As we went on holiday by train.

This summer we with my girlfriend decided to go on holiday by train. The journey takes two days, and we do know that we will not be bored, because we have mutual understanding with Irishka was full and we could have sex wherever and however you want.
When we went into the compartment already there was one guy, we met learned that his name was Sergei, and he also goes to the sea. As we spread out all their belongings and the bed linen are already gone by the evening we all decided that a bottle of champagne drunk for familiarity will be very helpful. We drank champagne and talked about everything and how it is self-conversation turned to sexual topics. Sergei told how they e th girlfriend in this respect, and we Irishka told about themselves.
The atmosphere in the compartment became sexual, felt the general excitement, but from his stories about the other girl for me, my penis has long been stuck stake. He even joked about that, since it is already light for two weeks left to relatives in another city and he just thinks like to stick his dick some sort of a girl, recently he did not have sex.
Irishka offered another drink bytylku champagne, all were of course only agree. For champagne volunteered to go, Sergei. As soon as the door slammed coupe, I immediately rushed to Irishka because I thought only about how to hurry to plant his dick sticking in it. She thought about the same, so I turned her back to him, took off her tiny, mokrenkie through the willingness of her panties and entered her small, shaved, pussy expiring lust. For about three minutes, I pecked her violently and and felt that he was ready to come, but at that moment we heard the outside door handle clicked to open it and we realized that in such a hurry to have sex even forgot to close the door on the latch.
I quickly got out of it and began to pull the shorts she's straight, and correct robe. For doing this we found and Sergey. He said, I will not hurt, embarrassed we said all right, do not worry. Immediately it opened the second bottle of champagne and we drank and almost immediately it. I could not think of anything else as Irkin the hole after all this time my cock and stood stake and I wanted to finish it. In her eyes I also saw so familiar to me characteristic shine, I felt that she was languishing on the willingness to my cock again parted lips on her pussy and entered her, but the presence of Sergei constrained us. Although we would like each other so that they are ready to fuck bvli chat with him.
On the radio sounded nice slow song and dance Ira suggested that I said, we will dance with you at a time, she said that it is possible, and the three of us to dance. I hugged her back, front and Sergey and we pressed it on both sides began to dance. Since the compartment was hot, it was Ira in one lightweight robe that barely covered her delightful ass, and already there was nothing underneath. Sergei and I were in shorts And it was perfectly clear that our members stood out of shorts.
His head was spinning just from sexual attitude. At first, I began to kiss Irku lips, then he dropped below a little robe opened her chest and began kissing the one the other breast. I literally sucked them into himself entirely, so I was excited. From this her nipples become large and very solid. Then I sat down in front of her and hardly realizing report their actions pushed the floors of her robe and pressed his lips to her pussy. She was so wet that the moisture out of it almost dotekla draw your knees! I literally became a drink of her pussy even more agitated, remembering that until recently there was my cock. By this time, we are no longer dancing but just stood still swaying slightly. Ira moved her ass and obviously rubbed on the protruding member Sergei.
Looking up, I saw that Sergei has two hands clasped Irkin bare chest and squeezed her hard and tugged her nipples! I only had time to think how far can it go ka was the most interesting. Ira untied the belt of her dressing gown and he slid to her feet. Following him to the feet of Sergei dropped his shorts with melting. Ira began to move their already bare ass up and down about losing naked dick Sergei, obviously bringing him this great pleasure. Hardly already wondering what I was doing, I also took off his shorts with melting. My cock just burning with excitement and stood stake! The most interesting thing that I liked it all, and I wanted to continue.
I saw how much excited Ira as she just baldeet from all that is happening. In general, everyone wanted to continue. I threw her legs slightly apart and crawled under it, that I was more comfortable with his tongue to caress her lustful pussy. She bent forward slightly to Sergei rubbed a member not only of the hollow in her ass and lower. At this point, suddenly my lips that it rested, surprise, I recoiled a little and saw a protruding member Sergei, on which, as it were sitting on top of it moving forward back its open jaws Mrishka. I immediately realized that he had a member of a very much longer and much thicker than mine.
I continued to caress the clitoris tongue and turned his cock as it rested against the barrier and he had no choice but to slip in the pussy of my beloved! She screamed in excitement engulfed her and the huge size of his penis which so unexpectedly entered into it, something like parted her lips and could barely fit in it by filling it all inside, and began to finish frantically clutching his little hole. Following this, cried and Sergey and I realized that from the same ends. Before I clearly realized that now he pumps his huge cock all the accumulated two weeks of abstinence sperm directly into the depths of my favorite girls!
I thought that because his cock barely climbed into her little hole by filling it all without a trace, and where are there now fit so much sperm. At this point, his cock slipped from the slippery Irkin pussy and out of it in my mouth flowed a stream of sperm mixed with fluid Irkin. It was so much that I literally a hundred drink it with excitement. Remains I licked tongues with red razrochennyh slightly swollen Irkin sponges! In place of small holes to which I was accustomed to a huge hole. But Sergei did not even think to stop there. He slipped his sticking out as if nothing had happened between her huge dick spaced legs and I saw in front of a huge poured from head shifted back skin took her into his mouth.
He began to fuck me in the mouth moving while on Irkin lips. I sucked his cock and getting enormous pleasure from it, thinking about how this term has just been my favorite pussy and pumped it in full! He, too, all loved it, he began to move faster, then groaned and my mouth hrynul stream of hot sperm from his huge cock and I swallowed it all. But that was not all! His cock was not thought to fall, he sat on the bed and pulled Irku back to him and began to lower her pussy on his dick! When she touched her lips to his head, he pushed it forward a bit already is resting on his head was a small hole of her ass!
She amazement, he looked at me. I silently nodded her head, and she began to slowly sink to the member Sergei tight hole in his ass. Gradually, it all disappeared into her ass and she touched his buttocks, his thighs. He made more tolchek trying to penetrate more deeply, but then it was nowhere. She has strung his ass on his cock. He took Irku below the knees and lifted his legs up. In front of me opened a fascinating picture. Ira sat on another member, who will go to the very driven in her little ass and her razdrochennaya, Banged, lustful pussy looks right at me! Here is a picture!
Mechanically I pressed it to his lips, thrust his tongue all the way inside, and Sergey at this time holding her legs began to raise and lower it on his cock fucking her ass! But I also wanted to come ... and so raise a little pressed to Irke and began kissing her passionately on the lips. She dug into my mouth with a kiss obviously feeling the taste of someone else's sperm on my lips! Odnovremnenno I moved closer to her, put his ready dick with excitement to her pussy and leading them on the lips began to try to get inside.
It was not easy to do because razdrochennye Irkin swollen lips and a member Sergei ass fucking my Irishki not let me do it! But gradually my dick began to penetrate all the same in its upper hole. I pulled away from her lips and looking into her home ready veil lustful eyes whispered - Irishka, baby, my girl, I adore you, be always so horny, I love you! She said, my dear, thank you for all that I love you! At this point, my dick got to the end and rested. Now her whole body was filled inside the hot flesh of two members. We began to furiously fuck her in both holes More and more increasing the speed and breadth of our movements.
Through the thin partition between her ass and pussy, I felt great huge dick Sergei, we like to fuck her together in a narrow hole! Ira closed her eyes and gave herself entirely to sex. It lasted fierce fucking probably ten minutes. Suddenly, Ira began shouting furiously to finish frantically clutching her pussy my dick. I felt that too finish, and pour into it all of his sperm, which is so long waited for this. At this point, too, Sergei became violently finish straight into the depths of her ass. I could not help myself with excitement, and again pressed his mouth to her crotch to lick until the end of the whole mixture, which stemmed from both her holes. I licked every last drop. Exhausted and iztrahannye us a long time to recover, and then fell asleep.
The next day it was the same again, once we switched roles Sergei. Unfortunately we rested absolutely in different cities, but my Irochka all liked it so much that she came to the resort is fully prepared for our future depraved adventure, to which she was then, and I'll be sure to tell them, too, too.
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