Doll 2

I was on top of the world, standing in front of her on his lap, nuzzling into her panties, becoming treacherously wet, inhaling her scent. My hands stroked her legs, she moaned louder, clutching my head to her stronger, and here again the music started her mobile phone.
She stopped moaning, her body has lost elasticity, lightly pushing me, however, without taking his feet off my back, I picked it up from the table.
- Yes. Yes. I see. And it is impossible. When? Okay, I am now.
This mother called her to say goodbye again, with departing are now friends.
- Do not go anywhere. Wait for me. And while you can play with the doll. v jokingly she graduated, and went slowly to the door turned to me, still standing in front of a chair on his knees.
I went to the doll. He touched her more boldly. Latex! The elastic as the skin of a girl a little soft under your fingers, dummy insane resembled the original. I went from the back, held her hand for a top-down, pausing by the pope. I already knew that it had no panties under a combination of light and I longed to see the details. I lifted her skirt, bent underwear and saw a lovely ass, flesh-colored. Reflex pressed on his neck, and suddenly the doll bent at the waist, leaning into my ass. At the same time slightly open anus, and so beautiful, that shudder passed through his body and my long standing member has just hummed with desire. Everything else was against my will. He jumped out and just stuck there. Contrary to expectations, the inside was a mild grease and light tightness, so my movements were heavenly bliss. I entered deeper and deeper each time, and was on the verge of orgasm, when suddenly there was a click inside the doll, and something impacted member, not letting him go outside. I found myself in the doll captivity. Trying to pick it up was unsuccessful v doll attached to the floor!
A couple of minutes later, I tried in vain to get out of it, the door behind me opened and someone entered the room! I was ready to sink into the ground, I almost wept with resentment and sorrow, but what I saw, turned and threw me into a stupor! From the door, there was Olga's mother to me! She smiled a charming smile, as if caught not me fuck doll - a copy of her daughter, and met an old, good friend.
- I've been watching you. We have surveillance cameras everywhere. I liked all that you got up here, dear boy. Cute, but deserved punishment. Do you agree with me? She raised a hand to my face, holding her for a kiss. I, and stood with clenched, a member of the doll, knocking me with jeans, face burning with shame, unable to utter a word.
- Come on! Kiss!
I touched his hands lips. She turned her palm up, and I kissed her again, his hand already is now. Olga's mother was a young, charming woman. She wore a long, almost to the floor evening dress, dark red color. We can not say that it was a sports figure, but her body was so feminine, so it looked nice, which I earlier pointed out to her amazing sexy. Now, being in this strange situation, I realized that only in its power to release me before the arrival of Olga. I can not imagine how I would be in front of it in this form.
- Get me out, please! - I whispered, almost choking with embarrassment.
- Okay, I'll help you, but will have to wait. Put your legs wide.
I parted them, she came back, and I felt her hand on his testicles. Woman badly pulled them down and tied up with something at the bottom, tying a tight knot, and then wrapped around the penis and again tied. The ends of the ribbons hung down to the floor. Then he walked to the front doll, something clicked and I was freed from captivity.
- Well, what do we do next? What punishment do you want to get? I know you probably want the same thing and Olga. But I want to punish you, not pleasure. Therefore it will be different. Take off your shirt and kneel.
I fell on them in front of her. He pulled off his shirt, left completely naked, and without waiting for an invitation, covered with kisses the hem of her dress.
- Lean your hands behind your head Cast away.
I did, and she slipped the ends of the ribbons hanging from my penis between her legs, pulled tight and tied around my neck collar. My head hung down back, and she held up under it a small ottoman. Then, stepping over me, I turned out to be over my face, pulled, skolznuvshee on it a long dress, and I saw that she was wearing no panties!
- Open wide your mouth. I'll write you swallow and not spill a drop. I got it?
I was shocked by her words, but in silence waiting for his fate, knowing that getting his due. What happened next was excruciatingly embarrassing, but surprisingly pleasant. I realized that I gladly obey and ready to fulfill all orders this woman. She sat on my tight, wide open mouth. Slowly at first, then gaining strength, I poured it in a warm, slightly salty moisture. I swallowed and swallowed, and the jet was not the end. Finally it was over, and I was ordered to wipe clean the vagina. I obey, and it is quite a long time enjoyed my tongue. It seemed that - is going to end, but suddenly stood up and turned around, throwing the first one and then the other foot, being back to me, facing the door. Again I sat down and remained seated, tightly pressed his hands on my chest, finally releasing the long wide dress that completely hid me under him. Breathing had difficult grasping the air nose right in the anus, as the mouth completely covered her vagina, and the collar is quite tightly pressed to the throat. I realized - she was waiting for Olga, but could not do anything either, nor to say and I did not care what would happen next. I felt like a slave to the power of this woman. How quickly it all happened! Just half an hour ago, I fucked the doll, and now fuck me. I could not imagine what will happen when Olga and will see me under his mother in chair pose.
And she came. I learned about it in her silent scream.
- What do you think uchudil your friend? This type of doll fucked in the ass! I had to punish him. Ask him and he will tell you himself. Olga lifted the hem of his mother's dress, and I saw her laughing face. It remains only to close his eyes in shame. More I could not do anything.
- Look at me! - Severely she said - It is true that you fucked my doll? That you wanted to fuck me? I told you to play, and ty. I finished badly.
I seriously nozzles under her mother, trying not to choke finally, and she suddenly farted in my face, and they both laughed merrily. Mom got up, missing my head between his legs, and second, my face was hidden from them crawled to her feet dress. I did not have the strength to get up, collar, attached to the penis strongly pressed on proudly, so I did not know what to do, while remaining in the same position, with the protruding, tapered band member, a classmate and her mother's legs. Humiliated and weak-willed, I probably represent a pitiful sight, and Olga said:
- Poor thing, you're my, what am I going to do with you?
- What to do? - Repeated the mother - the same as before. Only now it will be completely in your power, and you will be able to get up with him whatever you want. Though the girlfriend a gift, when you get bored. Hey baby, tell Ole, you learned how to do.
- ... I'll do what you say - in a weak voice, I mumbled.
- You and so was willing to do anything to me. Now you do, someone will say. I'll sell you to her friends and take an hourly fee. Mom, leave us alone, I told him something explain.
- Goodbye baby. At the session ended today. Tomorrow we'll continue the learning process. Do not go anywhere, I liked you.
Hopefully, Olga, with me you charge for using your toy will not take?
- What are you, Mom, as much as possible! It's yours, on the first request! Teach him everything what you want. I have long wanted to have a slave.
She faintly poddernula dress and sat on my face so you can see how I'm going to lick her. Panties on it was gone.
- I want to end ten times, - she said. Start and try to gently and tenderly!
And I started. Language was moving pretty fun. What will happen in half an hour?