How it all began - continued

Continuation of "how it all began ... ..
Three in one.
Omitting details ... tell you about the ending of the first night ... ended up with what we Muzzy sex and believe me, sex was more than .... I'm exhausted from penetrating into me from all sides with a tired pussy its wet and semen ass and parenm with big dick lying on the bed - I'm on one side of her husband, the guy on the other, and licked a member of my half of one eye looking at the screen where he continued to broadcast the night channel. I note that the guy is more to force the interest in a member of my husband.
Her husband had already eyed and closing his eyes, particularly enjoyed. We absorbed the alcohol that night and a lot of brains barely worked - worked instinct. I pulled away from her husband's penis and began to consider lying at the foot of his half - Man member. He was in a satisfactory condition, wet and work-worn. I held his index finger to the head of the giant, and began to drive them on the edge of his head rolling from one side to the other.
Member seemed so heavy ... suddenly I noticed a handsome husband, who then disappeared in his mouth Man then appeared and saw him gaining ground. Guest delighted his accomplishments and began to work with great effort - I crept up to the giant and set to work - where did the strength. The giant has once again confirmed its full size, I naturally took advantage of this and moved her pussy on him -kiska took giant has quietly and felt it in myself, I fully, making habitual movements, began to help children kissing lips Man shifting of her husband's head his mouth to his - it was bliss.
The matter was coming to a head and I'm taking advantage of the moment, I decided to try giant ass. The step was risky, but justified. The head disappeared quickly in the ass and I began to slowly immerse it deeper and deeper until I felt it all. At this point, my husband broke sperm fountain and watered our mouths and faces. The pope, too, erupted, and I gradually got rid of the giant. Her husband passed out .... I got up and went into the shower. Jets of water were needed my body. I opened the curtains and saw who was waiting for his turn guest.
Kindly gave him the place I began to wipe his tired body and bending the legs, felt look at his brilliant ass. Everything was silent - he came back propped his thumb pressed to the anus and penetrated into it. Slightly apart hole, he hooked his fighter, who was not fully cooked and immediately brought it to the very foundation, that he was not in full combat allowed him to do so. Here then is the time to call myself a female - do not know how, but I began to move toward him with such force that held him to the wall. The giant began to grow and in a few seconds with his huge piston just pecked me. I bit my towel and suffered until she felt kayffffff !!!!!!
We went back to bed and fell asleep.
I woke up by a loud voice of her husband, who was sitting in the chair, and that is with a smile told the guy. They drank martinis. I looked at them and tried to wake up. Sensing the awakening of my guys turned to me and uttered with joy "At last ... we already swollen member of expectations." - The members really stood out. Once again, I saw a giant sober look and could not believe that this thing at night visited my ass. This was my husband did not know.
- "Boys first coffee, a shower, and then we'll see" - I replied.
I note that I talk mostly about sex in the first group evening, but actually we have a lot of talking, joking. This is important when a partner or partners, or a pair of not only sexually attractive, but also good at communicating. In my opinion - this is 90% of success in such meetings. If located in an interview to the future partners, first of all, there comes a spiritual contact, and for a woman it is extremely important that sex takes place with the full amount of feelings. No complex - if all delicately.
This I mean, the guest turned out to be fun and interesting to talk with a good sense of humor. He is a student of the university, in the third year, earns a strip - club with his friend. They share a flat. Now quite common services to wealthy ladies, and so they have enough work.
So, here I am asking the coffee was gone in the shower - coming out of the shower, where I brought myself up and put the laundry, I saw a table for breakfast. The guys put on a robe and began to take care of me ... .. During the conversation, I found out that I was in for a surprise - this caused some intrigue and bought our breakfast playfulness. Men deliberately politely offered me one thing and then another dish, mysteriously smiling and exchanging glances, you finally intrigued me. It came to the coffee - I asked the guest to add cream.
In response, he just looked me in the eye suggested, "How about coffee with natural cream ..." and opened the robe, exposing his giant. It did not look vulgar and I immediately liked the idea. "With pleasure, I replied, and turning to her husband, invited him to come closer taking his cock. After a few movements I opened a husband and become mixed with coffee to make a blowjob to her husband - it was stunning coffee !!!!! Guest stood side by side and hand cream cooked portion. The moment has come and I, behind the cup with both hands have sought and achieved the promised portion !!!!!! My mouth filled with warm and fragrant nectar of two males.
"That was your surprise - swallowing a dose of semen, I asked. "No, that's not a surprise," said the boys and to confirm their words, how special was a knock at the door of the hotel. What happened next - I'll discuss in the next part of the story ...