Morning adventure

The weather was beautiful, and that you want the summer. Yes, yes, the very long-awaited summer finally burst into our lives. I wanted new experiences, drawn to adventure, adventures, but first things first.
Every morning, I make a run in the park which is near my home. I am already 35 years old, and I'm sure to keep yourself in shape nobody never hurts, and the work I have to say is not pleasant. I'm working as a programmer in the company. The whole day sitting, so even at the computer, not to monitor the health is necessary. I closed the door of the apartment with a key. His wife and child stayed at Tiffany's in the village, I was alone for a few days and not once come to mind thinking, what if ... I went down the stairs to the courtyard. I ran through the deserted alleys of the park and looked around. Suddenly it seemed to me that I hear a woman crying, not even a woman crying, it was a crying child. I stopped and listened and went to the side from which came the cry. Under a bush, I saw it!
Angelic face thirteen girls. She sat on his lap and sobbed.
-What happened to the kid? -laskovo I asked.
Startled, she abruptly lifted her head up, and I saw her blue, shiny eyes with tears.
-Nothing! she -prosopela.
-Is it so cry when nothing happened? I retorted her.
-Generally currents she lowered her eyes - I had a fight with her mother and left home.
-And dad? - I said, -neuzheli your father made to his daughter instead of in the early morning to sleep in his bed, then sat under a bush and wept bitterly.
-I have no dad - she began to cry again, and the mother of my bitch. I do not want to live! I'm tired of living like this!
I knelt down, and decided that it is necessary to reassure the girl.
-What's your name, -laskovo I asked.
-Lena -skvoz tears whispered the girl.
-That's what Helen, I continued in the same tone, -I live here very close, I suggest you do not whimper under a bush, and go to my house to have breakfast and freshen up.
The girl has been agreed. I took her hand. And we went on the road, I began to examine her body, apart from the fact that she was a beautiful girl, she had already fully formed breasts, her rounded ass drove me crazy. I thought to myself one, in that no matter what, she will be mine. And I firmly gripped her delicate little hand, in anticipation of what will happen today ...
...We sat at a table in my kitchen, drinking hot tea with raspberry jam, which tёscha brought us out of the village. Tears on her face almost dried up, she chatted cheerfully foot, and her laces in time with the movements slipped on the floor. I incessantly chatted with her about everything, but I thought about something else entirely. I looked at her pale blue short skirt, with every possible opportunity, with my cock for a long time stood as a bayonet.
Forces no longer had to endure, and I decided to go on the offensive. What do I break down what that thirteen slut who ran away from home. I stood up from his chair and walked toward her. Her eyes lit up with fear.
-Do not worry, darling, I will not do you no harm. Have you ever seen a naked man?
She shook her head, but her eyes were still all the same fear. I sat down next, putting his hand on her two, folded in her lap. She was trembling, I decided to wait until she calms down, and only stroked her hand:
-You're nobody said that you are very beautiful girl, when you grow up all men will admire you!
-True? -neuverenno she asked me.
-Uh-huh! Now wipe your eyes, and look at you vnimatelno- I turned her to him wiped the tears from her eyes, she was really beautiful. - Your oval face, eyes, lips they are wonderful.
-I picked up a fragile girl and sat on his lap, his left hand very carefully, I began to stroke her gorgeous legs. It seemed to me that the girl calmed down, at least from this point on, she did not resist. Now it's time to move on to more decisive action, I thought, and my hand slipped sharply under her skirt. I am that there are forces squeezed her beautiful little pussy. The girl moaned. With animal passion, I ripped off her panties, and pressed his lips to her scarlet lips ...
...Our clothes for a long time lying on the floor, we were on a big oak bed completely naked. I'm a grown man, and she a lovely little girl, no longer a child, but also not a woman. I covered her body with kisses, one hand I clutched her small breasts and the other passionately fingered her pink clitoris. The girl moaned, and I was in seventh heaven. My aching erect penis has long been ready to fight. The girl still was in a little shock, and I did not dare to ask whether she is a virgin, but then what do I to this was the case. When I spread her legs wide, my view has opened a magnificent painting: lovely little wet cunt, alluring with its beauty. I could not remain indifferent, and stared at a breakneck speed in his tongue, licking all that flowed from it. Now she was ready, and I'm all flushed with desire entered her his throbbing cock. The girl screamed in pain, I became her first lover. My cock was in the blood, but it did not stop me, my movements are more frequent, my heart pounding, orgasm approaching with each passing second. Yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming !!! I abruptly pulled out his penis and sperm flows poured on her chest. I brought his cock to her mouth and whispered:
- Helen suck it, without hesitation, she threw him with his playful pen, and the reason for his hot tongue, took it into his mouth. A few minutes later, I again had finished. Lena swallowed with pleasure, white, viscous liquid that flowed from my penis ...
...The girl was lying on the bed almost exhausted, his head thrown back, like satiate fury she squeezed pillow with both hands. I looked at her and admired the outlines of her beautiful naked body. About nymph, about my little beauty, how happy I am that you came into my dull and boring life.
To be continued...