of the ribs to the knees. Strange to say, his whole body seems to be softened and relaxed now, and his right hand like a trap - I think he squeezed me like a rubber toy. Member of it still did not take out, but it seemed to me that he is about to obmyaknut. I wanted to reach out and holding the edge of the condom to get rid of all the body to move a little to the side and jump off my first man to finish everything and go in the shower. Although, I must say that I myself panting pretty hard to face flushed, his head throbbed clearly. It was a strange feeling. Now, as I write this, I realize I was just greatly excited by all this fuss and it seems even longer shy. At that moment I did not feel any pain or fatigue. "Come on, you need a little jerk, I want to look at you like you're rushing from a high ..." His left hand took mine and began to push it to my groin. Right, he pulled me over, rolled onto his back, and I found myself lying on my back on the top of his chest and abdomen. All. I held her hand over the penis and already nothing thinking, moved the skin on it up and down. "So, that's it" - He kept craning his neck, trying to see what is happening in my groin. "aaaaaaaa" - In front of me flashed a star and I did not care how and what is happening now, what happened before and what will happen to me then. I remember how my whole body arched, for some reason I have tried over on its side. But the hand, my partner again held me tight. When sanity returned to me, I found myself in a completely unpredictable as before. So I lay back on it. Hands I hugged his hip, his right hand moved my dick in my hand, gradually slowing down, and the left, doing circular motions on my stomach, legs and crotch. It seems he's smeared semen that dripped down the legs, groin at me all was warm and wet. And I ... I kissed my lover's lips. Yes I am, but kissing, but a lover. We really were now lovers. I can not say that my kiss was unresponsive, he kissed me, too, but then the initiative miraculously appeared behind me. So we were. I, this time he has, with his own hands, his body continued to press in its solid belly and rubbed his nose on his neck and face, and he was playing idly with my fingertips member and seems to be pretty smile. To me he is returning shame.
And I thought, what was written on my face at that moment? What will happen next? When and how this will end?

Konstantin Belenky
[email protected]
22.06.03 Moscow