Just friends...

Hello))) My name is Vera and I am 16 years old ...
It happened on March 24th. It was just a spring break. I am weary and suddenly remembered my mother's friend's son. We rarely called up, but when called up make sure you walked. His name is Roma, it is 18. So this time, I called him and we agreed to meet. I quickly packed up and within 20 minutes of sitting in his car.
-Hello! Well, where are you going? I asked cheerfully Roma.
-I do not know ...- I said out of habit, and sat in the front seat, blissfully lit.
-Well, as always! -ironichno Said Roma. I smiled back.
The weather was terrible ... The wind and slightly drizzling rain literally permeated everything.
-Listen to the weather is terrible, I think it is not necessary to go to park.-Roma said and did on the radio louder.
-Yes, I agree. Any other suggestions? I asked calmly.
-Well went to me and have a chat, you can plunk a beer, he suggested.
-Well, not just beer! I retorted.
-Well you can of champagne, wine or whatever you drink? 'He asked.
-Come vino.- I agreed. Roma smiled and we went to the place. We raced quickly, chatting about all erunde.Pochemu close to him, I was calm like a boa constrictor. We knew each other from birth, but after his parents' divorce, he was gone, and our mothers, lose your phone, no longer communicate. Just recently, we again found each other.
He grew up, became simpotichnyh parnem.Ego brown eyes and earrings in the ear drove me crazy. Yes, I liked it, but not too bolshe.Roma noted with admiration, as I grew up, prettier and often looked at my breasts third the size. But we talked about everything as a druzya.On told me about their girls, I told him about my guys. In general, we just got the pleasure of communicating with each drugom.Vot and this time everything was as usual.
Prior to his house we domchalis about 15 minutes, went to the store, bought a chocolate wine and here we are sitting in his room. Entering, I was surprised the absence of his parents' apartment.
-Where is everyone? I asked -udivleno settling comfortably on a soft sofa.
-And they went to the country only after 3 vchera.Vernutsya dnya.- not taking his eyes from the computer monitor said Roma.
-Aah ... Yasnenko! Not boring one?
-Yes Normic. That last one came. We sat a little pobuhali., still not looking at me, said Roma. I sighed and began to study his room. I used here has never been. It was small and cozy, the usual Pacanskaya komnata.Ona was cozy and even from the shadows prevailed in it. The room was lit only a small window zashtorinoe blackout curtains. On a small table stood all our "wealth". A few minutes later the room was filled with the sounds of a Slowpoke. Roma looked up from the computer and landed next to me on the couch unfolded.
-Nous ... begin! -ulybayas Said he filled the glasses with wine.
-For what we drink? 'Asked I was bringing to his lips a glass filled with dark red wine.
-For something that parents often left to the cottage! Solemnly said Roma. I nodded his head clinked their glasses and we both made a couple of sips and put the glasses on stolik.Ya otstronilas little from him and lay down on the other end of divana.On not surprised. We again began to talk about everything, simultaneously finishing his glass. Then he drank another glass, for druzhbu.Vse have spun a little talk became bitterness, but still shutochnye.I here for the third time Roma has filled wine glasses bloody and handed me one.
-For love! 'Said Roma.
-To the bottom! I -dopolnila.
-Brotherhood! -zavershil Roma. I'm a little surprised raised an eyebrow.
-Oh my God on the lips chmoknims! Cheerfully babbled Roma. I broke into a smile, and we were both sitting up met in the middle divana.Skrestiv hands playfully we looked at each other and drained their glasses to the end. And then came the moment when we have to peck. Second, the head a bit dizzy from the alcohol consumed, the smile never slipped from my litsa.My simultaneously made the motion to a meeting and our lips met in a light chmoke.Edva I touched his lips as a whole shrugged me everything inside trembled, his legs gave way and I realized that I want him madly !!! My head spun all.
With the second I looked into his eyes and playful for a moment I saw them tongues plameni.Ya could not overcome himself, and can not even tried to ... I'm not thinking of nothing, clung to him all over, wrapped her arms around his neck and timidly touched his lips svoimi.Roma surprise and for a moment I froze in fear that he would alienate me ... This moment seemed lasted an eternity, but as soon as it ended, Roma with an insane passion pounced on me! hugging her waist with thirst digging into my mouth, he gently put me back on the couch and found himself sverhu.Ego tongue penetrated my mouth and got up to crazy things, I'm breathless with excitement engulfed me answered all eyes emu.Pered plylo.Ego hands slid under my blouse, I felt them on my back and then in the stomach and chest.
When he entered a bra I literally cried out surging zhelaniya.Ya suddenly knocked him on his back and she sat on his horse and one jerk took off her jacket as interfering .Roma stood up and began scorching kisses covering my neck, shoulders, chest ... He batted in the ring of his soft lips one nipple and the other gently squeezed his fingers. A little sucking, he suddenly bit him lightly. Immediately all I pierced a sharp pain mixed with pleasure, and I arched lips broke moan. Noticing my weakness Roma again took the better of me .He slightly parted my legs with his knee and it turned out that I grabbed his legs around the waist. Once again, we have merged in a kiss, but it was already a little. Everything inside demanded much more ... He again went below my lips, caressing my breasts ...
I could only gasped for air and arch the back. While Romina hands caressed my breasts, his lips went below. Suddenly, he was back to my lips. We began to kiss again ... It was like something was wrong, as the others, not even since the first time ... Quite a different feeling. Despite the passion gripped us in every movement was read tenderness ...
His hands slid down my back, stroking his lower back. I bit his lower lip, and abruptly pulled off his T-shirt. Roma misty eyes looked at me and with more passion pounced on my trembling body. And now he was unbuckled the belt on my jeans, his hands slipped on my ass.
His hands gripped my buttocks, forcing me to breathe more and more often. Another moment and I stayed in one thin lace panties. Romina kisses began to sink lower and lower. I froze in anticipation of a wonderful cunnilingus. Suddenly the bell rang home phone, I already jumped in surprise and heart for a moment ostanovilos.Roma looked up from my belly button already, and look prevstal.Moy prayed that he would not take trubku.Ego opinion became more aware, he got up from the couch and I went to prihozhuyu.Ya gasped, but I was all beat shiver. I heard the hoarse voice of Roma. He said, apparently with her mother. I was afraid to move. A minute later, which lasted for like an hour, he returned to komnatu.Ves disheveled with the pants unbuttoned jeans.
-Were we do - with some unrealistic longing Roma asked, looking around vokrug.Ya looked down, but almost immediately re-looked at him. Romijn look became almost strogim.Ya all shrank and suddenly remembered that I was lying on the couch Romin in some dripping wet panties, but no matter what I could not make a single movement.
-Get dressed! -almost Ordered Roma.Ya stood up in silence, his hands covering his chest. He looked at me like I was guilty of the child, but I myself feel a little girl broke the plate.
-Dress is my shirt, all exactly is home not poedesh.- already said Roma softer and a little digging in the closet gave me a large white T-shirt. I pulled ee.I got off the couch. Collect all your clothes and put on the edge ... kresla.Chto going on inside of me is difficult to convey. "Why did he refuse? Does he still sees me as a little girl with white braids?". We started with a clean stola.Ya carried glasses to the kitchen, and Roma took the unfinished bottle of wine and followed me into the kitchen. To drink we have not wanted to.
I note that the T-shirt, which I drove Roma, took out a little bit to the middle of my ass. I unknowingly walking into the kitchen, gently wagged bedrami.Kak soon as I walked over to the table top and put the glasses, then immediately I felt Romina goryatsee breath on my shee.Ya turned abruptly and literally put her face in his chest Romina. I stopped to breathe again. He stood back to back, and it seems, was not going to retreat a single millimeter. I shyly looked up at Roma look .He looked at me almost pleadingly. I gently touched his hand to his shoulder, then slid up and put her arms around his neck, his nose buried in his shoulder. Roma did not move. But he was not breathing. The air in the kitchen became goryachee.My stood like 10 seconds, after which the Roma timidly touched his hand to my neck and almost martyr whisper whispered in my ear.
-Nick ... -one hard vzdohnul.-What are you doing with me? I want you ... I want madly for so long ...
-What is the problem? -naivno I asked, without looking up at him.
-Well, is it right? We know each other from the cradle. You were always for me was a little girl ... I just did not fit in my head, that can be you so choose, to melt the touch and kiss ... I can not sleep with you as with all drugimi.Ty ... it's not that. I do not even know how to explain! -Roma Continued to whisper already hugged my waist. Every word was given to him with great difficulty .I was silent. There was a long pause, but he prodolzhil.-What will happen next? We can no longer simply to phone, to meet and take a walk as soon chatting about any nonsense ...
-And after that we can? -Slightly Bolder, I asked. Roma molchal.-I think not. Why can not we do what we want so? There is no way back. We had no eto.Ya start all know that the first pounced on you and is willing to take full responsibility ...
-Net.Ty not not guilty of anything! If you had not kissed me, it would have made ya.Nashi last two meetings I was on the verge of ... I -perebil Roma and spoke louder.
-Well what a difference Roma! Back there is no way! Already can not be worse, only better ... I do not have time to finish, as the Roma prepodnyal my waist and set him on the table, eagerly pressed to my lips.
I immediately responded passionately. My legs wound around his waist, I dug her nails into his bare back, which he lifted my ass and rapid motion put on the dining table. All that was on the table with a crash fell pol.Nashi movements became sharper, faster greedy and just do not! control iruemymi.Ya itself in one motion pulled off her shirt and she immediately went to the floor to broken kruzhkam.Roma covered my face, neck, shoulders, chest scorching potseluyami.Moi hands wandered down his back, chest, neck, back of the head ... izredko nogyami digging into his skin hot, when the voltage is not vynosimym.Vdrug Roma again lifted my ass and in a few steps, we were once again in his room, he could as a careful and obdnovremenno quickly put me on the sofa and without giving me time to recover, proved above.
His hands moved to my hips and in a moment I was absolutely obnozhena.Roma started off on what ended and very soon, I felt his soft lips on his languishing kiske.On eagerly bit into my already swollen clit and gently sucked, sometimes touched teeth, making me just a scream of pain and pleasure. My hands fell on his head, gently directing, I'm not moaning but simply shouted in a loud voice.
-Ahh ...., Another moan escaped from my mind gub. Roma olyayu ... .I ... I ... can not! I want you !!! ... pozhalusta .Aaaah ...
I was pushed onto his tongue. Another moment and sweet flour ceased. Roma returned to my lips and kissed hungrily. I felt slightly sweet taste of their own pussies.
I grabbed his legs around the waist, and pressed as hard as possible to nimu. Romina hands continued to wander all over my body, attempting to sweet, but I could not wait any longer. Sharply having turned, I was on top in a pose rider. And even through the jeans he felt that Roma want all this not just as I am. I abruptly pulled his jeans and underpants. I with undisguised admiration 3 seconds gazed at his vstavshmy, beautiful shape and size of a member. I looked at as many as allowed by the gloom of the room ... I longed to touch it, something I had never done before. I timidly and gently touched the head then held lodoshkoy along the entire length, slightly tickled testicles and then heard a groan Roma.
-Nick ....-I whispered hoarsely on.-beg do not ... .I want you ... Come to me. He gently put his arm around me and knocked on his back once again on top. Roma knee spread my legs to the side, held by a hot lodozhkoy kiske.Ya zastonala.Roma again leaned on to mnoy.Ya prevstala and glared greedy kiss on his lips, tongue penetrating into the hot rot.On pressed me to Seeb with all the force and at the same time nezhnostyu.V next moment I felt him slowly, slowly enters the me.I held my breath ... and now it's all in mne.Ya leaned back, and Terminated glaza.Roma began to move slowly in mne.Imenno slowly, so I memorized each mgnovenie.Postepenno he began to increase the tempo without looking up from my lips and holding my hips.
I was suffocating, I became fed him vstrechu.Ne Despite the kiss, I literally screamed and arched all telom.Roma looked up from my lips giving free rein to my cries and stonam.Moi hands are simply not able to even hug ego.Oni involuntarily darted at bedspread with a force squeezing it.
-I want to be on ... groaned ya.Roma according kivnul.Ya Normal display again alas sverhu.Potselovav his neck I vyryamilas, continuing to sit down on his cock, uperevshis rukimi in his chest. Roma had his hands on my waist and stood up on his chest, gently massaging ee.Ya tilted her head back, closed her eyes and bit her gubu.Ne srl despite not understanding what is now happening to me, I vsomnila token of which I was telling a friend. I got a bit of concentration and looked at Romina litso.On lay with his eyes closed, often dysha.Ya stopped to sit down, and sat on the entire length and began to make a circular motion bedrami.Ya stared at Roma and the reaction became slightly compress the muscles of the vagina, making a I would massage.
I gradually increased the strength and chastotu.Roma not breathing and moaning in rhythm mne.Ya received incomparable pleasure from the fact that he was as good as I do. Roma got up and grabbed me in the ass with his hands, slightly lifting and sliding the back. We have merged in a passionate kiss, my arms wrapped around his sheyu.Posle couples such movements, I realized that I finish and throwing his head back to let out a groan force digging her nails into his back Romina. Roma felt my contractions, too, with a force pulled me to him and groaned, almost simultaneously with me. We immediately collapsed back. I lay panting on his grudi.Roma patted me on the lower back and buttocks.
I could not move and only touched her lips to his grudi.Tak well I have not been nikogda.Ya felt just on the 7th heaven ... Roma, too, learning breathing, I could hear his heart pounding, frantic tapping ritm.Tak we were 10 minutes without saying a word, and not almost shevelyas.Pervym ochuhalsya Roma and gently laid me on my back next to him, closed his blanket, got up and came back a minute later with the same wine, glasses, cigarettes and pepelnitsoy.Ya prevstala wrapped in pokryvalo.Roma poured the wine, and gave me a cigarette and an ashtray. I gratefully embraced him and kissed on the cheek.
-Well, now what ...? 'He asked Roma, raising his glass to mine.
-Come on ... what would it was not the last time we met here and so ... ....- smiling blissfully stretched me. Roma nodded and we at once dried on a bokalu.Roma lay down next to me and another half an hour we were smoking, laughing and talking, watching something on each other, then at the ceiling.
Time was too much and I had to go home. Together we went to the bath, although we are more than kissing washed. Yet bringing myself up, I met Roma and took me home ...
Naturally, this was not the last time ... We did not like each other, but still if met, then brought each other maximum pleasure. We could not see each other for a month, and then meet again ... and so it is still.
Thank you all for your attention)))